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  • Elliot the Warrior

    Elliot the Warrior0

    On August 17, 2015, Elliot Storms, a student at Central Elementary in South Williamsport, was diagnosed with Wilm’s Disease, a rare form of cancer that affects the kidneys of young children. For the past four years, Elliot and his family battled courageously against the disease. On June 20th, Elliot’s battle ended when Jesus took him

  • Live By Faith: The River0

    When I was a boy, summertime would often find me swimming in the Lehigh river with my friends. On more than one occasion, we tried to build a dam to stop the river’s flow. Crazy, right? But when you’re ten years old and bored, you just find stuff to do. We did have some success

  • Live By Faith: The Challenge0

    I will confess to you, right at the start of this series, that I am writing these articles as a personal journey. Like many of you, I was raised in the Christian faith and was taught that faith and obedience would result in answered prayers and blessings. Faith was taught to me as a simple

  • Risen Grace: Taken By Passion, Part IV0

    In this final installment of William Booth’s Vision of the Lost, we hear the heart—broken cry of a man who has been taken by passion. What he saw was so very real to him. It was as though his eyes were opened to fully see the truth. He is hoping that hearing the vision will

  • Risen Grace: Taken By Passion, Part III0

    This is the third installment of William Booth’s Vision of the Lost. My friends, it isn’t easy to read. Booth’s Vision reveals the apathy of many “Christians” who have forgotten the dark and stormy sea from which they were saved. How self-absorbed we can be! May God awaken and forgive us! Back to the vision…

  • Risen Grace: Taken By Passion, Part II0

    In the next part of William Booth’s Vision of the Lost, he focuses his attention on the people who had been rescued from the angry sea. What he sees is a strong indictment against Christians who are self-absorbed instead of being mission focused. This is hard to read because it hits too close to home

  • Risen Grace: Taken By Passion0

    William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, gave this response when asked about the secret of his success: “I will tell you the secret. God has had all there was of me. There have been men with greater brains than I, and men with greater opportunities. But from the day I got the poor of

  • Risen Grace: Taken By Surprise0

    Saul was furious. Accusatory and outright lies were being spread about his faith, his ancestors and his spiritual leaders. More importantly, the lies were taking root and a growing rabid mob was threatening to destroy everything he knew and cherished. As a young and ambitious man, he was determined to stamp it out. He waited

  • Risen Grace: All-In Belief0

    “He is risen from the dead!” His friends were trying to convince him, but Thomas just wasn’t buying it. He had watched Jesus die — and that was a fact, plain and simple. But before I continue writing about Thomas, let me tell you a story about all-in belief. A few weeks ago, two of

  • Risen Grace: Restored to Purpose0

    Simon sat on the bow of the boat and watched the eastern sky begin to reveal the first light of day. They had been on the water all night long and had absolutely nothing to show for it. Simon couldn’t sleep because he was confused. Deeply confused. Simon was a fisherman. Bold and confident, he