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  • Slow and steady

    Slow and steady0

    “Slow and steady.” No, this is not a story about our over 50 outdoorsmen, although being slow and steady in most hunting situations probably pays off. Rather this piece is about some of our slowest and often stationary critters that we often overlook; I’m talking about turtles. One of the reasons I enjoy the outdoors

  • Unforeseen Adjustments0

    Needless to say, for those of us who are severely “hooked on fishing,” we have somehow managed to fish during all twelve months of the year, and even the dead of winter doesn’t deter us. Normally, the spring and summer months are great for catching a variety of species from trout to bass, walleyes, panfish,

  • To Feed or Not to Feed?0

    To feed or not to feed? Lately, it appears that the practice of feeding birds in your backyard may be a problem — at least in recent weeks. Bird feeders and birdbaths have been popular items in backyards for many years, but there may be some problems emerging over the practice. As a photographer and

  • You Don’t Like the Taste of Wild Game and Fish?0

    So, you don’t like the taste of wild game and fish? That’s a question I found myself asking several times over the past few weeks. The answer often came back that it was “gamey” or “fishy” tasting, and I fully understand, that’s not a taste I would care for either. After partaking in some poorly


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