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  • Friendship, Positivity and Community0

    There is a group of local business folks that get together each week to discuss the world’s problems and much more. I will refer to them as my friends of the round table, even though the table we sit at is more of an oval shaped countertop — that just sounds better. The topics most

  • Let’s Read0

    I am a huge proponent of reading. Whether is trashy romance, young adult (even if you are an old adult), comic books, textbooks, or gossip magazines. Reading stimulates the brain and keeps it active and working — even if the content isn’t top tier. One of the great things about my Kindle (other than being

  • You Can Learn a Lot From a Song0

    “I believe most people are good and most mamas oughta qualify for sainthood.” This line is from country star Luke Bryan’s hit “Most People Are Good,” please Google and listen if you haven’t heard it. It’s also a great segue to Happy Mother’s Day! As far as the sainthood I definitely agree with Luke. Thank

  • Happy Mother’s Day0

    It’s become tradition to run this list on Mother’s Day, tweaking as I go along, because all moms in all their forms, shapes, sizes and colors deserve to be recognized — not just on Mother’s Day, but every day! So without further ado… First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, who helped me

  • Tums or Rolaids Won’t Fix This Gas Problem.0

    I cover a lot of ground in my travels around the Keystone State. One thing that has always been frustrating is the poor condition of our highways. It amazes me how I can leave Pennsylvania on a washboard, potholed covered highway and drive into an adjacent state that the road is as smooth as glass.

  • Eats and Heat…0

    I’m going to go ahead and say spring has officially sprung. That means picnics and pot lucks are quick to follow. I think we could all use a few go to easy recipes to take to our spring and summer picnics. So I’m making a request! Do you have a great recipe that you would

  • Hoops, Justice and a Place to Play0

    It is great to see basketball back at Memorial Park. Tip of my Webb Weekly cap to Mayor Gabriel Campana and his efforts on getting this done. When the basketball hoops were taken down a few years back, I was not a fan of the decision. I reached out to Mayor Campana and let my

  • Love, Life and Selflessness: Easter Thoughts from Father Manno

    Love, Life and Selflessness: Easter Thoughts from Father Manno0

    Father Manno is one of my favorite people in our neighborhood of the West Branch Valley. When we get together, we can talk all day, about everything from the Catholic Church to Ebbets Field and when his dad played for the Boston Braves. Before I get to our discussion about Lent and Easter, just let