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  • Frances Tipton Hunter: Williamsport’s Answer To Norman Rockwell To Be Honored With Historical Marker0

    This Sunday, June 9, a historical marker authorized by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission will be dedicated at Way’s Garden to honor the late, distinguished local artist Frances Tipton Hunter. The dedication will take place in conjunction with the annual Way’s Garden Art Show, an art event that has occurred every year since i957.

  • Bass on Top0

    The various fishing seasons are all pretty much underway, and you know summer has arrived when you have to cut the grass twice a week, and you can pursue some serious bass fishing. April 13 through June 7, bass fishing is catch and release only, and from June 8 through September 30, you are allowed

  • The Antlers are Coming0

    It’s that time of year again — that time when we deer hunters start studying deer more closely in search of new antler growth. It’s not just deer hunters, though, since even non-hunters seem to get excited when they spot a set of big deer antlers. I know me and a lot of others are

  • That’s Why it’s Called “Fishing”

    That’s Why it’s Called “Fishing”0

    How many times have you been around someone who said, “Yeah, we went fishing the other day, and we didn’t catch anything”? About that time, someone else will add, “Yeah, that’s why it’s called ‘fishing’ and not ‘catching.’” Well, it’s certainly true that there are times when the fishing may not be going well, but

  • May, a Great Month for the Outdoorsman0

    I must say that the month of May is a lot like Christmas for the hunting and fishing crowd; there’s a host of opportunities to hunt and fish for a variety of species. I’ve seen some photos of successful turkey hunters, but a couple were particularly interesting. One of those photos was of Jessica and

  • Getting Into Fly-Fishing0

    Over the past couple of years, I’ve had more and more people talk to me about getting into fly-fishing, and it certainly appears that it is growing in popularity. One of the concerns that I hear from those who want to start fly-fishing involves the difficulty in learning to properly cast a fly. There is


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