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  • Cookbook


    When I decided to write my own cookbook back in 2013, I figured I’d sell a few hundred. I didn’t even know where to begin on this. It was quite the project. Took me over six months to write, then publish. To get it printed took another few months. I guess I thought that would

  • Good Mornin’

    Good Mornin’0

    Mornings. You either love them, or hate them. The older I get, the more I’ve learned to love them. I never used eat breakfast, which became a bad habit. Who had time for breakfast? It was feeding everyone in the house first, then throwing a quick load of wash in, unload the dishwasher, oh now

  • Gotta Love That Crock-Pot

    Gotta Love That Crock-Pot0

    We all know we just had a week where the heat was unbearable. Days like that, the last thing you think about is cooking. This is why I love my Crock-Pots! I tend to associate them to the winter months, when it’s cold and I have a nice hot stew or soup ready to go

  • Andrea’s Country Home Cookin’: The Fans

    Andrea’s Country Home Cookin’: The Fans1

    When I started Andrea’s Country Home Cookin, I never dreamed it would take off like it has. It has went further than I ever thought possible, and it’s thanks to you, my fans. You have shared my facebook page, tried my recipes, purchased my cookbook, read my new column and stuck by me for over

  • Andrea’s Country Home Cookin: Cool Beverage Anyone?

    Andrea’s Country Home Cookin: Cool Beverage Anyone?0

    You are out in your yard, sun’s a blazin’. You are picking those little jerks that seem to pop up every other day in your flower garden. They just don’t seem to stop taking over your yard. Weeds. Another great blessing of summer. Sweat is rolling down your neck and you feel like you are