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  • Tips to Stay Safe While Traveling This Summer0

    Your summer vacation this year is probably not shaping up as planned. While there’s always been health issues and risks associated with traveling, this summer, one of the biggest risks is acquiring or transmitting COVID-19. As you find new and different ways to enjoy your summer break and get away from your normal routine, here

  • Put Your Best Home Facial Face Forward0

    Facials can bring about the best in your skin and help treat various conditions. Few things beat the pampering of a professional facial spa treatment — a luxury that many men and women afford themselves when possible. However, lately people have had to look elsewhere for popular beauty services. Data from the Simmons National Consumer

  • Tips to Keep Your Children Safe this Summer0

    As the temperatures climb and the sun is shining, outdoor activities are excellent ways to get the physical activity and health benefits needed for a healthy life. Whether it’s swimming, hiking, biking, or just going to the playground, your children want to be on the move as the weather warms up. As they get more

  • Smart Summer Skin Care: Get back to basics with warm weather skin care tips0

    If you’ve ever noticed how thirsty you get when it’s hot outside, that’s because your body’s natural water content evaporates more quickly in warm weather. It’s not just your mouth that gets parched, however; your entire body, including your skin, can feel the impact of climbing temperatures. Although it’s often overlooked, skin is an essential

  • BE FAST to Recognize the Signs of a Stroke0

    By Wenzhuan He, MD Neurologist, UPMC Stroke is also referred to as a brain attack. A stroke occurs every 40 seconds in the U.S. and it’s the leading cause of long-term disability. If detected early and with proper treatment, there’s a better chance of survival and less long-term effects. There are two type of stroke,

  • Springtime Alert: Do Not Disturb Young Wildlife0

    Whether in their backyards or high on a mountain, it’s almost certain Pennsylvanians will encounter young wildlife this time of year. While some young animals might appear to be abandoned, usually they are not. It’s likely their mothers are watching over them from somewhere nearby. So when encountering young wildlife, be it deer, birds, raccoons

  • Getting Active After a Baby0

    By Rebecca Russell, CNM OB/GYN, UPMC While trying to stay active during pregnancy, women face many challenges both physically and mentally. The good news is that now that the baby has arrived, you can focus on getting back to your pre-pregnancy activity level or work toward a new goal to help you feel your best.

  • Know the Warning Signs: Blood Clots Are a Silent Threat0

    Stay-at-home orders during this pandemic, have led to many long hours sitting in front of a computer at an unfamiliar desk or your kitchen table as you work from home or homeschool your kids. Then, you retreat to the couch to hide from the news only to binge-watch an entire Netflix series without getting up

  • What to Expect When You Return for Care0

    By Don Owrey Chief Operating Officer, UPMC Susquehanna The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many aspects of our lives, including the way we receive health care. People in communities across the nation are forgoing medically necessary care leading to unnecessary suffering and worsening health conditions. It’s normal to feel anxious about returning to a medical office

  • Spring Clean Your Health0

    Spring is the season of renewal and growth. This year, it will also be the season we remember being stuck at home while we social distanced ourselves so we could stay healthy and virus free. We can use the extra time we have from not running between activities and commitments to improve ourselves: organize our

  • Is It Possible to Suddenly Develop Allergies?0

    ? By Nathaniel Hare, MD Allergist, UPMC For those who suffer from seasonal allergies, you know that this time of year can be a challenge. Flowers, trees, and grasses are in bloom and growing which means pollen and other allergens are in the air. In the U.S., an estimated 18 million adults have hay fever

  • COVID-19: Seeking Care and Preventing the Spread0

    There are still many unknowns about COVID-19 and this is a time of uncertainty for everyone, including front line health care workers and public health experts. This is a complex epidemic, so we continue to see evolution in approaches to providing care with a focus on safety. No one has experienced this type of pandemic