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  • Deer: Dead and Diseased0

    Normally when we read about deer, we are anxious to learn more about how to nail that trophy we want to hang on the wall, but there are other dynamics to look at regarding our deer population. I guess what brought this topic to mind was a recent trip to visit family near the Ohio

  • Don’t Put That Flyrod Away Yet0

    That I like to fly fish for trout is an understatement; I try to fit in as much time as I can, even if it’s only for a couple of hours on any given day. Of course, when we hear some reference to trout fishing, we usually think April and May — after all, that’s

  • Peregrine Falcons

    Peregrine Falcons0

    Like most folks out here in rural Pennsylvania, I enjoy seeing a wide variety of birds, and like many of us, I really get a kick out of spotting some of the “big guys” like hawks, ospreys, and especially eagles. Some hawks, like red-tailed hawks, are often seen perched in trees along major highways, where

  • Crappie Fishing

    Crappie Fishing0

    I’ve had a few crappy fishing days over the years, but that’s seldom the case when I’m fishing for crappies. The truth is crappies can be taken year-round; we catch them through the ice in good numbers, and spring, summer, and fall can also be productive. The key is to know where to look for


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