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  • There is No I in Team USA0

    In the world of sports, anytime a team or individual puts USA across their chest, I become an instant fan. It could be badminton, curling or some sport I didn’t even know about prior to watching the Olympics. I know I’m not alone; probably 98% of Americans feel the same way. One of the great

  • Webb Weekly Great American Cookout Giveaway

    Webb Weekly Great American Cookout Giveaway0

    Thank you to all that made our Webb Weekly Great American Cookout Giveaway the summer fun contest for a great cause it was intended to be. I couldn’t believe the number of folks that actually brought their entry forms into our Webb Weekly office. It was great to meet and greet some of our readers.

  • An All-American Celebration of Freedom0

    Happy Fourth of July America! It seems like only yesterday I was downtown for the Bicentennial Parade. Wow, where have those 43 years gone? As you celebrate everything that is the United States of America on our 243rd Independence Day, please take a moment to reflect and give thanks. Take a knee for the only

  • Socialism is a Declaration of War Against the United States of America1

    For all you far-to-the-left, beyond-liberal socialites, I’m even going to provide you a disclaimer with this week’s column, please do not read beyond this point. The information is impossible for you to understand, let alone accept, and your head might explode. For you far-to-the-left, mainstream-media makers and reporters of what is supposed to be the

  • Serving God, Country and Family

    Serving God, Country and Family0

    Thank you to everyone that has reached out to share a special story about Father John Manno. It’s amazing how many lives he affected and touched in a most positive way. There is no doubt in my mind he will continue to do the Lord’s work through all of us. A special thank you to

  • Fathers, Fast Balls and Track Stars0

    The greatest gift a child can give his Father is a heartfelt hug and an I love you. This followed by thanks Dad, for everything you do. This also holds true for everyone that provides fatherly love and guidance in a young person’s life. A Father’s Love and guidance has never been more important. A

  • A Harley Highway to Heaven

    A Harley Highway to Heaven0

    “Love each other and share the spirit of Jesus Christ.” That was the message Father John Manno wanted me to share with everyone this past Easter. He was clear his message wasn’t just for Easter Sunday, but every day. Father John believed love is what is needed most in the divided world of today. This

  • The President, Coach Kelly and Striking Out Cancer0

    Happy Summer to everyone! Just a reminder about our Great American Cookout Giveaway. The information and entry form can be found directly below. Please remember you may mail it in or drop it off at my office in South Side. It’s the great taste of America made in America feast to the winner. But more