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  • Playoffs Await0

    The high school baseball and softball regular seasons conclude this week, and area fans may want to heed the words of Terrell Owens to “get your popcorn ready.” The PIAA district playoffs begin next week, and a bevy of area teams have spent the past few months prepping for the upcoming opportunity to make deep

  • Take a Hike0

    With fear of jinxing its permanent arrival and hoping against a reversal of fortunes, it appears that spring has finally made its way to our neck of the woods! Being imbedded in sports all my life, the changing of the seasons has had more to do with which sport was coming up next than with

  • Road Warriors Come Home

    Road Warriors Come Home0

    An ariel view of Lyco’s new field. (Photo courtesy of Deluxe Athletics.) Mets manager Yogi Berra coined the phrase “it ain’t over till it’s over” when referencing the 1973 National League pennate race. Now that Lycoming College has finally had the opportunity to christen its new Brandon Park field, Warriors head coach Rick Oliveri couldn’t

  • Pitching Woes0

    Have you taken note? The cover date of this week’s Webb Weekly is 042424. There might be lucky numbers in there somewhere — but if there aren’t, don’t blame me! Speaking of numbers, fans who have recently attended South Williamsport baseball home games at the recreational complex have been greeted by a new scoreboard beyond

  • Fore0

    While April Fool’s got this month started, it didn’t take long for its first two weeks to make a memorable positive mark on the sports calendar. Major League Baseball began on a high note for fans of the New York Yankees and Pittsburgh Pirates; UConn and South Carolina proved without a doubt they are the

  • Women’s Hoops Popularity Soars0

    A 1960’s advertising slogan for Virginia Slims cigarettes, “You’ve come a long way, baby,” was intended to target women consumers. Although the product is still on the market, that slogan may be a more apropos description of the NCAA’s women’s national basketball tournament, which concluded the sport’s most successful season this past Sunday. Due to


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