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  • Spring Sprucing0

    Whether it’s a major overhaul of the entire house or just some reorganizing of closets and cabinets, there’s just something about spring that lends itself to cleaning up the home front. After all the washing and scrubbing, this year, consider taking it one step further with some spring sprucing! What is spring sprucing, you ask?

  • Foundation for Every Age0

    As we get older, our skin, like everything else on our bodies, changes. The complexion you have in your 20s is not the same one you have in your 30s, 40s, and beyond. As our skin changes, so do our beauty needs, and we may find ourselves switching up the products we use and how

  • Making the Most of Your Skin Care Routine0

    Whether you have a diehard ten-step beauty regimen, or you’re a wash-‘n-go type, chances are your skin care products could be working against you if you’re not putting them on in the correct order. On the flip side, having the proper application sequence can make them more effective. Generally, the best order in which to

  • How to Dress for Valentine’s Day0

    Whether you’re a die-hard romantic, or just planning a simple evening in with your honey, Valentine’s Day is a chance to bust out hearts, ruffles, reds, and pink. Of course, traditional V-Day apparel has two main challenges. First is finding a balance between romantic and functional, because it’s still winter and unfortunately cute, slinky, dresses

  • How to Layer0

    Even with the recent bit of warmer weather, it’s still winter out there, and chances are you still need to be strategic when it comes to getting dressed for the elements. Mid-winter thaws are similar to late fall and early spring with their chilly morning temps, followed by temperate afternoon highs. Much like transitional seasons,

  • Midwinter Wardrobe Remix0

    Technically, we have not yet reached the midwinter season, but I’m sure all of us are pretty much done with the cold, ice, and snow at this point. However, no matter how “over it” we feel, we still must endure another 2-3 months of winter weather. So, now is a good time to take inventory