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  • Lil’ City Big Dreams Flag Football Program Helps Mentor Youth0

    While there are numerous youth sports programs, many operate on a ‘pay-for-play’ basis, often excluding underprivileged and underserved youth. This is where ‘Lil’ City Big City Flag Football’, a unique nonprofit sports program, steps in. It’s not just about sports, it’s about providing opportunities to those who might not otherwise have them. “Lil’ City Big

  • County Hall Corner: Welcome to the New Lycoming County Headquarters0

    Thursday, July 11, 2024, became a historic day for Lycoming County. The last time a new building was established as headquarters for county government was in May of 1988 when Executive Plaza began as the county government headquarters. If one is standing in front of the Lycoming County Courthouse, the county government headquarters has moved

  • This Week’s LION: Kevin Bittenbender, Man of Passion and Purpose

    This Week’s LION: Kevin Bittenbender, Man of Passion and Purpose0

    Since 2012, the reality of PTSD among military veterans has been highlighted with the “22 is too many” or 22-0 mantra, signifying that 22 veterans commit suicide every day in the United States. However, some experts believe this is misinformation because, after all, just because a veteran crashed into a tree at 100 MPH does

  • Gazette and Bulletin: July 16, 1935 – Picnics During Past Weekend Attract Hundreds of Persons0

    A large number of residents of Williamsport, and the vicinity, enjoyed picnics during the past weekend. Perhaps the largest gatherings being those of St. John’s Lutheran Sunday School and the Williamsport Silk Company, at Memorial Park, the outing of relief workers at Camp Kline, and the picnic and reunion of the Class of 1926 of

  • Lycoming County Fair Taking Place July 10 to 200

    The annual Lycoming County Fair will take place from Wednesday, July 10, to Saturday, July 20, and there will be lots of great fun and excitement. Rocky Reed, president of Lycoming County Fair, is very excited and pleased about this edition of the fair, which will be held at the Lycoming County Fairgrounds in Hughesville.

  • Williamsport Sun: July 10, 1929 – Blind Persons Enjoyed Show0

    Forty Members of the Sightless Social Club, many of whom had never attended a motion picture show, enjoyed the all-singing, all-talking production, “Broadway Melody,” when they were the guests of the Park Theater management last night. Following the theater program the members were taken to the All Saints Episcopal Church parish house, where the regular

  • County Hall Corner: Sow the Wind, Reap the Whirlwind0

    In my entire life of following political matters, I do not believe I have ever seen a period of time where federal, state, and local government entities each encountered historical events at the same time. At the federal level, it has been in two areas: the presidential race and Supreme Court decisions. In state government,

  • Set the Night To Music Centerpiece of Area Independence Day Celebrations0

    Downtown Williamsport will again be set ablaze with the beautiful and awe-inspiring fireworks display that is the keystone of the annual “Set the Night To Music” July 4th celebration in Williamsport. Williamsport Mayor Derek Slaughter speaks enthusiastically about this now-annual event. “The City of Williamsport is looking forward to our annual 4th of July Set

  • An Elegy For Mary

    An Elegy For Mary0

    This week, on July 5, marks the 10th anniversary of when my beloved wife, Mary’s soul, left her body. Those ten years have been very sad and very difficult for me. In addition to her loss, I have suffered the loss of my father, my younger sister, my brother-in-law, and my first cousin, as well

  • County Hall Corner: County Government on the Move0

    A new day is coming. The Lycoming County Commissioners had their last weekly meeting at the Lycoming County Executive Plaza at 330 Pine Street in Williamsport on Thursday, June 27th. The following Thursday will be July 4th, so obviously, there will not be a meeting that day. Still, the following Thursday, July 11th, will be

  • Gazette and Bulletin: July 6, 1898 – Why Not Celebrate? Prepare for a Big Demonstration0

    When the confirmation of the news of the destruction of the Spanish fleet in Cuban waters came on the night of the Fourth of July there was a disposition to get up an impromptu celebration. A movement was organized but no band could be acquired for the event, and a celebration without music is seldom

  • Muncy Fourth Friday Activities This Friday, June 280

    Family-friendly activities, food and craft vendors, musical entertainment of various kinds, and good fellowship are all hallmarks of Muncy’s “Fourth Friday” activities, which take place monthly at the Today Farm, the former Tom Styer’s farm in Muncy. Ann Baker was one of the organizers and has been involved with the event since it began 15