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  • Risen Grace: Taken By Passion, Part II0

    In the next part of William Booth’s Vision of the Lost, he focuses his attention on the people who had been rescued from the angry sea. What he sees is a strong indictment against Christians who are self-absorbed instead of being mission focused. This is hard to read because it hits too close to home

  • Risen Grace: Taken By Passion0

    William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, gave this response when asked about the secret of his success: “I will tell you the secret. God has had all there was of me. There have been men with greater brains than I, and men with greater opportunities. But from the day I got the poor of

  • Risen Grace: Taken By Surprise0

    Saul was furious. Accusatory and outright lies were being spread about his faith, his ancestors and his spiritual leaders. More importantly, the lies were taking root and a growing rabid mob was threatening to destroy everything he knew and cherished. As a young and ambitious man, he was determined to stamp it out. He waited

  • Risen Grace: All-In Belief0

    “He is risen from the dead!” His friends were trying to convince him, but Thomas just wasn’t buying it. He had watched Jesus die — and that was a fact, plain and simple. But before I continue writing about Thomas, let me tell you a story about all-in belief. A few weeks ago, two of

  • Risen Grace: Restored to Purpose0

    Simon sat on the bow of the boat and watched the eastern sky begin to reveal the first light of day. They had been on the water all night long and had absolutely nothing to show for it. Simon couldn’t sleep because he was confused. Deeply confused. Simon was a fisherman. Bold and confident, he

  • Risen Grace: Restored to Unity0

    Adam and Eve were created to exist in perfect unity. In Genesis chapter 2, that unity is described as one flesh. We know this to be true because one of the consequences of Eve’s sin was that her husband would rule over her. To be clear, Eve was not created to be in subjugation to

  • Living with Nothing to Prove0

    Jesus knew exactly who He was, so He had the freedom of living with nothing to prove. When tempted in the wilderness, the enemy’s first two attacks had to do with Jesus proving He was the Son of God. If Jesus had taken the bait, His sin would have disqualified Him from the work He

  • Set Free from the Prison of Regret0

    King David sat alone in the dark and grieved the events of the past year. The unthinkable mess all started when he slept with another man’s wife. And it wasn’t just any man – it was the wife of one of his soldiers. A warrior king, David was filled with shame for committing such a

  • Conformity, Maturity and Freedom0

    In Matthew 28:16-20, Jesus directs His church to make disciples. This passage is often referred to as The Great Commission. Most churches claim that making disciples — leading people to spiritual maturity — is a key element in their mission statement. But many leaders, including me, recognize that we are falling short. Instead of striving

  • Christmas Toys and Living Water0

    Every year there seems to be a must-have Christmas present that everyone is trying to buy. I did a little search and came across a list of the top Christmas gifts going all the way back to the 1920s! Along with the list, I have added a little commentary of my own. While still enjoying