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  • The Community Art Center’s Educational Series0

    The mission of the Community Arts Center is to contribute to our communities through Artistic experiences and creative Collaborations. One of our primary principals is to assure that “Our programming will be appropriate to the diverse interests and educational needs of our regional audience and positioned to assure accessibility to all”. Our Educational Series is an

  • American Cancer Society Daffodil Days Are Back for 20200

    The American Cancer Society has kicked-off our annual Daffodil Days. This colorful first flower of spring represents a campaign to bring hope to cancer patients and those affected by the disease. Funds raised through the sales help support groundbreaking research, patient services, and other cancer society programs. Daffodils can be purchased by the bunch for

  • Safely Enjoy Outdoor Winter Activities0

    While some people like to enjoy the cold winter months hibernating indoors, you may enjoy cold-weather sports and outdoor activities, however, we want you to be safe. Cold weather, limited daylight, snow, and ice can all pose safety risks. A little preparation and planning can keep you and your family safe this winter while enjoying

  • Ten New Year’s Resolutions for the Whole Family0

    New Year’s resolutions can be helpful for developing healthy habits, and habits are easier to stick to if you’re not in it alone. Why not try resolutions the whole family can be involved with? They can be excellent motivators for parents trying to start their kids on some healthier habits. When you start to think

  • Twenty-Five Winner Selected in WASD Education Foundation Holiday Essay Contest

    Twenty-Five Winner Selected in WASD Education Foundation Holiday Essay Contest0

    The Williamsport Area School District Education Foundation recently concluded its annual Holiday Essay Contest, during which students in kindergarten through third grade were asked to answer, in 200 words or less: “What are you most thankful for during the holiday season and why?” From a pool of 81 entries, the top 25 winners were selected

  • Too Sick to Go to School?0

    If your child isn’t feeling his or her best, should you definitely keep him or her home from school? After an illness, when is it okay for your child to return to school? As a parent, you know your children best. You also likely have a sense about when your child just doesn’t feel well

  • The Other Drug Problem: Medication Safety0

    You probably understand the importance of taking your medications correctly, but you may not be as familiar with how improperly storing and disposing your medications could be creating another problem. Although your medications keep you healthy and feeling better, they can be extremely dangerous if they are taken by someone else or in the wrong

  • Modifications Can Make Driving Safer for Seniors0

    Driving provides an almost unrivaled level of independence. The ability to travel beyond a neighborhood or even one’s hometown without a chaperone is probably what excites new drivers so much and makes them eager to get their licenses and cars. Senior drivers also may define their independence by their ability to drive. Few things diminish