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  • Collagen0

    Lately, I’ve been exploring collagen and other supplements to boost my nutritional health and beauty routine. There’s nothing new about supplements; many adults and children take vitamins or dietary supplements, including fish oil capsules, folic acid, and omega-3 fatty acids. While I’ve been taking a daily vitamin for years, I’ve now started experimenting with collagen.

  • Distressing Denim0

    Ever since the grunge-era ‘90s, distressed or ripped jeans have been part of the trend cycle. The current iteration of distressed denim ranges from slight frays to thigh-sized holes, with retailers across all price points. From Old Navy’s sale price of $27.47 for High-Waisted Button-Fly O.G. Straight Ripped Cut-off jeans to Acne Studios’ Organic Cotton

  • Sunscreen For All0

    It seems that summer, or at least summer weather, has arrived! And with summer comes sunscreen, even on cloudy days. On a surface level, all sunscreens have the same task: To minimize skin’s exposure to sunlight and, in doing so, reduce the signs of skin damage and lower the risk of skin cancer. However, not

  • Mother’s Day 20240

    Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Hopefully, you’ve prepared a wonderful celebration for the moms in your life. Whether they be news moms, long-distance moms, or even dog moms, you are ready to show your appreciation for all they do. Or maybe you’re not at all ready and are still looking for the perfect

  • The Best Way to Color Gray0

    I’ve been dying my hair since I was 15, so I’m not quite sure when the silver strands of middle age started to appear, but they are here now. The good news is, although some gray hair is more difficult and more resistant to hair color, the technology around the products used to color hair

  • To Cowboy or Not to Cowboy0

    Fashion is deeply cyclical, and every few seasons, the Western trend pops up. In the spring of 2024, a Western renaissance is upon us thanks to various designer labels, pop stars, and the trending zeitgeist. Of course, the key to any trend is incorporating it into your personal aesthetic rather than taking the whole thing


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