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  • Piebald Deer?

    Piebald Deer?0

    Some people are probably wondering what on earth I’m talking about-a piebald deer. Pictured in this week’s story is McCabe Kreider, son of retired Pittsburgh Steeler running back, Dan Kreider. During last week’s special antlerless only firearms season McCabe was fortunate enough to bag a piebald deer-a very rare occurrence. My son, Brian, accompanied McCabe

  • Fall – To Hunt or Fish?0

    The fall season is no doubt a very active time for most everybody; leaf raking, grass cutting and a host of other outside jobs that should be completed before the cold weather sets in. For the hunting and fishing types fall is especially active given that all kinds of hunting seasons are available not to

  • Finding Fall turkeys0

    The 2020 fall turkey season is fast approaching, and in our general area, you can pursue turkeys starting Nov. 2 till Nov. 16 and then again on Nov. 28 and 29. Dates vary a bit in different WMUs, so be sure to check your Hunting and Trapping Digest for the unit you plan to hunt.

  • Go Bug a Bass

    Go Bug a Bass0

    I know a lot of us outdoor types are getting into the hunting scene these days, but it would be a big mistake to think that bass season is over. Actually, some of the season’s best bass fishing is in the fall — maybe even into November — and surface lures can still be productive.

  • Squirrel Hunt is Good Training0

    I know archery deer season is just getting underway, and it won’t be long until we are pursuing the rest of the “big three” — bear and turkeys, but you don’t want to overlook the small game potential either. I still do some rabbit hunting, an occasional grouse hunt, and I’m willing to chase after

  • Kick Off Your Fall Hunting With Some Dove Hunting0

    It’s hard to believe that summer is winding down already; just check the leaves starting to pile up in your yard if you’re still not convinced. I’m not about to put my fishing gear away, but I’m adding hunting gear to my active pile of stuff. For me, hunting season tends to get underway with

  • Some Changes to the Coming Hunting Seasons0

    When it comes to what’s new with hunting this coming year, there are several changes of significance. Of course, the change from a Monday deer opener to a Saturday opener got a lot of attention as well as the usual controversy and some pretty strong opinions on both sides of the issue. Just how this

  • Some Good Bass Fishing Still Ahead

    Some Good Bass Fishing Still Ahead0

    I’ll admit it, as the leaves begin to change color and fall to the ground thoughts of the coming hunting season start to compete for space. That being said it’s also true that as an avid fisherman there is no way I’m putting my fishing gear away for the season; instead, I will find a