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  • Rainy Day Style0

    Even for those of us that are meticulous forecast checkers, sometimes you wake up, and it’s unexpectedly raining, throwing all of the potential outfit ideas you had the night before out the window, and are now being drenched. While wet weather can be a downer, it doesn’t mean your look has to follow suit. Here

  • Hair Cycling0

    I don’t often look to TikTok for beauty trends or hacks, but here recently, #haircycling has been gaining in popularity to such an extent that my middle-aged eyes over on Instagram have taken notice. What is hair cycling? First, it has nothing to do with bicycles or washing machines; it’s actually a simple process of

  • Lazy Looks0

    There comes a point in every season, especially in late winter, when the mere thought of getting dressed is exhausting. For those of us who enjoy clothes and putting together outfits, there sometimes comes a point when the sartorial inspiration runs dry, and even one’s most tried-and-true looks fall short. Fortunately, lazy dressing is having

  • Winter Nails0

    I don’t always have painted nails, but when I do polish my nails, I find it rejuvenating and a (pun intended) polished touch to any outfit. So, when I do an at-home DIY manicure, I want to make sure it lasts. However, during the winter months, nails are extremely susceptible to chipping and breaking. With


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