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  • Properly Applying Sunscreen0

    The importance of wearing SPF is well documented. It’s the non-negotiable product that all experts agree should be worn every day — rain or shine — to protect all skin tones against UVA and UVB rays. In turn, it helps reduce the risk of skin cancer and slow down the signs of aging. But are

  • The Bookworm Sez: “Who Cares: The Hidden Crisis of Caregiving, and How We Solve It” by Emily Kenway

    The Bookworm Sez: “Who Cares: The Hidden Crisis of Caregiving, and How We Solve It” by Emily Kenway0

    It’s awfully dark at 3 a.m., but there you were, wide awake. You might have heard your name called, but you couldn’t be sure so you laid in bed, waiting, too exhausted to move. If Mom needed you, she’d call once more and you’d tend to her needs then. It’s 3 a.m. but, as in

  • American Flags & Rock ’n Roll

    American Flags & Rock ’n Roll0

    I know my readers have learned a lot about me over my years of writing. I’m pretty much an open book. I love sharing my life with you all. It warms my heart to have the readers I do. I am so blessed. Thank you for opening the pages to this amazing paper and taking

  • Faith Moving Forward

    Faith Moving Forward0

    In honor of Mother’s Day, I have a special message for the ladies. Actually, it’s a message for anyone who struggles with having faith in themselves — or even in God. In a callous world that mercilessly judges and compares everything we do to an impossible standard, it’s not unusual to think, “I am not

  • Social Connection is Critical to Wellbeing0

    It is estimated that social isolation and loneliness in seniors account for an additional $6.7 billion spent in Medicare costs each year, mainly due to longer hospital and nursing facility stays. For people still working, missed work due to stress-related loneliness accounts for approximately $154 billion in the U.S. annually. With figures this high, you

  • Hey, Mommas

    Hey, Mommas0

    It was May 7th when I realized that the following Sunday was Mother’s Day. I opened up our refrigerator and got a quick glance at the calendar. I gasped. “Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh. Shoot!” Ty was in the kitchen with me and asked what was wrong. I told him I didn’t realize that

  • The Bookworm Sez: “A Work in Progress” by Jarrett Lerner

    The Bookworm Sez: “A Work in Progress” by Jarrett Lerner0

    You are a work of art. Your skin is a palette of shadow and light, like a fine pencil drawing. The color of your eyes can’t be duplicated, even by the best painter. Shades of softness top your head, your smile flashes white, you frame it all with personality. But as in the new book

  • Summer It-Bags0

    Hands down, the best part of summer for me is getting out and about and making plans with friends. Some of my favorite warm-weather activities include day trips, hiking, breweries with patios, dinner dates, and anything that will wear out my children. And, of course, for those of us who think about these things, with

  • Tips for Improving Concentration0

    In an article published by the Harvard Medical School, Dr. Kirk Daffner, Director for Brain/Mind Medicine at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, states that people have trouble filtering out information that is irrelevant to the task at hand as they age. In addition, Dr. Daffner says that the slowing of mental processes is

  • Menopausal Hair Care0

    After I turned 40, I noticed a shift in the types of fliers that came my way. I still get mailers for meal delivery services and wine clubs, but there are now some new postcards in my mailbox. Brands are reaching out to offer discounts on heat-wicking pajamas to combat nightly hot flashes, nutritional supplements

  • Shout out to Nurses

    Shout out to Nurses0

    Nurses just don’t get enough credit. Their job is hard! I can tell you right now that I couldn’t do it. Growing up, I watched my Momma work for the hospital — from a school nurse, to taking care of people in their homes. It was great having a nurse for a mom, EXCEPT (notice

  • Boredom Leads to Brilliance0

    Ever wonder why some of our best ideas come to us when we are not consciously thinking about them or actively problem-solving? We might be out for a walk or tossing a ball around with the kids, then — wham! It hits you. The idea, not the ball. It is because our brain was always