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  • In Praise of Tinted Moisturizer0

    I was a huge fan of tinted moisturizers when they burst on the beauty scene in the late 90s, but then BB & CC creams came along, and I got swept up in that cosmetic craze. During pandemic times, I’ve rediscovered the tinted moisturizer, which has always been a bit of an underdog in the

  • Purse Cleaning During Coronavirus0

    As more and more counties in PA start to re-open, chances are you’ll be running more errands, potentially going into non-food retail spaces, and even be returning to work. Hopefully, during these stay-at-home times, you have been wiping off groceries and deliveries before they fully enter your house. But what about your purse, backpack, and

  • Tired of Sweatpants0

    Even as the state begins the slow process of opening counties and regions, many of us will still be working from home and practicing social distancing for the coming weeks, if not months. So, sartorially speaking, we’ll still be spending the days in our casual clothes. For most of us, sweatpants have been the go-to

  • Mother’s Day Woes0

    I have not had a good track record of celebrating Mother’s Day as a mother. No brunches, or jewelry or flowers for me, which is fine. I’ve never been a big supporter of the “Hallmark” holidays. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother, and I love showing her how much she means to me.


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