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Remembering the Providers of Freedom

A Webb Weekly salute and remembrance for all who have paid the ultimate price for our Great Nation. An eternal prayer of thanks and peace for their families who understand the price of freedom many are oblivious to in today’s world.

We are blessed to have the finest military in the world without which we could never enjoy our way of life that is envied around the world. The most vital component to our Armed Forces is the men and women who serve and protect us around the globe. From the conception of the United States of America by the winning of our freedom during the Revolutionary War, to the current War on Terror, it is our Nation’s commitment to God and the American Soldier that has made the difference.

In a day when far too many young patriots are lost in some desert hellhole we need to make sure this commitment rings out loud and clear. We need to honor the fallen, support the fighting and take care of the wounded. We need not standby quietly when the liberal left wants to cut and criticize the American Armed Forces.

We need to ring our bell of Liberty to make sure our borders and homeland are secured. And those who stand in the way need to stand down or be voted out of office. The only thing that will save our Great Land from Jihad, the madness of North Korea, the nuclear weapons being developed in Iran thanks to Mr. Obama, and many more threats to our future, is the commitment to our military. Americans have always known this unwavering support comes with the cost of some of our finest young people. We must educate future generations about the true cost of freedom.

Over 1.1 million armed service members have lost their lives serving the American people during wartime. It’s estimated that between 475–525,000 American soldiers died during the Civil War accounting for nearly half the deaths.

PBS provided the summary based upon estimates from the Defense Department and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The Battle of Gettysburg resulted in more than 7,000 deaths, the most of any battle during the Civil War. During World War I the Battle of Argonne Forest resulted in the loss of over 26,000 American soldiers, making this the deadliest battle in American history.

Our Country and the freedoms we are so very blessed with didn’t just happen nor would they continue without the commitment of the American Soldier. Every number above represents a person who had a family and loved ones. They didn’t want to die, but did so for you and I. They gave their future for the creation and preservation of our One Nation Under God.

Beauty and Bullets

If you have never shot a pistol it is not like you see on TV. It takes practice to hit what you are aiming at. You just don’t pull that six-shooter from your holster while riding a horse and hit the bad guy who’s riding at full gallop.

Nor do you go modern-day TV as the gangsta pulls the semi-auto nine from under the back of his pants, hold it sideways and pop a cap in someone 50 feet away. It just doesn’t work that way.

The shooting of any firearm requires education, training and practice. This allows you to understand the weapon and handle it with safety and accuracy. It also removes the fear of guns that many folks have.

A gun has never killed a person. It always requires a shooter. People kill people and have been doing it for thousands of years. A person who wants to kill will always find a weapon of their choosing. It could be as barbaric as a rock or shovel, as commonplace as a knife or ball bat, or as cowardly as an act of terrorism.

As you know I’m a big believer and supporter of our Second Amendment. I believe everyone should know how to operate and shoot a long gun for hunting and a pistol for protection and shooting or vice versa if you wish. I have been asked by many ladies over the past several months when the next round of Webb Weekly sponsored gun training classes would take place. Well ladies, the time is now.

Frank Tripoli and the good folks at Tripoli’s Triggers will be doing the instructing as usual. I think last go-round we put about three hundred women through the beginner course. I believe the oldest was 83-years-young.

Frank is my partner in making sure every lady in the West Branch Valley can protect herself and family with our 2nd Amendment Right, and that they can feel confident and capable in choosing self-defense. This is most important in providing peace of mind for those who live alone.

My offer is simple, call Frank, get signed up and learn the safe handling of and how to shoot a handgun. Most women are amazed how easy and unthreatening shooting really is.

What is my part of the deal? I will pay $50 of the cost for the beginner’s class. No strings attached, no disclaimer, just sign up and shoot straight ladies.

So give Frank a call, 570-326-4181 and learn something you will have with you the rest of your life. The offer will be good for the first 50 who register. Remember safety always comes first.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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