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  • Safety First0

    The rest of the “frozen chosen” and I are still looking forward to some ice fishing, but the up and down temperatures are delaying our ventures out onto local lakes. I still hope to get on the ice in the next two or three weeks, but you can bet that safety concerns come first. Certainly,

  • What?! Fly Fishing Now?0

    I know its winter, and the only people who fish now are those strange people who sit out on the ice in little huts all day staring at a little hole in the ice; I know because I’m one of those people. Other than the ice fishing crowd, most folks think there is no fishing

  • The Electronics of Ice Fishing0

    What does electronics have to do with ice-fishing? Well, actually quite a bit these days; in fact batteries and electronics play a big role in almost everything we do these days. Just the other day I had to get a tiny battery replaced in my wife’s car so she could start it before she goes

  • Record Bear Harvest0

    A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a piece asking the question, “Could this be a record bear season harvest?” Since then, I’ve also had a number of people ask if the harvest numbers were available yet for this year. Well, the new bear harvest numbers are in, and indeed it is a new record

  • Some Coming Changes0

    As we all know, changes are always in the wind; some we welcome and some we don’t. I am quite sure, however, that a change that is coming to both the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Fish and Boat Commission is one that will be welcomed by almost all outdoor types. The change I’m referring

  • Changing Hunting Tactics

    Changing Hunting Tactics0

    I remember when I started deer hunting as a high school kid, there were basically two methods commonly used to bag your deer. One method often used with fair success was the deer drive; several hunters would “post” in a line — maybe on a side hill — and several more hunters would line up

  • Could This Be a Record Bear Season?

    Could This Be a Record Bear Season?0

    It’s too soon to tell yet since all of the bear seasons are not over, but we could be headed for a record harvest or at the least an outstanding year. For some, it’s already been an outstanding year, especially for Reuben Kennel, who this past week dropped a 620-pound black bear with one shot

  • Changing Deer Seasons

    Changing Deer Seasons0

    I guess it’s a sign that I’m getting older, but it seems like things are always changing. Prices have changed, how we shop has changed, society has changed, and even deer seasons have changed. Gas is no longer 29¢ a gallon; we buy online instead of going to the mall; if you wear a red