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  • A Rerun?0

    Every so often to lighten the late-night mood, I find myself tuning in to WNEP-2 to catch reruns of the old Johnny Carson late-night show. While Carson’s monologue and guests are not timely, they remain funny and entertaining. Unlike the current late-night lineup of Carson wannabes whose mission seems to be hurling unfunny insulting jabs

  • Maze & Blue to a Peacock Hue0

    It wasn’t sweet music to the ears of many of the 72,220 fans filling Houston’s NRG Stadium for college football’s national championship game, but it was a tune frequently played to the delight of all those wearing maze & blue. “Hail to the victors valiant. Hail to the conqu’ring heroes. Hail, hail to Michigan, the

  • This Committee Got it Right0

    No doubt many of you have served on some sort of committee over the years. Professional, social, or recreational committees are charged with a decision-making purpose for the organization they represent. They are intended to bring together a representative group to arrive at a meaningful outcome. While they are commonplace, it has often been stated

  • Dollars & Sense0

    Welcome to 2024! Ready or not, it is here. Hopefully, this past holiday week’s festivities went well, and Santa treated you kindly. Perhaps not if you are an MLB baseball fan of teams other than the Dodgers. Possibly, it can be put thusly: it’s the week after Christmas, and all through the town, if you

  • Fishing Boots for Christmas0

    Exchange week. Party week. Travel week. Rest-up week. Whatever these December days between Christmas and New Year’s may be called where you reside, you can be assured of one thing when it comes to the media; its broadcasts and pages will be filled with a lot of ‘year-in-review’ lookbacks. With so much increased violence, corruption,

  • Giving0

    Often, around this time of the year, editor Steph has sent out notices to Webb Weekly writers reminding us to get our pre-Christmas columns in early to beat the holiday deadline. Such was not the case this year, as the calendar gives us a bit more time until the big day arrives. For procrastinators, the


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