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  • Rioting is Wrong0

    It is an obvious point. But one that needs to be repeated. Rioting is wrong. Period. I am no expert. Nor do I have any answers. But what went down last week is extremely frustrating. I won’t elaborate on the embarrassment. I can only condemn it. I will not point any fingers. Just don’t do

  • An Ode to COVID0

    Probably the dumbest thing I did was try to get organized. I started with purchasing a 2020 planner. Dumb. The entire world has turned upside down. I am now telling my parents to stay indoors. But kudos to CORONA. It has done what no woman has been able to. She canceled sports, closed the bars

  • 2020 is Over. Thankfully.0

    Where to begin? Usually, I leave on a positive. But 2020 was a hard one. The story of the year was COVID. It has affected us all in many ways. I would say that it changed me personally. I no longer trust the media. I only read WEBB WEEKLY. I did enjoy my time with

  • Fishing with an Old Friend on Penns0

    We are extremely blessed to live in North Central Pennsylvania. It provides us with a number of terrific fishing opportunities. My lovely bride would say that I am somewhat possessed. BUT IT IS FREEZING. Believe it or not, this is my favorite time of year to fish. Although the days are short and there’s a


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