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  • Cowboy Boots for Winter0

    Boots are ubiquitous for winter, and while quality snow boots are worth the investment for the harshest weather, a person can’t live on snow boots alone during these colder months. And why should one deprive oneself of a robust boot season when there are so many types of boots out there? You got your rain

  • Thanksgiving Packing0

    No sooner has the hubbub of Halloween settled down then Thanksgiving comes along, and it’s non-stop until New Year’s Day. At least, it feels that way, with it seeming to speed up each year. As we prepare for another Thanksgiving, I, of course, am thinking about what to wear for my family and me. Like

  • Self-Care Schedule0

    Self-care is a term that’s been bantered about for quite some time. It has different meanings for different people. It can and does include mental health, physical well-being, spiritual fortitude, and a sense of safety and security. As we begin to prepare for the rollercoaster of the holiday season, now might be the time to

  • Capsule Wardrobe Challenge0

    With all the hubbub of the upcoming holiday season, you may be looking to simplify other aspects of life and reduce the number of decisions you have to make in a day. Editing your closet down to a capsule wardrobe for the season is one way to minimize daily choices and clears up some space


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