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Welcome To The Little League World Series

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  • Deer Predation – A Hot Topic0

    I suspect that most Pennsylvania hunters are well aware that the subject of deer and deer management can be controversial at times — especially when it comes to how many deer we have and what influences deer numbers. There are some who claim deer numbers are too low because we are killing too many does,

  • 94 Year Old Man Honored As Oldest Boy Scout At Troop 12 100th Reunion

    94 Year Old Man Honored As Oldest Boy Scout At Troop 12 100th Reunion0

    The year was 1936. Franklin Roosevelt defeated Gov. Alf Landon in a landslide in that year’s Presidential Election. Bruno Richard Hauptmann is executed for kidnapping and killing the Lindbergh baby. King Edward VIII abdicates, the Spanish Civil War begins, and it was the year that Howard Cowles became a Boy Scout at Troop 12 at

  • The Dream Team

    The Dream Team0

    A lot has changed since the very first Little League World Series. The national exposure these boys receive is off the charts nowadays. ESPN and their affiliates not only cover the entire tournament, but they are now televising many of the regional games. It’s insane. Don’t get me wrong folks. I’m loving every minute, and

  • County Hall Corner: Quiet Leadership0

    At the Webb Weekly Christmas Dinner in 2015, Jim Webb Jr. took me aside and said, “Larry, we really like your Leader in Our Neighborhood features, but we would love for you to write more.” I responded, “Sure, but what ‘more’ do you have in mind?” After a number of weeks exploring the pros and

  • Packing Mistakes That are OK to Make0

    When traveling as part of your job or with your family, following a packing plan is not only smart, it can be vital in terms of keeping your cool and making sure you have everything you need. In general, I’m a big advocate for working off of a packing list and making sure everyone is

  • The Laundry Blues0

    It’s possible I made a horrible mistake when I decided to make my kids responsible for their own laundry. In theory, it was a wonderful idea as it relieved me of the dreaded chore and saved me from spending countless hours in what may be the smallest and most depressing room on earth. What’s more,

  • Number 5 – Tom Speicher0

    Ready or not, it’s that time of the year again when the world comes to Williamsport. The always well-attended Grand Slam Parade steps off August 15th, followed by the opening game of the 2018 Little League Baseball World Series on Thursday. Growing up just a few blocks from Little League’s stadium complex, and spending 17

  • How to Prevent Sports Injuries in Young Athletes

    How to Prevent Sports Injuries in Young Athletes0

    Sports are a great tool to teach young people various lessons. Sports can instill a sense of teamwork and responsibility in youngsters while promoting a physically active lifestyle that can benefit kids into adulthood. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that roughly 30 million children participate in youth sports in the United States

  • Congrats, Wood Bats, Bonds and Beetles

    Congrats, Wood Bats, Bonds and Beetles0

    The Little League World Series is getting ready for the first pitch. Our area high school football fields have come back to life with teams getting ready for an early kickoff to the PIAA pigskin season. Before you know it, August will be the new September for high school football players. This, however, is a

  • A Reminder0

    Sometimes, I go through old issues, and I find subjects that I feel need revisiting. This was one of those weeks. A couple of years ago I talked about the need to be NICE. We live in a world filled with drugs, rape, murder, poverty, hunger, homelessness, mental and physical abuse, crippling debt, political discourse,


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