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  • Local Competitor Wins Axeman of the Year

    Local Competitor Wins Axeman of the Year0

    Every year, thousands of athletes around the world compete in high adrenaline competitions called lumberjack competitions or timber sports. On a regional level, competitions are organized by the Pennsylvania Professional Lumberjack Organization (PPLO). North Central PA is honored that local athlete Dominic Ruckle took home this year’s Axeman of the Year award for the PPLO.

  • Cold Tempering for Health0

    I’ll be honest; I do not love winter. I’m not into skiing or snowboarding, and while I do think snow is pretty, I do not love the cold temperatures that come with it. That being said, I grew up in the snow belt of Upstate New York and can handle the cold if I need

  • Coherence Breathing for Health0

    Research has shown that some breathing techniques are effective against anxiety, insomnia, stress, and other conditions. One such breathing technique is known as coherence breathing. Coherence breathing involves taking long, slow breaths at a rate of 5-6 breaths per minute. It affects both physiological (parasympathetic nervous system) and psychological (as a distraction technique) factors. As

  • Five Fall Foods for Health0

    Fall is known for many great things. From Halloween and hay rides to Thanksgiving dinners with all of the trimmings. But did you know that the seasonal produce that we have come to associate with fall is packed with nutrients and is some of the healthiest food we can get regardless of the season? As


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