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  • Morning vs. Afternoon Workouts for Health?0

    In my 30+ years in health and wellness, I have gotten many questions. Some crazy, some not. Them, “Dave, what’s better, the treadmill or the stepper?” Me, “What do you currently use?” Them, “Nothing.” Me with a confused look, “Well, it doesn’t matter. Do something.” Another question I have been asked is, “Is it better

  • Attitude of Gratitude0

    Let’s start with a basic premise — all of us want to be happy. Everything every person on the planet does is with the intention of making them happy. We may be misguided, and what we seek might not actually make us happy, but the intention is to make us happy. People search for things

  • Link Between Breastfeeding and Cardiovascular Health0

    In case you forgot your fourth-grade science, humans, along with almost 6,500 other species in the world, belong to a classification known as mammals. One of the defining characteristics of being a mammal is the presence of mammary glands that produce milk for our young. Great, so what does this have to do with adults,

  • Do You Need a Reset?0

    *The following information is intended for entertainment and educational purposes only and should not replace advice from a licensed medical professional. Consult with your physician before making any major lifestyle changes. Like many people, the holidays got away from me — family obligations, kids home from college, food, food, etc. I must confess that I

  • Exercise to Improve Your Jeans and Your Genes0

    Most people know that exercising regularly has many benefits such as building strength and endurance, helping you maintain a healthy weight, and strengthening our bones. The list goes on and on. But did you know that it can actually improve our genes? Well, sort of. A 2022 study conducted by researchers from Washington University that

  • Lessons Not Resolutions0

    For most people around the world, the new year is a time for rebirth, new hope, and a chance to do things differently — a clean slate. New Year’s resolutions are also very popular, but statistics show that very few people actually keep their resolutions for long. Just compare the attendance of any gym in


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