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  • Rivalry Restored0

    It has been more than a week, and I am still buzzing. Actually, the entire hoops community is. What transpired in the Catholic Community Center last Sunday might never be duplicated. It was an amazing atmosphere, both teams played well, and I had the best seat to witness. The Loyalsock Lancers prevailed as they defeated

  • My Friend Frank0

    One of the joys of being back on the sidelines is getting to see several familiar faces. I actually enjoy those road games, as I get the opportunity to catch up with other coaches. My players often accuse me of campaigning. They routinely ask how I know so many people. I used to be important

  • An Ode to Curtis0

    It is hard to fathom that I made it to another decade. This is my sixth sports fans. I don’t know about you, but I personally struggle with bringing in the new year. My resolutions usually get tossed by January 11th. I have every intention of eating healthy or getting buff. I also try to

  • A Recollection0

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of the fine readers of Webb Weekly. Special thanks to those who are fans of this page. I am truly humbled by all of your feedback and praise. Before I begin this week’s recollection, I want to give some love to some friends. Thanks to the

  • My Brazilian Lefty

    My Brazilian Lefty0

    I am back on the sidelines after a two-year hiatus. My attempt to become a better husband didn’t go as planned. I am now coaching some basketball at St. John Neumann Regional. My love and appreciation for the game had never left. I only needed a break. I came out of retirement to help an

  • Elfie and the Warriors

    Elfie and the Warriors0

    My sincere apologies for last week’s absence. I had to deal with a minor family crisis. Mom was decorating the tree and our 10-year-old found his Elf. It was buried deep in an unmarked tote, and he was immediately crushed. Jensen brought it upstairs and demanded an explanation. I wasn’t home, and Mom had no

  • Thanksgiving Scramble0

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of the great readers of Webb Weekly. Early deadline this week, and my lovely editor just yelled. I am a part-time mobile scribe that already excels at procrastination. I am now scrambling and desperately need to find a new hideout. The usual stop in Wegmans has too many distractions. I decided

  • Rowing the Boat

    Rowing the Boat0

    I am still buzzing over last week’s classic. What an environment, kids. So many of you have accused me of jumping on the wagon, but I have been rowing the boat since day one. My family and I have deep roots with the great state of Minnesota. I spent my first five years in the