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  • New Digs in Muncy0

    Now that the traffic signal flickering above Lycoming County is operating under Governor Wolf’s green light much of the population will be out & about much more enjoying both the ‘new normal’ and the most welcomed warmer weather. Should you decide to hop in the car and take a drive; here’s is a destination you

  • Life’s Little Things0

    The past few months have been like nothing we’ve seen All caused by an unwelcomed intruder – COVID-19 Its presence has brought with it misery and woe The Governors now tells us where we can go Families have been affected; jobs have been lost There’s really no telling what this will all cost Once only

  • Lycoming College Looking Ahead to Re-Opening0

    As colleges and universities across the country scramble with their game plans as to how they will go-about educating their students and re-establishing some sort of normalcy on their campuses this fall, Lycoming College has announced their intentions to conduct a ‘full residential campus opening’ when classes resume. Inquiring as to how that plan will

  • What Price to Pay?0

    ? Of late there have not been too many days that have gone by without an announcement being made cancelling or postponing some event or activity that folks had been anticipating. Well, you can get out your marker and get ready to cross another off the calendar soon — perhaps that determination even arrived before


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