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  • Closet Clean Out Spring 20210

    With the taste of warmer weather here recently, I’ve started looking toward spring cleaning and my semi-annual closet purge. This spring, I am considering what to keep and what to donate, and how I organize my clothes and my clothing choices. If you also want to re-evaluate your closet and are looking for some inspiration,

  • What to Buy When0

    With a few Presidents’ Day sales lingering and spring (fingers crossed) just around the corner, you may be evaluating your wardrobe in anticipation of springtime closet cleanouts and warmer weather. Or maybe, like me, you just get a rush when getting a deal on clothes and accessories you may or may not need. There are

  • Style File: Hip Hop Fashion0

    For this edition of “style file,” we’re going to take a look at Hip Hop Fashion, which began in the 1970s and has had increased influence in styles and trends every decade since. Hip Hop Fashion, aka Streetwear, is a casual yet distinctive style of dressing that originated from urban Black American and Latin American

  • A Flower for Every Sentiment0

    Valentine’s Day is known as an opportunity to celebrate love. Whether it be with roses, a sentimental card, or candy, there are many simple gestures to express love and friendship on this holiday. Jewelry and stuffed animals are also popular gifts, but really any token wrapped in standard Valentine’s day colors is pretty much the


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