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  • Food Was Getting Out of Control, and So Was I.0

    Part 3 Whew baby. The after high school years. Life never seems to prepare us enough for that. It’s out of school and off to work or college we go. I never went to college. The only thing I knew I wanted to be was a mom and a wife. I always thought that maybe

  • School Days, Sports and Livin’ the Dream – Part 20

    I wasn’t always overweight. I honestly thought I would never have to worry about it. My legs were always so long and skinny, and I was built just like Gram Perry. She was always so skinny without even trying, and even my mom always said I was like my grandmother. I never had to worry

  • Making Changes: Part One

    Making Changes: Part One0

    We finally entered a brand-new year! I don’t know about you, but after Christmas is all over, I look forward to the new year. It feels like a fresh start. We all need one of those after the year we had last year. Do you make a resolution? Some people think they are silly, and

  • Peace Out 2020

    Peace Out 20200

    It’s the end of another year. Hard to believe. As hard as this year was, I feel like it still went pretty quickly. I looked back on what I wrote last year, and it made me laugh. Here a small part of it. “Here we are, ringing in 2020 already. Where on earth does the


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