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  • The Susquehanna Riverwalk0

    Teach, and I made plans to do something fun. She recently pulled the trigger on a new kayak, and we hoped to make a trip to Little Pine State Park. Her purchase caused some division within the house. I suggested she borrow from one of our friends but no- she just had to have her

  • Our Rose Valley Walleye

    Our Rose Valley Walleye0

    I reached out to a friend of mine and asked if he’s been doing any fishing. No. I’m way too busy man but let’s give it a try sometime. Anything going on Friday? SCORE. We made plans to meet up at the East boat launch before the sunrise. Rose Valley Lake is the largest body

  • Paddling 1010

    North Central Pennsylvania is home to several great opportunities and paddling gives you a whole new perspective. This includes kayaking, canoeing, and even standup wakeboarding on the nearby lakes, rivers, and streams. Paddling is another beautiful way to experience the outdoors. The Spencer’s have a canoe, and we use it rather often. While Mom sits

  • Cheers Alize0

    Alize Johnson continues to amaze. I’m pretty sure you already know his incredible story. You see, last spring Alize became the very first from our area to get drafted in the NBA. The second round pick of the Indiana Pacers had a solid rookie campaign. He spent most of his season recording ridiculous numbers with

  • The Press Box

    The Press Box0

    The area’s finest minor leaguers aged 7-10 have gathered at our magnificent cornfield off of State Route 973. Massive crowds travel some fifty miles just to Cogan Station each year to witness many outstanding plays and spectacular performances. A few fans pitch a tent, and folks spend a great deal of time at our little

  • Wills and Ways0

    A long time ago in a gymnasium nearby- I was introduced to an extraordinary young man. I had already seen him in action, and I was highly impressed with his skill set. We got to talking and hit it off immediately. His name was Alize Johnson, and I vividly remember that very first conversation. He

  • Rider Park0

    North Central Pennsylvania is the bomb. Yes. We live in an area with several natural treasures. I do my very best to take full advantage, but work and chores seem to get in the way. I prefer to fish and love to kayak. The recent downpours and tornado warnings have limited those opportunities. Hiking is

  • The Return to Black0

    A happy belated Mother’s Day to all of you moms. My lovely childbearing parent flew in from California to celebrate. It turned out to be a splendid weekend, but GG had a few issues with her inbound connection. We ended up driving to Wilkes-Barre just to save her, and that is why I missed my

  • Golf for Beginners

    Golf for Beginners0

    Millions of people hit the links to play golf recreationally, and many young stars of the game are inspiring others to try their hand at this difficult sport. In its “U.S. Golf Economy Report,” released in 2018, WE ARE GOLF, a coalition of golf’s governing bodies, found there was a 20 percent increase in junior

  • Gearing Up0

    Special thanks to my friends at Little International. They have provided another unforgettable experience. Jensen and his mates have spent the past two weeks playing games at their gorgeous facilities, battling it out with other locals at Howard J. Lamade and Volunteer Stadiums. It’s a dream come true for many of these youngsters. That includes