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  • Time to Grow0

    For those who planted this year, your gardens should be well on their way! For those who wanted to plant but did not get the chance, it’s not too late. Visit your local greenhouse this week; they still have a great selection and are probably offering some great deals. Vendors are starting to look ahead

  • Watering Your Garden

    Watering Your Garden0

    Gardens, regardless of size, require attention. Your garden will need watering daily during the summer months, but how do you know if you are giving too much or not enough? My solution is to use a soaker hose. The soaker hose is a porous hose that allows water to seep out slowly over an extended

  • Tomato Plants0

    When planting your young tomato plants, select a place that gets a fair amount of direct sunlight for most of the day. Your plants will need around 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day. If you choose to start your plants from seed, they should only get indirect sunlight for a few hours per

  • Don’t Be Fooled0

    Do not be fooled. I have noticed many big companies getting the idea that they can call a greenhouse and order plants that grow vegetables and flowers in mass quantities to make a quick buck. Did you know some of these plants are not even grown in our local area and maybe not even in

  • Memories


    Walking around a few of our local greenhouses this week brought back a memory from Bryfolgole’s Greenhouse when I was just a boy. When I visited this greenhouse, and it seemed as big as a park! It had a pond with a bridge and appeared to go on forever. There were plants everywhere! Bryfolgole’s closed

  • Growing Peppers

    Growing Peppers0

    Growing peppers is not difficult. You can start them indoors or buy mature plants. Peppers like to be warm, so do not plant them in the ground until late May. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, flavors, and heat. The pepper’s flavor comes from capsaicin. A pepper’s heat is rated based on the


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