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  • Lightning and Thunder0

    We have reached the muggy stage of summer with long hot days, high humidity, and a daily chance of afternoon thunderstorms. I’m a big fan of thunderstorms. I very much enjoy sitting on the back deck, watching a good storm build, and then rolling through. The natural phenomena of lightning and thunder is a breath-taking

  • Bringing Light into the Darkness0

    I don’t know about you, but in the midst of this pandemic and civil unrest, I am sick and tired of listening to news outlets and politicians and Monday-morning-quarterbacks spin their versions of the truth. The spinning is obvious, and they’re all doing it to advance their own agenda. So who or what are we

  • Hope in a Season of Rain, Part Two0

    Early on in the pandemic shutdown, a box arrived at our house. The writing on the box made it obvious it had been sent from oversees. Our older son Reid is currently living in Hong Kong. For five years before moving to the island, he had lived on mainland China, so it certainly crossed our

  • Hope in a Season of Rain0

    Well, it happened again. The last time I took a couple of weeks off from writing, a global pandemic hit. This time I took a couple of weeks off and our country erupted into civil unrest. If those events weren’t so catastrophic, the coincidence could be considered humorous. It’s not. It’s incredibly sad. We are


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