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  • Jersey Shore Fourth Graders Ran Food Drive That Benefitted New Love Center

    Jersey Shore Fourth Graders Ran Food Drive That Benefitted New Love Center0

    All too often, we hear of today’s youth being preoccupied with their electronic devices, self-absorbed, and not being concerned with the world around them. Still, there is a group of fourth-graders at Jersey Shore Elementary who give lie to that notion. They conducted a food drive that benefitted Jersey Shore’s New Love Center. That drive-in

  • Grit: March 27, 1960 – J.C.PENNEY Firm to Get New Store on Fourth Street0

    J.C. PENNEY FIRM A new store building costing $350,000 and containing 29,000 square feet of floor space will be constructed in downtown Williamsport for the J.C. Penney company.  The new business will occupy the site of the Susquehanna Trust Building at the northeast corner of West Fourth and Laurel Street, immediately west of the present

  • Timing is Everything0

    As the weather begins to warm and become nice, gardeners start to prepare their pots, beds, and fields for planting. If this is your first year gardening, do not let mother nature trick you into planting too early. We will probably still have a few frosty mornings and cool days ahead, so be wary. Timing

  • This Week’s LION: Dangerous Dr. Seuss?0

    Theodor Geisel, better known by his pseudonym Dr. Seuss, is arguably America’s most beloved children’s storybook author of all time. For decades, his books have taught children how to read and, better yet, love reading. As a student in college, Geisel was editor of Dartmouth College’s humor magazine “Jack-O-Lantern” until he was banned from writing

  • Passover is a Celebration of Freedom

    Passover is a Celebration of Freedom0

    Passover is a Jewish celebration that begins this year at sundown on March 27 and ends on April 4. Passover typically occurs around the same time as Christian Easter. In 2021, the holidays overlap and share April 4 as the culmination of prayer for Jews and Christians. According to the religious resource My Jewish Learning,

  • A Day for Fools in April1

    “Trouble knocked at the door, but, hearing laughter hurried away.” Benjamin Franklin In a world of stress and uncertainty, now more than ever, we need to laugh good and strong. In honor of April Fool’s Day, here are a few amusing jokes, and some are so bad they become funny. And remember, laugh, and the

  • County Hall Corner: Say a Prayer for the Department of Voter Services0

    Forgive my bias; I believe that Forrest Lehman is one of the sharpest, if not THE sharpest, county official we have. As Department of Voter Services Director for Lycoming County for the past seven years, his knowledge and understanding of voting laws is encyclopedic. Yet, thankfully, Forrest can dummy it down so that someone like

  • Crebs Takes PA States at 1890

    Cael Crebs became the PIAA Class AA State Wrestling Champion at 189 pounds after defeating Ethan Finch from Sheffield. The victory came during the PIAA Class AA finals held at the Giant Center in Hershey when Crebs scored a fall in the third period. Along with Crebs, Dylan Bennett and Branden Wentzel also won medals,

  • Signs Transmission Fluid is Low0

    Vehicles require all sorts of maintenance to operate safely and efficiently. Contrary to popular belief, motorists need not be amateur mechanics to keep their vehicles running strong. Major vehicle repairs are best left to the professionals, but drivers can learn to identify the causes of relatively minor issues that, if left untreated, can cause significant

  • How to Lower the Cost of Auto Insurance0

    Auto insurance is a must-have for drivers. While it might seem hard to believe, as of 2019 there are still some places in the United States where auto insurance is not mandatory. Auto insurance is mandatory in Canada, though each province has its own requirements in terms of the minimum amount of coverage allowable by

  • Little League® Launches ‘Lift Your League’ Virtual Fundraising Campaign0

    For the first time in its more than 80-year history, Little League® International is uniting the fundraising efforts of its local leagues across the United States through a newly launched virtual fundraising campaign known as Lift Your League. Running from March 15-31, 2021, Lift Your League is focused on rallying communities together to provide financial

  • Sweet Corn

    Sweet Corn0

    Next to the fresh tomato, sweet corn is something I look forward to growing every summer! I started planting Bodacious sweet corn about ten years ago. Bodacious sweet corn is a very sweet, sugary style corn that can be grown in a backyard or in garden pots. I have tried several different varieties, but my