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  • Jacoby in Winter0

    North Central Pennsylvania is home to many treasures. Yes. We live in an area with such incredible beauty. I do my best to take full advantage as I try to “commune with nature” quite often. I prefer to fish, but hiking has always been a passion. One of my favorite treks is a little known

  • The Warrior Six0

    I have nothing but love for Lycoming College. It is a beautiful place, and there is so much to offer. Both of my parents worked here until 2017, and I was a part-timer in the athletic department for 16 seasons. I earned my degree from Lycoming in 2001, and I am very proud of my

  • Bower League

    Bower League0

    I want to congratulate all of the youngsters on another successful basketball season. Yes. The John Bower Church League has been around for a very long time. It’s the best. Props to the many volunteers behind the scenes. Your contribution to this venue shouldn’t go unnoticed. Thank you. We were a tad worried about this

  • Introducing My Young Friend Mikey.

    Introducing My Young Friend Mikey.0

    I was working at White Deer Golf Course in the spring of 2013, and a local youngster wanted to know if we were hiring. We told him no at first, but then this kid kept on calling. He literally dialed us every day for the next three weeks until we finally caved. Our relationship started

  • Moose Tracks0

    Props to Mike Mussina on being selected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. What an incredible achievement for the Montoursville native. Moose is heading to Cooperstown as one of the all time greats. This is off the charts sports fans. It’s a beautiful thing. Mike spent 18 solid seasons in the BIGS. The former

  • Pickleball and Hoops. Can They Coexist?0

    Stop the presses. The basketball hoops are coming back to Memorial Park. Props to Mayor Campana and his staff for making this happen. Wait. Did I just say that? OK, I have been very critical of Gabe and his “recreational” decisions in the past. I chimed in on the Williamsport Outlaws, a short-lived outdoor minor

  • Less Fortnite. More Outdoors.0

    There are many joys when it comes to parenthood, and I consider myself very fortunate to have a beautiful son. Jensen recently turned ten, and I think of him as my best friend. He is at a great age, and I enjoy the experiences we share. Jensen makes me so proud every single day in

  • Fourth and Seven0

    The College Football season is finally coming to an end. The big game is over, and either Clemson or Alabama has won the title. I still don’t know why the NCAA doesn’t include more teams in its big dance. Every level of sports has what you call a championship tournament. Well except for one. I

  • Resolutions.0

    Happy New Year boys and girls. I am so looking forward to writing more articles in 2019. Special thanks to Jimmy and Steph for allowing me to scribe. I am extremely honored and grateful for this opportunity. It’s hard to believe that I have been associated with Webb Weekly for almost fifteen years. That’s crazy.

  • Ode to Roger

    Ode to Roger0

    Coach and I go way back. I first met him when my family and I moved to town. I wouldn’t say that we are super tight, but he has always been someone I could count on. Coach and I worked both worked in the Athletic Department. I was only part-time and coached different sports, but