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  • Peace and Tranquility

    Peace and Tranquility0

    Do you have a favorite place or spot that is your happy place? Somewhere that just makes you so happy to be there? A beautiful oasis you go to in order to get away, or that special spot in your home that just makes you feel good on a bad day? Maybe it’s your back

  • Common Courtesy

    Common Courtesy0

    Have you seen the viral video of the woman with the shopping cart ordeal? Even if you aren’t on social media, this woman even made the news. She made a video saying, “I’m not returning my shopping cart, and you can judge me all you want. I’m not getting my groceries into the car and

  • God Bless the USA

    God Bless the USA0

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow! The heat wave has lifted! I was elated when I woke up this morning, Monday, June 24th, and saw the trees blowing from our bathroom window as I was brushing my teeth. I sprinted to the front door to see if the temperature had finally broken. It had!

  • This Girl went to the Market!

    This Girl went to the Market!0

    Erv’s Market! I never knew Jersey Shore the way I do now. Working there three days a week for the past few years, I’ve really gotten to know the area. It’s such a cute little town with some great businesses. I got into the habit of stopping by Erv’s Market on 229 S. Main Street,

  • Summer Mornings

    Summer Mornings0

    I can’t believe summer is here. Our kids got off school last week, and we headed straight to North Carolina for vacation. Our life has been just so constant, and with Ty’s girlfriend losing her daddy, we were tempted not to go. But after talking about it, we knew how important it was to go

  • My Dad

    My Dad0

    There is such a special connection with dads, whether you are a son or a daughter. To a son, a dad is their first hero, and to a daughter, it’s the first man she will love. As I think about Father’s Day, my heart can’t help but think about my son’s girlfriend, who just lost


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