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  • More Frightening than a Ghost Story0

    I think editor Steph made a great choice for our annual Halloween contest. This year, the kids will be Guessing Ghosts. She has all the details and information on the next page. My favorite part of the kids showing off their counting skills is when the winners come in to pick up the prizes. I

  • A One Term Bite or a Lifetime Attachment0

    As I fell asleep the night before my press deadline, I was thinking about how to begin my article. Should I find a positive, common-sense approach, or should I just go with the biting — sorry if you don’t like it; that’s the way it works. Fortunately for me, Mother Nature and my 4-legged feline

  • Two Decades of Helping You Find the Guy0

    As most of you who read my column regularly know — I love to use musical references and lyrics occasionally. As we have quietly been celebrating our 20th year of publishing the Webb Weekly, The Steve Miller Band seemed to hit it right on the nose with the words — time keeps on slipping, slipping,

  • Remembrance, Understanding And Education0

    It was a beautiful, sun-drenched, latesummer morning. It appeared all was right in the world. The early day’s sun was still very warm, the smell of fall was in the air. I dropped my sons off for school and daycare. Jimmy had just started kindergarten, and Hunter was a very young preschooler. I was looking

  • The Tuesday After Labor Day0

    As August is about to be in the rear-view mirror, I have so many thoughts as the kids head back to school. I am sure many parents, grandparents, and those who take care of the kids over the summer are happy to hear the words “school’s open,” which I always follow up with “drive safely”

  • The More the Game Changes0

    The More it Stays the Same Wow! What a start to the Little League World Series, and as you’re reading this, things are just starting to get really interesting over on the Hill in South Williamsport. In my column last week, I focused on the Little League Pledge and the importance of doing things the


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