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  • Farewell Coach.

    Farewell Coach.0

    A few teams are heading to the state tournament. We wish them well, and I will keep you posted. Most are gearing up for their winter activities. It is a great time of year. A transition. A new chapter. My heart is heavy this week. Lots going on, kids. But I feel for my Montoursville

  • Happy Veterans Day

    Happy Veterans Day0

    The 2022 elections are over. Thank heavens. But a few folks think it is still going. Good lord, Johnny. Throw in the towel. Regardless of where you stand. You gotta admit that it was pretty bad. The negative campaigns were extremely annoying. Many of my friends say we are doomed. Several have even mentioned they

  • A Renovation Update0

    The articles on sports get some high fives. But these freelance short stories get the most praise. I am totally serious. Our renovation is a popular topic. I am working on another pilot. Several weeks back, I mentioned that my father and I were building an addition. I am doing my best to chronicle the

  • Good for Her

    Good for Her0

    My articles are submitted on Friday. Yes. My lovely editor has the entire paper ready. She is always patiently waiting. Everything is on hold because of Sporting Matters. I have been on a roll lately — no more struggles with part-time mobile freelance procrastination. By now, the regular season is over. Several are gearing up


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