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  • The Battle

    The Battle0

    The nights are getting longer, and afternoons are feeling warmer. Spring is officially among us. We were so lucky this year; it really was a mild winter. Coming from someone who loves snow, I feel robbed, though. We didn’t get much of that beautiful white stuff. But, working for a fueling company and seeing oil

  • Sweet Tooth

    Sweet Tooth0

    Are you a salty or sweet person or, like me, a little of both? I was always a salt person until I got pregnant with Kenzy. I craved McDonald’s ice cream cones like crazy and ice cream in general. I liked ice cream before but never “had to have it” until I was pregnant. With

  • Get Your Beef On0

    Last week I grabbed two pounds of ground beef out of our freezer and went to work. I had planned on burgers, but found out that’s what we were having Thursday with the family for dinner so I had to change my menu. That’s the beauty about ground beef. There is so much you can

  • Grandparents Create Memories That the Heart Holds Forever0

    I know many of you love the family part of my writing. I hear all the time how you love hearing stories about my family. My grandparents always seem to be the highlight in a lot of these. If it wasn’t for my family, I don’t think I would be the writer I am. I


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