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  • LLB Goes CBO0

    Ever since Carl Stotz tripped over a backyard lilac bush while playing catch with his nephews in 1938, the Little League program he envisioned was meant to give local youngsters the opportunity to play baseball. As Stotz sat on his porch steps to ease the pain of his wound he asked his nephews, “How would

  • A Mazzante Conversation0

    Whenever the accomplishments of local basketball talent are discussed, Kelly Mazzante’s name is at the forefront of the conversation. Such was again the case with the recent announcement that Mazzante had left Bucknell University to accept an assistant coaching position at Georgetown University. The former Montoursville High School and Penn State University standout enjoyed a

  • A Southside Sandwich0

    Whether it be sourdough, rye, whole wheat, ciabatta, or just plain white — it’s the bread that makes the sandwich great. Those tasty ingredients packed between those two slices just wouldn’t be the same without the stabilizing influence holding things in place. As South Williamsport softball coach Tom O’Malley went about the task of putting

  • How About Some Smiles0

    That old adage about April showers bringing May flowers got a bit carried away with itself as the last weekend of the previous month left us all a bit waterlogged. Hopefully, on the flower side of it, they will be in abundance to celebrate this weekend’s Mother’s Day activities. From this little corner of the

  • Leadership Litmus Test0

    Regardless of what occupation you may hold, what political persuasion you have, the size of your bank account, or your concern over social issues, it is becoming increasingly clear that most of us have one thing in common; a strong desire to clear the air of the divisiveness, rancor, mistrust, and wasted anger that has

  • Tale of Two Cities0

    The question has long been pondered — “If a tree falls in the forest, and there’s nobody around to hear, does it make a sound?” Around these parts, that’s most likely the same reaction rendered to the recent news that the City of Oakland and the Oakland Athletics have begun divorce proceedings. After years of


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