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  • I-TEC – Supplying Power to the Underserved0

    While it may be most likely the majority of area residents have no knowledge of the whereabouts of Green Hollow Road, for millions of residents of Third World countries, the Lycoming County rural back road has literally been the launching pad for a precious service that has both improved and saved the lives of their

  • Where Were You?0

    ? “Where were you when the world stopped turning” inquired country singer Alan Jackson in his 2002 hit song recorded as a tribute to the victims of 9/11 and a reminder to the American public to stay strong and persevere. Most of us can recall where we were and what we were doing when those

  • You Can’t Do That0

    If you attended a high school basketball game during the recently completed season, you most likely would have heard student cheering sections erupt with the phrase ‘you can’t do that’ when an opposing player violated the playing rules. Nothing malicious, it was just a fun-loving jab letting an opponent know he/she messed up. Sports, whether

  • $$$$$ – Ball0

    As Major League Baseball teams continue their Spring Training preparations in Florida and Arizona much of the media and fan buzz continues to be centered on the sign-stealing cheating shenanigans of the Houston Astros in seasons past. For how long and how severe the negative reaction will last is anyone’s guess, but with the regular

  • Apologies0

    It wasn’t a big deal, and at the time, and its action didn’t receive much national attention in the baseball world. Yet, that December 1, 2017 decision by the Houston Astros to non-tendered pitcher Mike Fiers, making him a free agent, may long live as a significant footnote in baseball history as the beginning of

  • The Last Game0

    With the high school basketball season rapidly winding down, South Williamsport’s players sat despondently in a quiet locker room as their hopes for a playoff berth took another hit. Standing before them that Friday evening, the Mountaineers coach, Rob Houseknecht, stood stoically — momentarily silent. When he began to address his team, he spoke in

  • Once Upon a Time0

    Once upon a time in the West Branch Valley of the Susquehanna River region, there existed a somewhat utopian atmosphere among the populous. While the village inhabitants of each individual area were fervently pleased and protective of their own, they shared a competitive bond with an overriding uniqueness that made their athletic encounters something they

  • Laudenslager Leaves Leadership Legacy

    Laudenslager Leaves Leadership Legacy0

    Among the plethora of sayings uttered by sportscaster Dick Vitale is one about players who would make the ‘all airport team.’ The reference is about players who look good while walking thru airports but never contribute much on the court. Truth be known, South Williamsport point guard Ethan Laudenslager would never draw attention for an