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  • Why Men Should Get Medical Check-ups0

    There’s a story about a man who was so committed to running his business that he never took time to do anything else. He never went to the doctor. He ignored all the little signs that something might be wrong until his health became so bad that he couldn’t work at all. He lost the

  • How to Save More for Retirement After Age 500

    Whether it’s advice from their parents, a response to television ads urging viewers to save for retirement, or their own financial savvy, many of today’s young professionals recognize the importance of saving for retirement from the moment they receive their first paychecks. But men and women over 50 may not have been so practical, and

  • Learn About Cataracts to See More Clearly

    Learn About Cataracts to See More Clearly0

    Many people take their vision for granted until a problem arises that affects their ability to see. While certain conditions may occur suddenly, others develop more gradually and may not even be noticeable until the problem has progressed significantly. Cataracts is a common vision problem that is often associated with aging. The National Eye Institute

  • Retirement Saving Tips for Late Starters

    Retirement Saving Tips for Late Starters0

    Despite countless television ads touting the virtues of retirement planning, it seems many people are not getting the message. According to a survey from GOBBankingRates.com, one-third of Americans have nothing saved for retirement. The picture is not any rosier in Canada, where Statistics Canada reports that just 65.2 percent of the country’s 14 million households

  • 24-Year-Old Man Seeks Kidney Donation0

    Most of us take the proper working of our kidneys for granted, but there are those who can’t, they have damaged kidneys that no longer function properly and some of them are in need of a kidney transplant immediately. One of these is 24-year-old Tucker Gordner. Tucker lives in Montgomery with his mom and stepdad,

  • Lycoming College for Kids to Be Held on Lyco Campus July 16 to 200

    Once again one of the most unique learning opportunities for students grades 2 to 12 will take place on the campus of Lycoming College when the annual College for Kids youth summer program is held there the week of July 16 to 20. The courses consist of hands-on activities in a variety of subjects including