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  • Habitat Improvement: Bushes, Shrubs and Vines0

    Your Habitat Management Plan should include an inventory of current desirable and undesirable bushes, shrubs and vines on your property. Additionally, include a listing of those new bushes and vines you would like to add — including how and where you plan to plant them. CURRENT UNDESIRABLE PLANTS: Over the years, government agencies and well-intended

  • The Roving Sportsman… Habitat Improvement: Trees0

    Writer’s note: We have previously discussed developing a Management Plan for Habitat Improvement, and now we’ll look at specifics. This is the first of a 3-part series about Habitat Improvement, which will cover: Trees, Bushes, Shrubs and Vines, and Food Plots. EXISTING TREES: To begin with, we should have done a survey that identifies the

  • The Roving Sportsman… Groundhogs, Woodchucks, Whistle Pigs0

    Young groundhogs, like the young of any species, are cute. But they quickly grow out of their “cute” stage and before long are spreading their wings and traveling to new locations, where they will burrow holes as entryways to their dens. All too often, these holes are a problem — either in open fields or

  • The Roving Sportsman… Recruitment and Retention0

    What is your favorite pastime — hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, shooting, just sitting quietly while observing nature at work, or a combination of all of these? If you grew up in Lycoming County or the surrounding area, then, no doubt you have spent countless hours enjoying all of these activities and look forward to many

  • The Roving Sportsman… The Work is Done!

    The Roving Sportsman… The Work is Done!0

    Several years ago, a landowner whom I have known for quite some time, approached me about helping him design and develop a food plot. He owns 120 acres, which included 50 acres of open fallow fields, and a wooded area of about 70 acres that stretched up a hillside and across a top, where it

  • The Roving Sportsman: Rattlers and Red Squirrels0

    Having grown up in Lycoming County, and spent most of the years of my life roaming its hills and streams, it has been a natural progression to be an avid lover of nature and to enjoy the outdoor sporting opportunities that this wonderful area provides. Through the years, my respect and admiration of all the

  • The Roving Sportsman… Chronic Wasting Disease0

    It was not that long ago that we heard about Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) occurring somewhere out west, but never considered that it would ever become a concern within our own borders here in Pennsylvania. Initially, reports were of limited outcroppings of the disease in deer and elk in a few of the western states,

  • The Roving Sportsman… The Sounds of Nature0

    Most folks will agree that there is no more relaxing sound than a steady rain on an old tin roof as you are drifting off to sleep. One of the most serene sounds that most of us have had the pleasure of hearing is the calling back and forth of a pair of mourning doves.