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  • The Dress Down in Style0

    At this point, I think we can all agree that morning routines have greatly changed over the past five months. Before, you’d wake up and have your get-ready-to-face-the-world routine that could have involved a variety of activities from showering, to shaving, to wearing makeup and eating breakfast. The one thing that most of us did

  • At Home Pedicure0

    There’s only one full month of summer left and, while time seems to be standing still, chances are your nails may be in need of some maintenance. Even with salons open, I’ve been doing my nails at home and have been trying to keep my pedicure as professional-looking as possible. The art of the DIY

  • Summer Hair Care0

    I’ve been letting my hair grow out recently. In summers past, I’d keep my hair relatively short in order to beat the heat. But even with salons reopening, I’ve made the conscious decision to put haircuts on hold and have unwittingly discovered that summer humidity has helped turn what I previously considered fine hair into

  • Quarantine Skincare Routine0

    Personal appearance is just that, personal. With all the personal time we’ve had on our hands during the pandemic, we may be rethinking what appearance means when no one is there to see us. Of course, as salons and gyms have now re-opened, you may be starting to feel and look like your pre-quarantine self.


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