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  • Repotting and Planting

    Repotting and Planting0

    This past week, I visited a few of the greenhouses in the area, and I noticed a lot of people purchasing flowers and vegetables. I wanted to remind everyone that April 30th is predicted to be our last possible frost-free date. I usually wait until Memorial Day weekend to plant in my garden, just to

  • Companion Plants

    Companion Plants0

    Plants like to have friends around while they are growing. These friends are called companion plants, and they play an important role in the growth and quality of fruits and vegetables. My father always planted marigolds in his garden. He explained that it was to help control insects, but talking to other farmers and reading

  • Stress Reliever0

    Studies have shown that gardening can reduce stress, anxiety, depression and improve attention. I know a lot of people think that gardening or even growing flowers is hard work and takes a lot of time or is hard work. It is what you make of it. If you put in the time and a little

  • Timing is Everything0

    As the weather begins to warm and become nice, gardeners start to prepare their pots, beds, and fields for planting. If this is your first year gardening, do not let mother nature trick you into planting too early. We will probably still have a few frosty mornings and cool days ahead, so be wary. Timing


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