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  • Looking Cute in Winter Boots0

    The snowy season is upon us with more in the forecast, and unfortunately, that whole human-hibernation-from-New-Year’s-Day-to-St.-Patrick’s-Day trend I’ve been trying to make happen doesn’t seem to be catching on. So, while you may just want to curl up and hunker down, chances are you’ll have to leave the house on even the chilliest of days.

  • Manicure Trends0

    Last week, I went through some upcoming trends for this year, focusing on women’s fashion. However, trends are not limited to clothes; there are also trends in hair, makeup, and beauty. I’ve recently found myself practicing self-care through at-home manicures and began exploring trends in nail color and art. Here’s a rundown of upcoming manicure

  • Winter 2022 Trends0

    With the warmth and cheer of the holidays behind us, the next several months look to be cold and dreary as we settle into winter. The simple act of getting dressed can feel like an ongoing battle between looking good versus staying warm. While you may just want to give in and bundle up, or

  • Winter Layers 20220

    The Old Farmer’s Almanac has predicted a cold, long, and snowy winter for the United States in 2022. In fact, they predict it will be so cold they are calling the next few months the “season of shivers.” So, prepare to bundle up and, if possible, bundle up with style in layers that will keep


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