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  • Hoping Opening Day Wasn’t Washed Out0

    The first day of trout season in Pennsylvania has been a long-time tradition. It’s a day shared by family and friends to celebrate something near and dear to their hearts. It is a day that many PA anglers dream about on cold winter nights. Chilly temperatures, rain, and even snow go hand in hand with

  • Navigating the Future Together0

    After watching the disastrous collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, I kept a close eye on what followed. I will withhold my thoughts until I have some more solid knowledge about the plan of attack to quickly reopen one of the most important American harbors. That is where my thoughts immediately turned, after a

  • Easter Blessings0

    As I sat and pondered what to write about it was a beautiful sun-drenched spring morning. Although the temperature might be a little on the chilly side, the smell of spring is in  the air. You can feel the warmth of the sun and just know warmer days are right around the corner. It’s such

  • The First Pitch of Spring0

    Happy official Spring to everybody! Like me, most see March 1st on the calendar as the beginning of the season that moves us out of winter. Some may recognize it as the first pitch of Spring Training baseball, while for others, it may be Saint Patrick’s Day. I know one thing: the weather this past

  • Be Awoken by Faith, Not Fear and Hatred0

    There has never been a time when one’s faith has been more important. There has also never been a time when one’s faith is being tested by fear and division. We witnessed this on many levels this past week. As we have now sprung ahead into daylight savings time, let’s talk about what is most

  • It’s Time to Let the American Voter Decide0

    I wanted to wait until after the South Carolina GOP primary to pen this column. The polls that I don’t often trust and many people I talked to told me it would be former President Donald Trump in a runaway. This was my gut feeling also; however, it was Nikki Haley’s home state, and I


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