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  • ‘Stealing’ Signs0

    No doubt about it, for better or for worse, a good scandal will draw attention, heighten people’s interest, and keep tongues wagging. In the doldrums of January on the day of the NCAA National Football Championship game and days before the NFL determined its participants for the February 2 Super Bowl, Major League Baseball crashed

  • Brown Awaits Coaching Future0

    By definition, collateral damage is referred to as “injury inflicted on something other than an intended target.” Now that the nine-year saga of Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett has officially concluded with the recent naming of former Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy as the new ‘sheriff’ in Jerry’s World, as of this writing, it

  • Thomas Named to Bowman Field HOF

    Thomas Named to Bowman Field HOF0

    Among the baseball dignitaries to be gathered at the January 15 Williamsport Crosscutters annual Hot Stove Banquet will be a face many may not recognize, but as soon as he opens his mouth the recognition will most likely be there. Following the past 20 years of distinguished service as the team’s Public Address announcer the

  • How About a Resolution?0

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Like when you do something for the first time, it seemed a bit strange to write the date 2020 as I prepared for this first column of the new year. Most likely many of us will have a few ‘date stumbles’ when we write our first check or fill out information at

  • Preserving History on the Southside1

    In the years preceding her passing several years ago longtime South Williamsport resident and Webb Weekly columnist Rosemary Neidig was engaged in a literary project to write a book encompassing the history of the community she loved so well. While she was never able to complete that endeavor, the subject of her fervor remains alive

  • Giving0

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! No matter your beliefs, or non-belief, or how you choose to observe the holiday, this time of the year is like no other. It’s a season of celebration, reflection, consideration, and unification. Memories are made, traditions are continued, and in many cases, new ones are formed. Families and friends gather, and for an

  • The ‘Take Your Pick’ Bowl0

    The game plan was well developed. Hungry for victory no matter the flavor of the opponent, the offensive strikes probed the objective with quick, decisive moves and devoured the competition. In a matter of moments, the Cereal Bowl was mine! In light of the glut of upcoming college football games, I’m a bit surprised my

  • Veterans Honored in Wreath-Laying Ceremony

    Veterans Honored in Wreath-Laying Ceremony0

    Quietly, in the peace and solitude of Wildwood Cemetery, dozens of volunteers devoted their time last Saturday, December 14 to pay their respects to local veterans as part of the annual Wreaths Across America tribute to our fallen heroes. “Our observance was held in conjunction with hundreds of other such events going on in local