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  • Changes Keep Coming0

    The older I get, the less comfortable I am with change. This year has been especially difficult, especially when I look at the political situation and all the changes being thrown at us because of COVID-19. Since this is intended to be an outdoor column, I will try to refrain from bringing politics and health

  • Trout on Top0

    Well, trout season is finally in full swing, and although I don’t participate in any trout fishing on the opening day, I did stop by a couple of local fishing spots to see how things were going. Of course, there were a good number of fishermen lining the banks, and as expected, there were a

  • Spring Turkey Season at Hand

    Spring Turkey Season at Hand0

    After a fairly hard winter with some pretty good amounts of snow building up, some turkey hunters were probably wondering how our wild turkeys endured the heavy snow. I can’t speak for the more northern portion of the state, but from what I’m seeing in our immediate area, they seem to have come through the

  • Time to Leave the Dens0

    It’s that time of year again when a lot of our wildlife will begin leaving their winter homes along with their new additions. One of the most obvious critters that has been absent from our very white and snowy winter landscape is the black bear. I’m sure that most people know that black bears den


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