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  • Collagen0

    Lately, I’ve been exploring collagen and other supplements to boost my nutritional health and beauty routine. There’s nothing new about supplements; many adults and children take vitamins or dietary supplements, including fish oil capsules, folic acid, and omega-3 fatty acids. While I’ve been taking a daily vitamin for years, I’ve now started experimenting with collagen.

  • Grin and “Bear” It

    Grin and “Bear” It0

    A few weeks ago, my hubby went outside to burn papers. He found a really nice bird feeder right next to our burning barrel, which sits behind the back of our garage. “Babe, do you know whose bird feeder this is?” he asked. At this point, it didn’t matter whose it was because it was

  • The Bookworm Sez: “The Wives: A Memoir” by Simone Gorrindo

    The Bookworm Sez: “The Wives: A Memoir” by Simone Gorrindo0

    Thank you for your service. Necessary reaction, or awkward sentiment? To some, it’s a little of both, but most would agree that gratitude is appropriate, even needed. Thank you for putting your life on the line. Thank you for your protection. In the new memoir, “The Wives” by Simone Gorrindo, thank you for remaining behind.

  • Big Thanks

    Big Thanks0

    The messages came flowing in one day after the article about Big Times restaurant in Williamsport hit homes. I couldn’t believe the response to this article and how so many of you went to try Big Times. It was truly incredible. I had messages beyond messages of thanks and gratitude for sharing. I had one

  • The Bookworm Sez: “Extinction” by Douglas Preston

    The Bookworm Sez: “Extinction” by Douglas Preston0

    Keep that shirt. It’ll eventually come back in fashion. So many things do: roller skating and yo-yos, for instance. Car features and furniture styles. Wide paisley ties, bell bottom jeans, vintage tees, and cat-glasses, those occasional darlings of fashionistas and there we go. So keep that shirt, it’ll eventually come back — although, as in

  • Distressing Denim0

    Ever since the grunge-era ‘90s, distressed or ripped jeans have been part of the trend cycle. The current iteration of distressed denim ranges from slight frays to thigh-sized holes, with retailers across all price points. From Old Navy’s sale price of $27.47 for High-Waisted Button-Fly O.G. Straight Ripped Cut-off jeans to Acne Studios’ Organic Cotton

  • Counting to Eight0

    Matthew 14:13-21 records the story of the feeding of five thousand men with five loaves of bread and two fish. Actually, there were a lot more people fed that day. Matthew states at the end of the story that the women and children were not included in the tally. Bottom line: it was a really

  • Mahonski Wins Wrestling Gold — Again!

    Mahonski Wins Wrestling Gold — Again!0

    Wrestling legend and hometown hero Rick Mahonski dusted off his headgear after decades of athletic retirement to take on some of the world’s best master wrestlers. Some of Mahonski’s accolades include: 1972 PA State Champion, 1974 NCAA D3 National runner-up, Team member 1974 D3 National Champions (Wilkes College), 1976 EIAA D1 runner-up, West Branch Wrestling

  • My Momma

    My Momma0

    My Momma probably read the title of this and got a little nervous. It’s that one time of year that I can write about her, and she can’t say anything about it. She doesn’t like to be in the spotlight. But when you have a momma as wonderful as I do and have thirty-eight years

  • The Bookworm Sez: “The Blues Brothers: An Epic Friendship, the Rise of Improv, and the Making of an American Film Classic” by Daniel De Visé

    The Bookworm Sez: “The Blues Brothers: An Epic Friendship, the Rise of Improv, and the Making of an American Film Classic” by Daniel De Visé0

    The first time you saw it, you knew you’d have to see it again. You were obsessed with the comedy. You couldn’t get enough of the music. You still remember the first-third-fifth time you saw the movie, alone or with friends, in a theater or on TV. And in the new book, “The Blues Brothers”

  • Sunscreen For All0

    It seems that summer, or at least summer weather, has arrived! And with summer comes sunscreen, even on cloudy days. On a surface level, all sunscreens have the same task: To minimize skin’s exposure to sunlight and, in doing so, reduce the signs of skin damage and lower the risk of skin cancer. However, not

  • Faith Q&A: Why a Resurrection?0

    Note: The title to my last article in the Weekly was a copy-and-paste typo on my part. The title should have been, “Why Did Jesus Have to Die?” If you didn’t get a chance to read it, previous articles are always available at Have you ever said, “If God would just give me a