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  • Why Is It So Hard to Love?0

    “If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them.” Luke 6:32-36 “Love is patient; love is kind. It does not envy; it does not boast; it is not proud. It does not dishonor others; it is not self-seeking; it is not easily angered; it

  • Why Is It So Hard to Forgive?0

    Of all the spiritual disciplines, forgiveness may be the hardest. Why? First, because we simply cannot forget the offense. Long-term memories are stored securely in the brain. Time doesn’t heal all wounds. Some offenses actually grow worse as we grow older. Others grow worse as we obsess on them — making them loom bigger in

  • Graduate, Take Heart, and Overcome!0

    The world is a mess. It was a mess yesterday, it’s a mess today, and it will be a mess tomorrow. If anyone tells you differently, they’re selling something. The world has been a mess ever since pride in the human heart decided it didn’t need God. That primal error has resulted in an unending

  • Knuckles Up or Knuckle Down? 0

    This article marks the seventh anniversary of the Faith Conversations column appearing in the Webb Weekly. I confess, writing a column in a weekly paper was never on my bucket list. When Jim Webb first asked me to consider doing it, I turned him down flat. Why? Because writing publicly on a topic as divisive


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