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  • A Strategy To Empower People0

    As many of you know, when I was growing up in Southside, I lived on Kane Street. I spent a lot of time at my grandmother, Josephine Webb’s, and at my aunt Mary Jo’s. Both lived in what my Father referred to as the Dutch Hill section. I had a blast in that neighborhood, whether

  • It’s Flippin’ Freezing – Stay Inside!0

    Y’all. Despite living the majority of my life in central PA, I am just not built for how cold it’s been recently. As I write this, it’s a whopping 7°. That, my friends, is bull…nevermind… So right now, my only option is to stay inside as much as a I can. Here in the office,

  • 2.7 Seconds on a Bull Named Fumanchu

    2.7 Seconds on a Bull Named Fumanchu0

    A line from Tim McGraw’s hit song “Live Like You Were Dying” is the title of this week’s column. We are all mortal; for some of us, the end will come quick; for others, we’ll have that moment that stops you in your tracks, as the song says. None of us want to think about

  • Save Lives – Donate Blood0

    According to the American Red Cross, National Blood Donor Month, which has taken place each January since 1970, is such an important observance. Winter is “one of the most difficult times of year to collect enough blood products to meet patient needs.” Busy schedules, bad weather, getting dark early, and COVID concerns are all keeping

  • Way Above the Curve0

    A few years back, shortly before he left us, I had Father John Manno out for a drive around town. I wanted to show him the progress that had been made in the Historic District and around the Annunciation Parish. From there, we rode on up to Historic Bowman Field, which was recently remodeled. As

  • Winter Dinners0

    Two of my New Year’s resolutions were to eat better and save money. How those two work together is by eating more meals (and by more, I mean the majority) at home. That helps with healthier ingredients, portion control and of course, saving money. This means that I am once again on the hunt for

  • 2022 – Out of the Gate with Gratitude0

    I wish you a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year. It’s hard to believe the Webb Weekly is closing in on 20 years of being welcomed into your home. All of us here at Webb Weekly thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We take great pride in the publication we provide, from those

  • Happy New Year!0

    Wow! I can’t believe that it is 2022. It seems like yesterday that I was hired on as a temp to take over for a temp that was sick. Now here we are 20 years later, and I have a position that not-even-old-enough-to drink-Steph could have only dreamed of! This year we begin our 20th

  • Happy New Year!0

    Well, look at me all fancy like Applebee’s on page 2! I have to tell you; this is one of my favorite issues of the year. Honestly, every year when I write this article, it’s hard not to get a little choked up thinking about all the fantastic organizations that my co-workers and I get

  • A Wish of Joy, Love, and Compassion0

    It’s a couple of days before Christmas, and all through the house, there is so much stirring, I hope the cat gets the mouse. I’m sure there’s a lot of this going on all over our little neck of Penn’s Woods as the kids are now home from college, family members have traveled home for

  • Another Season Begins with the Best of Holiday Hoops0

    Just in the Saint Nick of time, the high school basketball season has returned in full swing. If you’re like me, you need to get out of the house on these long dark nights. Go cheer on your favorite team. If you can’t make it to the game or live out of town, Webb Weekly

  • Merry Christmas0

    ‘Twas the Friday before Christmas and Steph is still a disorganized mess! I kid, I kid…kinda…sorta…I swear I almost have everything done! OK, OK, fine — in reality, I do not, in fact, have everything done, but I’ll get there, I always do! One thing I do have done is the winners of the Blaise