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  • Eagle Watch0

    When my wife and I head off somewhere in a vehicle, I’m usually quick to grab the passenger seat, and for good reason — I like to gaze around, looking for whatever wildlife I can spot as we head down the road. I’m always looking for turkeys, deer and other wildlife, including winged critters flying

  • The “Dog Days” of Winter0

    As we roll into the late days of the winter season, the hunting crowd starts to get a little bored; the deer and turkey seasons are all over, albeit there is still some small game hunting for those into running rabbits or picking off squirrels. There are some other hunting pursuits out there as well,

  • The 2023 Fishing Season Underway0

    I know most of the fishing crowd doesn’t think of a new fishing season being underway until trout season rolls around in April, but I’ve always considered the new season underway when I hit the ice for the first time. In recent years that first trip rarely took place before the start of the new

  • The Lure of Fishing0

    Contrary to what the title may seem to be suggesting, this is not a piece about what causes or entices one to fish but rather what lures one uses to catch fish. I got to thinking about this topic when someone just getting into fly fishing asked me if a half dozen flies would be


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