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  • The Green Lady0

    Are you all into fancy coffees, smoothies, and drinks? Do you prefer Starbucks or Dunkin’? Or maybe you have a local hot spot that tickles your beverage fancy. I see lots of really good-looking drinks on social media from different cafes and coffee shops. The problem with me is that “most of it” is coffee-flavored.

  • Spring is in the Air

    Spring is in the Air0

    Hey Webb family! Is everyone ready to get out of hibernation? I think Mr. Punxsutawney Phil may have been right this year. It was a pretty nice March for the most part. Those sixty-degree days have been pretty awesome. You all know just how much I love the seasons. Winter being ONE of my favorites.

  • He Has Risen!

    He Has Risen!0

    One thing I was never good at was being a testimony to others about Jesus in person. I idolized my Gram, Lois Liddick. She would witness to anyone, anywhere. “Let me tell you about my Jesus,” she would say. I remember her and Pap having a blue and white sticker on their storm door off

  • Watch for Motorcycles0

    It’s Wednesday, March 13, 2024, and here I am, in a t-shirt, laying on top of our hot tub cover, soaking up the sun while writing my Webb column. Yesterday, I came home from a 10-hour workday, and my daughter Kenzy met me at the car holding two beautiful bouquets of purple flowers. She was

  • Consistency


    Consistency. Consistency is a new word in my life that I never thought would have so much meaning for me. I can give the word consistency pretty much all of the credit for my weight loss and maintenance of that 65-pound loss. And, of course, the good Lord above! Without consistency, I couldn’t have done

  • It’s Breakfast Time

    It’s Breakfast Time0

    Many moons ago, breakfast was not my thing. It was hard for me to wake up and eat breakfast before school. People would tell me, “But breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” I feel like you either eat breakfast or you don’t. You have two different people. You have people like me


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