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  • How to Make Clothes Last this Summer0

    While you may love summer with its temperate mornings, sunny afternoons, and lighting-bug evenings, it can be a hard time of year for your clothes. Regardless of the season, repeated turns through the laundry will start to deteriorate your clothing; however, you can’t not wash sweaty t-shirts and grass-stained shorts, right? Here are a few

  • How to Look Polished Fast0

    Whether you have small children or not, getting up and out of the door on time looking presentable can be a challenge. If given the time, I can turn out a polished look that is not only presentable but stylish. However, most mornings, after wrestling my daughters into their clothes, I’d much rather just go

  • What to Wear to Work0

    How many times have you laid in bed in the early morning asking yourself, “What am I going to wear to work today?” Workplace dress codes, whether official company policies dictate them, or more casual standards everyone adheres to, can be difficult to navigate as casual styles are becoming more prevalent in day-to-day life. Unless

  • Spring Beauty0

    The trees are budding, the birds are chirping, and the sun is shining, so yes, it’s safe to say spring is here! What I love about this season, besides the obvious warmer weather and being outside more, is that it is a great time to reassess your beauty routines and freshen up your face, hair,

  • Dressing the Family this Easter0

    Growing up, each spring my mother would get me a new dress to wear on Easter Sunday. “Get” and “new” being somewhat arbitrary words, because she did not always buy a brand-new dress. Some years, I wore hand-me-downs, some years she made the dress, some years we found a secondhand dress. With two little girls

  • Dressing Like A Grown Up0

    It’s tough being an adult. So tough, in fact, it’s hard to tell exactly when one becomes an adult. Is it when you’re living on your own? Turn 30? Buy a house? Become a boss? Get married? Become a parent? All the above? Whether you’ve hit all of these markers or just one, chances are

  • Style Mistakes to Avoid Over 400

    We’ve all had those moments when looking at photos from our younger days and cringing at our style mistakes —looking at you, stirrup pants. Bad fashion in your teens and twenties can be excused by the follies of youth. However, as we get older and wiser, hopefully we have fewer cringe-inducing fashion fails. Of course,

  • Skincare In Your 40s0

    Last year was my 20th high school reunion, so you can imagine how old I am. But, thanks to eating right, exercising, drinking water, and taking care of my skin, I don’t necessarily look like I’m closer to 40 than I am 30. Skincare is not one-size-fits-all. With seasonal changes, hormonal shifts, pollutants, sun exposure,