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  • Moderate Beer Consumption Linked to Good Health (Part 2)0

    As always, this information is intended for education and entertainment purposes only. Consult with your health care team for all things medical. If you haven’t already gleaned it from part 1 of this article, I am an unapologetic fan of beer. I’m not quite a beer snob yet though I’m still working on it, so

  • UPMC Expert: Caring for an Aging Family Member0

    If you’re providing at-home care for an ailing loved one, you’re not alone. According to AARP, there are more than 53 million unpaid caregivers in the U.S. That means, one in five Americans provide care for a loved one. We are seeing the rise of the sandwich generation in which those in their 40s and

  • UPMC Nurse: Tips for Safe Teenage Drivers0

    Getting your driver’s license is one of the most exciting life experiences for a teenager. While it’s great to have a new sense of freedom, it’s important to remember that driving is a privilege and a huge responsibility. National Teen Driver Safety Week is October 17-23 and is the perfect opportunity for parents to remind

  • Subaru ‘Adopts’ Five Classrooms to Help Support Supply Needs0

    Five teachers at Williamsport Area High School have been able to knock off a few items on their wish list this fall, thanks to Subaru and its partnership with AdoptaClassrorom.org. Nationally, the corporation and its 600 retailers, including Blaise Alexander Subaru, partnered with the educational nonprofit to buy school supplies and other classroom tools as

  • UPMC Dermatologist: Fall Into Healthy Skin0

    We all know to take extra care of our skin during the summer months when we’re outside and the sun is shining, but did you know that your skin needs just as much protection in fall and year-round? When we transition from summer to fall here in northcentral Pa., it is normal to have hot

  • UPMC Physician: 3D Mammography Beneficial in Breast Cancer Diagnosis0

    Finding out that you have breast cancer is a life-changing event. However, in the case of breast cancer, early detection and diagnosis is a key factor for its successful treatment. The earlier it is detected, the more likely it is to be curable. Mammogram is the most effective test in detecting breast cancer as changes

  • Knowing Fact versus Fiction When it Comes to Breast Health0

    The Thyra M. Humphreys Center for Breast Health at Evangelical Community Hospital offers expert diagnostic services and care in a supportive, comfortable setting for women with healthy breasts as well as those who are experiencing breast-health issues. At the Center for Breast Health a compassionate, caring team of healthcare professionals is with patients every step

  • Exercise Benefits the Brain0

    Everyone knows that, in general terms, exercise is good for our body and our health. Sure, it can lower blood pressure, help us to lose weight, and make us stronger — the list goes on. Most people also know that exercise is good for stress management. What many people may not realize, however, is that

  • Putting the Brakes on Breast Cancer!0

    This October, auto repair shops across the country begin their 11th annual fundraiser to end breast cancer. During the month of October, Muncy Restoration Works in Muncy, PA, joins hundreds of independent auto repair shops across the US to raise funds for a breast cancer vaccine as part of the Brakes for Breasts campaign. As

  • Breast Cancer Q&A0

    John Turner, MD, FACS, Medical Director or Cancer Services and Clinical Co-Manager of the Thyra M. Humphreys Center for Breast Health, has a long history of working directly with patients once they’ve received a breast cancer diagnosis. An accomplished breast surgeon and avid researcher on breast health and other cancer, Dr. Turner helps guide patients

  • UPMC Doctor: Coping with Pelvic Pain0

    Any degree of discomfort that occurs between your belly button and upper thighs is considered to be “pelvic pain.” It may seem easy to diagnose, as the pain is located in a smaller area of the body. However, this pain could be caused by a wide variety of things and can chronically affect women at

  • UPMC Physician: Understanding Traumatic Injuries0

    Traumatic accidents and injuries are unfortunately an everyday occurrence. Many people often associate trauma with major events such as car accidents, gunshot wounds, and burns, however, traumatic injuries can also be from something as simple as a fall in your home. While no one plans to be involved with such events, it is vital to