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  • Morning Cup a Joe

    Morning Cup a Joe0

    You just got done eating dinner. You’re full because you just had a full course meal, but you are craving that something sweet. There is always room for dessert. Like I say, ice cream and pudding just slide through all the cracks in your belly. I get days where I do want that something sweet

  • Comfort in a Crockpot

    Comfort in a Crockpot0

    I have to say, I haven’t minded this summer heat all too much yet — which is a shocker for me. I hate the heat and welcome cooler weather anytime. I can’t believe it’s August, and it hasn’t been too terribly brutal. I am talking about unbearable humidity that lasts daysssss. Ya know, that kind

  • That Little Prayer

    That Little Prayer0

    Back when I was a little girl, I was so lucky to have a mom who made me amazing meals, baked warm cookies from scratch, and even poured love into our breakfasts. If we wanted eggs or toast, she made it. She loved pancakes, still does, so if you said pancakes, she would rub her

  • Gratitude


    The love and support shown to my Andrea’s Country Home Cookin column mean so much to me. You have sent me fan mail, messaged me on Facebook, or have seen me in person and have told me how much you enjoy reading my column. Last week, especially, got amazing feedback. The one about my grandfather


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