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Energy and Leadership Inefficiency

It didn’t take long for our new Governor to make good on one of his campaign promises. Governor Tom Wolf ran on a platform of making the gas exploration folks pay every last cent he could squeeze out of them. Whether it be by increased taxation or increased environmental red tape creating more revenue. He pledged to put an end to fracking in Pennsylvania and began his assault on the natural gas development industry.

He put his signature on an executive order to repeal former Governor Tom Corbett’s action to allow the future leasing of the land and drilling in Pennsylvania State Forests and Parks. This is his first step in ending fracking in the state and bringing gas revenue to an idle and future development to a halt.

Depending where you research, the Marcellus Shale industry and the leasing of state land and royalties has added up to over a half billion dollars put directly into the State’s coffers.

The State of Pennsylvania is currently facing a $2 billion budget deficit. So, Wolfenomics says slow down and curtail the national gas industry in the name of the environment. Are you kidding me? Our state has some of the tightest environmental protection laws in the country. They have been added to and will be continued to be added as promised by Governor Wolf.

If we can’t manage our number one revenue producing natural resource in a smart environmentally safe way, it is a complete failure of our elected officials. More government and less gas exploration will not solve this problem. Eliminating gas development in our State owned lands solves nothing. It only decreases future revenue for the state and pushes the gas exploration folks to a more friendly State. Governor Wolf where do you think you’re going to find the 2 billion large to balance the books? We all know that answer.

Governor Wolf preying on the golden goose will solve nothing. Pennsylvania needs to become the most gas friendly State and help America move to energy independence.
Speaking of energy independence and how not to get there. Another great leader of foreign energy dependency is President Barack Obama. He promises to kill the completion of the Keystone Pipeline.

The Keystone Pipeline XL Project as it is called provides transportation of crude oil from Alberta, Canada to the refineries in the Houston Texas area and the Gulf of Mexico. Along the flow of the pipeline crude oil can be added that is piped from the United States.

It is a project covering about 1,200 miles; it would be able to move up to 830,000 barrels of oil per day. The US State Department estimates the construction phase would create 42,000 jobs and generate 2 billion in earnings inside the U.S.

The remaining segment that needs completed if approved would run from Alberta, Canada to Steel City, Nebraska. The other portions of the Pipeline are completed.
The most important aspect of the project is it is a step toward energy independence in our great land, something which should have been obtained long ago but always seems to be derailed by government.

This is just the case when it comes to Mr. Obama. We don’t need a way to make oil flow from Canada to the Gulf. We don’t need jobs created by an effort to become less dependent on foreign oil. We don’t need a way to flow U.S. crude to the refineries near the Gulf and produce products for our consumption and also create a point of significance to exportation. Why in the name of Barack Obama would our country want these options? Listen, you can play that environmental green card for a means to an end of any energy project. From the negative effects of Hydro energy and dams that kill small catfish, to the possibility Eagles or some other bird might fly into a wind turbine. This must stop.

Big reward with minimal risk; we have great minds in our country to mesh energy and eco. We must become energy independent and create energy and jobs. This would power up our nation in so many ways.

It is inevitable Mr. Obama will shoot down the completion of the Keystone Pipeline. The leaders in Congress need to fire back and not let this end.

Between natural gas, crude, coal, wind and hydro our Country is truly blessed. Now we need to be blessed with the leadership to develop safe, smart energy. The first step toward National energy self sufficiency begins with the burning of that eco green card.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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