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  • Observation, Contemplation And Construction

    Observation, Contemplation And Construction0

    “Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again.” Wow, what powerful words! Most probably recognize this from being recited or sung just after communion. This depends on which local church and religion you choose. It is my understanding that it is known as the Memorial Acclamation. As most are observing Holy Week and

  • Who Would’ve Ever Thunk It?0

    What an amazing week it was in the West Branch Valley. Normally, each happening would result in a cover story; however, with so many great things going on, that just wasn’t possible. I will provide a quick overview of each and be following up with more specifics in the future. I’ll begin with the top

  • The Power of Positivity and Keeping Local Business Strong0

    Before I get started this week, I have a quick suggestion on how to start your day in a more positive way. When you’re getting going in the AM, grab that cup of coffee, let the dog out and go about your everyday morning ritual with one little twist. If you have a four-legged friend,

  • Coming to Grips With the Coronavirus0

    The very last thing I wanted to discuss this week is the Coronavirus/COVID-19. I just cringe every time I hear it mentioned. I have my theories, thoughts, and complete befuddlement over the matter, but it just does not seem appropriate to share at this time. One’s quality of life begins with health and wellbeing. This

  • Marching into Spring0

    “Spring, Spring, Spring! Sang the frog. Spring! Said the groundhog. Spring, Spring, Spring sang the Robin! It was Spring. The leaves burst out, the flowers burst out. And the robins burst out of their eggs. It was Spring.” Well, if you’re looking for some hard-hitting political editorial, this may not be the week. The above

  • 12th Annual Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck Contest

    12th Annual Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck Contest0

    Well, it’s hard to believe that our 12th Annual Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck Contest is in the books. The Steve Miller Band was definitely on point with the lyrics, “time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ into the future.” This from their all-time monster hit “Fly Like an Eagle.” Appropriately, the song was released in our

  • Moving Toward the Light0

    It is great to see Spring Training in full swing in both Florida and Arizona. The first exhibition games from both the Grapefruit and Cactus Leagues can be viewed on TV. The Boys of Summer can mean just one thing — spring is just around the corner. This time of year always gets me thinking

  • And the Winner is…

    And the Winner is…0

    A very special Happy Birthday to my Great Aunt Mildred, who turns 102 years old today. Just imagine what she has seen in her lifetime since being born in 1918. She is truly a remarkably smart and tough lady who has navigated her time here on God’s green Earth with grace, but when needed, the