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  • The Bent Press

    The Bent Press0

    The more I got into strength training as a kid, the more I became fascinated with its rich history. Strength and fitness knowledge, in general, wasn’t always accessible to the general public. Up until the early part of the twentieth century, it was reserved for billionaires and royalty. Early trainers were sometimes regarded as equal

  • Lunges for Hiking0

    When I first started training for a living, almost 30 years ago, I had access to very little leg equipment with which to train my clients. Out of necessity, I had my clients perform countless numbers of lunge variations, and they quickly became the exercise that everyone loved to hate. In fact, I became somewhat

  • Think Small When Setting Goals0

    We are all guilty of being impatient from time to time, and it seems that our ability to delay gratification diminishes a bit more every day. The fitness industry is no exception. In our fast-paced society, we are bombarded with advertisements for diet pills, the latest exercise machines, and celebrity trainers that all purport to

  • Understanding Obesity0

    The obesity epidemic in the United States is a complex issue, which in turn makes prevention strategies equally complex. Since this epidemic is likely comprised of environmental, biological, social, and economic components, prevention strategies would need to address each of these components to be effective. The population in the United States is, on average, overweight


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