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  • Fox Facts Without Controversy

    Fox Facts Without Controversy0

    I often write how blessed we are to call the West Branch Valley our home. This is true for so many more reasons than I could ever cover in one column. If you love the outdoors, nature, and the beauty of God’s green Earth, there is no place like home. With all that’s going on

  • A River Runs Through It1

    It’s great to see the Hiawatha back on the water. Now for one of those things that you lose track of in life that is going to make a lot of you out there feel old. The majestic replica of an old-time river paddleboat has been cruising up and back down the Susquehanna for nearly

  • A Summertime Celebration of Freedom

    A Summertime Celebration of Freedom0

    Happy 244th birthday to the United States of America! We the People need to celebrate our Independence Day and all the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into making our Nation the light of liberty that shines around the world. The United States of America is the greatest example of freedom and democracy at

  • America’s Civil War – An Ongoing Biblical Battle1

    Absolutely no man deserves to die like George Floyd did. An absolute despicable act perpetrated by a completely evil individual. The complete disregard for humanity, callousness, and arrogance as Officer Derek Chauvin executed this poor man as he knew the world around him was watching. A truly demonic act. This made more unthinkable by the


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