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  • Mid-Summer Trends0

    As summer labors on, you may find yourself in need of a warm-weather wardrobe refresher. Those sundresses and wide-leg pants that felt so fresh and cool in May now may be waning a bit on the style front. If you’re looking to revamp your summer style, here are a few of-the-minute trends to boost your

  • Peace and Tranquility

    Peace and Tranquility0

    Do you have a favorite place or spot that is your happy place? Somewhere that just makes you so happy to be there? A beautiful oasis you go to in order to get away, or that special spot in your home that just makes you feel good on a bad day? Maybe it’s your back

  • Transform Jersey Shore Area Mission Group in Need of Volunteers0

    One of the things I like about living in a rural area is the way that neighbors help neighbors. In North Central Pennsylvania, we tend to look after those in our communities rather than wait for some agency or another to do it for us. A great example of this type of mission-driven group is

  • An Article About Nothing0

    The Pitch was the name of the 43rd episode of Seinfeld, which aired on September 16, 1992. The plot: After watching Jerry’s comedy routine, NBC executives asked Jerry to come up with an idea for a television show based on his comedy. Jerry and George Costanza brainstormed ideas to pitch to NBC. George comes up

  • Prime Days Are Upon Us0

    This year, in my endeavor to be ahead of the game when it comes to back-to-school shopping, I’m using the power of Amazon Prime Day to set myself up for success. The mega-retailer scheduled this year’s shopping event on July 16th-17th for Amazon Prime members to shop and save. Online shopping can be overwhelming, with

  • The New Love Center Café Provides Hot Meals to All0

    Thanks to a combination of overall inflation, supply chain disruptions during the pandemic, and tariffs on certain foreign goods, food prices have risen 26% since the beginning of 2020. In addition, within the past few years, 80% of Americans say they have felt a notable increase in the cost of groceries, according to a recent

  • Choose to Be Free0

    It was after the Union victory at Antietam that President Abraham Lincoln issued the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation. It took effect on January 1, 1863. Lincoln’s proclamation freed the slaves of the Confederate states. News of the proclamation didn’t reach the state of Texas until June 19, 1865. For two and a half years, the slaves

  • The Bookworm Sez: Books about the Civil War by various authors0

    You’re already familiar with the argument. Chances are, in this contentious climate we live in, you know what it’s like to have a fractured family, or to have to defend your beliefs. So this summer, read about a years-long period in history when war rent the country, pitted brother against brother, and left scars on

  • Common Courtesy

    Common Courtesy0

    Have you seen the viral video of the woman with the shopping cart ordeal? Even if you aren’t on social media, this woman even made the news. She made a video saying, “I’m not returning my shopping cart, and you can judge me all you want. I’m not getting my groceries into the car and

  • DIY Hair Masks0

    Whether it’s damage, dryness, flakes, frizz, or fading, we all have had hair issues over the years. And while there are a ton of great treatment masks on the market, another option to explore are homemade hair masks. You’d be surprised how everyday kitchen staples can transform the look and feel of your hair in

  • The Bookworm Sez: “Pets and the City: True Tales of a Manhattan House Call Veterinarian” by Dr. Amy Attas0

    Your baby hurt her paw last night, and that hurts your heart. Every time she limps, you want to scoop her up and take her wherever she wants to go. If she cries, well, it’s awful and you can’t take it. You’ve called your veterinarian, but you can’t be seen until next week, so what

  • God Bless the USA

    God Bless the USA0

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow! The heat wave has lifted! I was elated when I woke up this morning, Monday, June 24th, and saw the trees blowing from our bathroom window as I was brushing my teeth. I sprinted to the front door to see if the temperature had finally broken. It had!