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  • 2022 is Over0

    I try to leave on a positive note. And 2022 was a fun one, kids. There were so many great stories from this past year. I am glad that I got to share some. I am truly blessed and humbled. The praise and feedback from this part-time gig are off the charts. It is sometimes

  • Notes from the Hardwood

    Notes from the Hardwood0

    I feel bad for our district leaders. Making a decision today is tough. I truly believe that they are in it for the right reasons. But it’s hard to make the best choice. Our administrators get paid well. And they have to put up with a lot. Please remember they have a difficult job. They

  • ELF on the Shelf0

    Tis the season, folks, and instead of sharing a story on sports, I’ve decided to chime in on something that is much more important. Yes. It’s time to talk about The Elf on the Shelf. For those of you without young children, this article might help explain that creepy little butthead that has been flooding

  • An Amish Tale0

    Happy belated Thanksgiving to all of my family and friends. It is a wonderful time of year to simply hang out and veg. I am extremely blessed to have so many great chums. But I am very thankful for a few. They saved the day, and I consider them as my bearded brethren. I will


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