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  • County Hall Corner: Local Colleges that Count with Clout0

    The current protests happening on campuses around the country are deja vu, but hopefully, they will not repeat an event that took place 54 years ago. On May 4, 1970, four students were shot to death and nine others injured at Kent State University by the Ohio National Guard. During the 1960s, campus protests had

  • *** EVENT CANCELLED *** Ride for Strides Fundraiser, May 110

    Due to unforeseen circumstance, the Lycoming County United Way Ride for Strides Event has been cancelled. Please continue to support the LCUW in all the amazing work they continue to do for and in our community.

  • 19th Annual Quilt and Textile Show to be Presented by the Muncy Historical Society July 19 and 200

    The always active Muncy Historical Society will again be presenting one of the events they have become known for when they present their 19th Annual Quilt and Textile Show at the First United Methodist Church’s Celebration Centre and Living Water Cafe, 602 S. Market Street, Muncy. This location features easy access, convenience, and ample parking.

  • County Hall Corner: Seven States and 20,000 Votes0

    Seven has been called a magic number. There are seven days a week, seven colors in the rainbow, seven musical notes in a scale, seven wonders of the ancient world, seven continents, seven major seas, and even psychologists tell us we can only take in seven ‘bits’ of information at one time. So, it is

  • Williamsport Sun: May 2, 1939 – Goods Taken from Cabin Month Ago Returned and Fuel Added as Donation0

    The robbers who some time ago broke into the “Crooked Riffles” cottage, owned by George H. Bubb of this city, and located about one and one-half miles from Shore Acres along Loyalsock Creek, apparently underwent a strange change of heart, for all of the goods that were stolen have been mysteriously returned. Not only that,

  • Loyalsock Odyssey of the Mind Team Qualifies for World Finals

    Loyalsock Odyssey of the Mind Team Qualifies for World Finals0

    A Loyalsock Township Middle School team is advancing to this year’s World Finals of Odyssey of the Mind! The Loyalsock team was one of 13 teams from North Central PA participating in the statewide tournament at Pocono Mountain East schools on April 6 where 151 teams presented their solutions. Those who placed first or second

  • 63rd West Branch Susquehanna Builders Show To be Held at Liberty Arena April 26-28

    63rd West Branch Susquehanna Builders Show To be Held at Liberty Arena April 26-280

    Although it will be held at a new location, the Liberty Arena (315 Hepburn St., Williamsport), the 63rd West Branch Susquehanna Builders Show, promises to provide the same excellent information for homeowners and others wishing to do various fix-ups and renovations on their homes and other properties. It will be held from Friday, April 26,

  • County Hall Corner: Some Good News on Voting Integrity0

    Since the 2020 election, there has been a continuous political battle about the count. Initially, the election results were challenged in the courts, but nothing could be proven to the satisfaction of the judges. A protest in Washington, D.C., over the election certification at the US Capitol was organized on January 6, 2021, supporting Trump

  • This Week’s LION: Carol Sides: A True Patriot0

    On Thursday, November 10, 2016, just two days after Donald Trump had won the presidential election, Carol Sides, a senior citizen from Williamsport, received a call. “Mrs. Sides, this is the State Police. I am calling to inform you that all your personal information, including your home address, cell phone number, and email, has been

  • Williamsport Area Little League Opens Its Season on Saturday, April 270

    Our national pastime of baseball will be in full swing when the Williamsport Area Little League opens its 2024 season on Saturday, April 27. It will do so at the newly constructed fields at Brandon Park. There is an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation by the league’s officials and players. “We’re excited to be back

  • This Week’s LION: Publisher Jim Webb and Editor Steph Nordstrom0

    It was ten years ago this month that I wrote my very first column for Webb Weekly. In April of 2014, I had a lot on my plate. I was a pastor at a church in Williamsport, a virtual professor for an international MBA program (which also meant I had to travel abroad occasionally), served

  • Williamsport Sun: April 15, 1920 – County Drive for Jewish Relief Begins Monday0

    Beginning on Monday of next week and continuing for one week, Jews of this county will ask for funds for the American Jewish Relief, which is looking after war sufferers. One of the unusual features of the plea for funds is there will be no solicitors or teams out requesting money for this cause, but