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  • Swimsuit Season0

    As we head officially into summer, you have probably started gearing up for a season of family trips to the beach, getaways with friends, and weekends spent lounging at the pool or on the river. Regardless of your warm-weather plans, you’ll undoubtedly need two essentials: A hardworking sunscreen and a go-to (or three) bathing suits.

  • Summer Trends0

    Summer weather is upon us, and with it comes a brand-new season of trends and ways of dressing. So often, summertime can be a challenge. It seems the daily highs go from 60 to 80 in a matter of weeks, making the lightweight knits and jeans of spring no longer sustainable during hot and humid

  • The Great Denim Divide0

    I read a lot of fashion and style-related news online, which will come as no surprise. The majority of these articles are benign and frivolous in nature, as they are mostly meant for entertainment on “soft” topics, nothing earth-shattering. However, when I see that the Washington Post and USA Today both have articles on the

  • Shorts0

    The chilly mornings and rainy days as of late may make it seem like summer will never arrive, but as soon as Memorial Day rolls around, we will be in the thick of summer. The number one style staple of summer is shorts! There are many different types of shorts and figuring out how to


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