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  • The Remembrance of Heroism Through Sacrifice

    The Remembrance of Heroism Through Sacrifice0

    As we kick off the summer season with Memorial Day, please take the time to think about how very blessed we are to call our great Nation home. There will be so much going on wherever you look — from picnics and family get-togethers to graduation parties to folks taking advantage of the long weekend

  • Memorial Day0

    Memorial Day is often considered the unofficial kick-off to summer. With that, we are once again kicking off our summer giveaway! It’s another year for our Great American Cookout giveaway! We have a grill courtesy of Elery Nau Hardware and gift cards to Rupert’s Specialty Meats and Frosty Beverage! That’s everything you need to start

  • Memorial Day Events in Our Area0

    The Annual Memorial Day ceremony will be held at Lycoming County Veterans Memorial Park, West Fourth Street, and Wahoo Drive, on Saturday, May 27, 2023, at 11:00 a.m. The event is co-sponsored by the Lycoming County Veterans Memorial Park Commission. The Lycoming County Veterans Council, Inc. Tents will be provided, and the event will be

  • Opening Night & Single Game Tickets Now on Sale

    Opening Night & Single Game Tickets Now on Sale0

    Cutters’ baseball is BACK! The summer fun begins on Thursday, June 1 when the Cutters host the State College Spikes at 6:35pm for Opening Night 2023 presented by Muncy Bank & Trust & WILQ. Opening Night tickets and tickets for all 2023 home games are available by calling (570) 326-3389, online at crosscutters.com or in-person

  • Horoscopes0

    ARIES – Mar 21–Apr 20 You may struggle to get going this week, Aries. But once you do, it will be full speed ahead. In fact, you may need to slow things down to let others catch up. TAURUS – Apr 21–May 21 Taurus, if you are feeling a bit scattered as of late, take

  • Wasd Education Foundation Presents $8,701 To Curtin Intermediate OM Team Headed to the World Finals

    Wasd Education Foundation Presents $8,701 To Curtin Intermediate OM Team Headed to the World Finals0

    The Williamsport Area School District Education Foundation (WASDEF) presented $8,701 to Curtin Intermediate School’s Odyssey of the Mind (OM) team, which heads to the World Finals at Michigan State University next week. The education foundation was able to contribute a combination of donations designated for the team from those in the community, area businesses and

  • Properly Applying Sunscreen0

    The importance of wearing SPF is well documented. It’s the non-negotiable product that all experts agree should be worn every day — rain or shine — to protect all skin tones against UVA and UVB rays. In turn, it helps reduce the risk of skin cancer and slow down the signs of aging. But are

  • Williamsport Sun: May 25, 1931 – Rotarians Hear Stirring Address on Memorial Day0

    Frederick A. Godcharles of Milton, state librarian, historian and patriot, delivered a masterful speech at noon today for the Williamsport Rotary Club at the Lycoming Hotel. The occasion was the club’s annual Memorial Day Meeting and members of the Reno Post, Grand Army of the Republic were guests of honor. As compared with other years

  • The Bookworm Sez: “Who Cares: The Hidden Crisis of Caregiving, and How We Solve It” by Emily Kenway

    The Bookworm Sez: “Who Cares: The Hidden Crisis of Caregiving, and How We Solve It” by Emily Kenway0

    It’s awfully dark at 3 a.m., but there you were, wide awake. You might have heard your name called, but you couldn’t be sure so you laid in bed, waiting, too exhausted to move. If Mom needed you, she’d call once more and you’d tend to her needs then. It’s 3 a.m. but, as in

  • Faith Moving Forward

    Faith Moving Forward0

    In honor of Mother’s Day, I have a special message for the ladies. Actually, it’s a message for anyone who struggles with having faith in themselves — or even in God. In a callous world that mercilessly judges and compares everything we do to an impossible standard, it’s not unusual to think, “I am not

  • The World of Weird Words0

    Snollygoster. Numpty. Absquatulate. Gonk. Yes, those all are actual words. They’re taken from a list I started years ago, when I was teaching English at Loyalsock High School. Inspired by three students who compiled an oddball vocab list for fun, I instantly began amassing my own; eventually, I turned it into one of our weekly

  • Social Connection is Critical to Wellbeing0

    It is estimated that social isolation and loneliness in seniors account for an additional $6.7 billion spent in Medicare costs each year, mainly due to longer hospital and nursing facility stays. For people still working, missed work due to stress-related loneliness accounts for approximately $154 billion in the U.S. annually. With figures this high, you

  • American Flags & Rock ’n Roll

    American Flags & Rock ’n Roll0

    I know my readers have learned a lot about me over my years of writing. I’m pretty much an open book. I love sharing my life with you all. It warms my heart to have the readers I do. I am so blessed. Thank you for opening the pages to this amazing paper and taking

  • UPMC Expert: Minutes Matter in Stroke Emergencies0

    Every 40 seconds, someone in the U.S. has a stroke, and unfortunately, every three and a half minutes someone dies of stroke. A victim can lose up to two million brain cells every minute during a stroke, but immediate care helps reduce the stroke’s impact and most importantly can save that person’s life. BE FAST

  • Kids Can Get Their Game On

    Kids Can Get Their Game On0

    Modern children have somewhat different ideas of what constitutes entertainment, especially when compared to youngsters from a generation or two ago. While it was once commonplace for kids to be out and about with their friends riding bikes and spending time in each other’s backyards — only returning home when the streetlights came on —

  • County Hall Corner: Behind the Headlines0

    Back in the days when newspapers were the primary means of information, the size of the headline signified the importance of the event being highlighted. There is actually a science behind this. Try this experiment. Take a regular sheet of white paper, make a small black dot in the middle of the paper, hold it

  • How to Enjoy a Healthy Summer

    How to Enjoy a Healthy Summer0

    Colds might not be as common in summer as they are in winter, but anyone who has ever had a cold when the weather outside is warm and inviting knows just how unpleasant a runny nose, sore throat and lack of energy can be when everyone else seems to be outside soaking up the sun.

  • Local Reno Post of the GAR Was Civil War Equivalent to Today’s Veterans Organizations0

    As we prepare for Memorial Day 2023, once known as “Decoration Day,” it might be good to look back at an organization that once had an integral and important role in the observance of the holiday for many years into the 1940s. For many years during the 1940s and 1950s and perhaps before, the post

  • How to Make Summer Travel More Affordable

    How to Make Summer Travel More Affordable0

    Summer is peak travel season. Whether vacationers plan to travel internationally or domestically, they can expect to pay top dollar as they head off for parts unknown. Much has been made of inflation over the last year-plus, as the cost of seemingly everything has risen considerably since early 2022. And the cost of travel has

  • The Chain Pickerel0

    For many years one of my favorite fishing forays was to head off to the Saint Lawrence River with some friends to fish for northern pike. We would fish from the break of day until sunset, and our goal was to see how many pike we could catch and release over three or four days


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