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  • Postal Gratitude and Monster Buck Attitude0

    A tip of my Webb Weekly cap with the American Flag on the side to our local postal carriers. They do a great job each and every week making sure the Webb Weekly gets delivered right to your home. I consider these fine folks my partners in business. They do the heavy lifting and delivery

  • Home, Neighborhood, and Self Improvement0

    Autumn has officially fallen on the West Branch Valley. Although I don’t like the daylight hours growing shorter, the temperature moving a little south on the thermometer and knowing what may be just around the corner — what an absolutely amazing time of year in our neck of Penn’s woods. We all need just to

  • Boaters, Bikers, Bands, and Bombs Bursting in Air

    Boaters, Bikers, Bands, and Bombs Bursting in Air1

    There has been more talk about the Constitution of the United States of America in recent months than in decades. The most discussed and debated Amendments of our Bill of Rights, as always, has been the 1st Amendment, which provides the freedom of speech, press, the right to assemble and to petition the government for

  • I’m Not Biden It!1

    For the past couple of years, I have written that everyday hard-working Democrats need to take their party back. It is no longer the party of past presidents like Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, or even President William Jefferson Clinton. What began during the Obama administration has carried on under the current leadership of


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