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  • Moving Right Along…0

    It was great to hear from so many about last week’s column, “A Politically Balanced Upbringing.” I always enjoy hearing stories about my Father, but thank you to all that reached out about my Grandfather, Pappy Maietta. Through my conversations, I even uncovered some old photos of the Newberry Diner and Lycoming Sales and Leasing.

  • My Favorite Kind of Article0

    Y’all know how much I love to write about fun things going on in the area. I loathe when people try to tell me there is nothing to do in this town. And you know that my response to that is, “if you can’t find something to do in the area, you aren’t looking very

  • A Politically Balanced Upbringing0

    For those of you that are new to reading my column or maybe those that have forgotten my political roots, I thought it would be a good time to discuss this. My Father was an ultra-Conservative Republican but never had a problem letting the Republican Party know when there was a problem. He was a

  • 2020 The Reality of a Futuristic Odyssey0

    Happy New Year, everybody! I find it surreal that we’re in the year 2020. In my mind, that sounds like the perfect title for a science fiction movie. Maybe it takes place right here in the United States. Aliens begin to invade our Country, and I’m talking about from another galaxy, not from South of

  • Another New Year0

    Wow! I can’t believe that it is 2020. It’s hard to believe that we are entering a new decade. At least we entered this one without all of the Y2K drama of the last. Here at Webb Weekly we are entering our 18th year. I get a little choked up thinking that Webb Weekly is

  • Happy New Year!0

    In case you didn’t notice, I’m not Jimmy. No worries, he’ll be back next week, he’s just letting me borrow his space for the week so that I can tell you all about this very special week at Webb Weekly. This week’s issue is just one of the many ways Jimmy helps people and our

  • God’s Greatest Gift0

    A very Merry Christmas to everyone! Let’s all be careful out there while enjoying all that is a blessed Holiday season. Please remember to say thank you to all that prepare the perfectly delicious Christmas feast. Absolutely no political discussions until the New Year. And let’s keep the conversation around the table joyous. The most

  • Merry Christmas0

    Well y’all. I did it! I managed to finish all my shopping! Wrapping is in the works, groceries are on the schedule and I even had some time to make some eggnog for those near and dear! I’m so full of Holiday Cheer I can barely contain myself. New traditions are mixing with old and