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  • Limiting the Future Power of a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing0

    The upcoming 2021 Primary Election on May 18th may be the most important in Pennsylvania history. It will set the tone for how the Keystone State will be governed. Most importantly, as witnessed in the last 16 months, it will determine the power one man, the Governor, has, to directly affect your constitutional freedoms and

  • Clinton County Speedway Opens Its 33rd Season Of Exciting Racing0

    For 33 years the Clinton County Speedway has provided the thrills and spills of the racing experience to race lovers here in northcentral Pennsylvania. Their 33rd season got off to a good start on Friday, April 23 and promises many more moments of excitement throughout the racing season that extends into October.  The speedway is

  • Techniques to Revitalize a Lawn After a Long Winter

    Techniques to Revitalize a Lawn After a Long Winter0

    Pristine, snow-covered landscapes can be wonders to behold. While that blanket of white is idyllic, a lawn’s delicate blades may be paying a hefty price beneath the cold, heavy piles of snow. Snow plows push salt and sand up on the grass while subterranean animals like mice and moles dig burrows beneath piles of snow

  • Introducing: Spring Gardening and Planting

    Introducing: Spring Gardening and Planting0

    Let me tell you, Charlie and I are so excited about the BRAND-NEW special section in the paper this week. We are introducing our Spring Gardening and Planting section that you can find on pages 28-33. In this section, you’ll find everything you need to get started this gardening season! Charlie and I both enjoy

  • How to Care for Perennials

    How to Care for Perennials0

    Perennials can add color and vibrancy to any garden. One of the more desirable components of perennials is that they come back year after year, meaning homeowners do not have to invest in a gardenful of new flowers every year. That can add up to considerable savings. Perennials often form the foundation of beautiful gardens.

  • County Hall Corner: Voting Smart0

    On Tuesday, May 18th, the Pennsylvania Election Primary will be held for all registered voters who have not already voted by mail. Many voters often skip an off-year primary, but recent events have made this routine election something that should be given serious consideration. There is a lot at stake, and everyone who takes the

  • Warm Weather Fashion Mistakes0

    With spring in full swing and summer here before you know it, you’ve already probably started switching out your cold-weather clothes for warm-weather apparel. Goodbye overcoats, hello flip-flops! Chunky knits can take a long-awaited break and give their lighter-weight colleagues a turn at keeping your shoulders covered. With this closet switcheroo, it’s a good time

  • UPMC Expert: Lyme Disease a Concern for Outdoor Adventurers0

    Warmer weather, sunshine, and blooming flowers are all characteristics of springtime that everyone looks forward to after a harsh winter. While we’re enjoying the change of seasons, it’s easy to forget the more unfavorable issues to consider, such as ticks, especially if you’re spending more time outside. Tick season begins simultaneously with the start of

  • The Bookworm Sez: “Oliver for Young Readers” by Steven J. Carino and Alex Tresniowski, foreword by Laura Schroff

    The Bookworm Sez: “Oliver for Young Readers” by Steven J. Carino and Alex Tresniowski, foreword by Laura Schroff0

    Take that! Or, maybe on the other hand, don’t. That’s not yours to take, so taking it would be stealing and you’ve been taught since you were in diapers that stealing is wrong. You know how much it hurts to lose something through theft; in “Oliver for Young Readers” by Steven J. Carino and Alex

  • Brood X Ready to Make its Presence Known

    Brood X Ready to Make its Presence Known0

    Just when people thought it may be safe to take a collective breath after the roller coaster year that was 2020, something big is on the way — and they’re planning on arriving in the billions. Brood X, also known as the Great Eastern Brood, will be emerging from the soil after many years developing

  • Love Being a Momma

    Love Being a Momma0

    First off, I am so sorry I missed Mother’s Day! I knew weeks ago what I was going to write about, and last night said to my hubby how I was writing for Mother’s Day this week. He is the one that pointed out I would be a week late. I was so disgusted! I

  • “Sparrow Hawks” Are Not Hawks0

    I’m not what you call a real dedicated bird watcher, but I do enjoy seeing the great variety of birds we have here in Pennsylvania including a wide variety of songbirds that visit our bird feeders, woodpeckers, birds of prey, waterfowl, and of course our game birds. I not only enjoy seeing our many bird

  • Intro to Fishing in Lycoming County1

    There was a missed call, but I didn’t recognize the number. I really didn’t think anything of it as they didn’t leave a voicemail. The same number appeared a few minutes later. I picked up this time, expecting a used car salesman. It was a nice lady from Lycoming Valley Intermediate. I totally panicked. What

  • The Roving Sportsman… Preserving the Memory0

    Before you head to the woods in pursuit of a spring gobbler, there are a few things you should give some thought to. The majority of those who get up every morning well before daylight, trudge deep into the woods ahead of the sunrise, and sometimes spend countless hours in pursuit of this magnificent bird

  • Penn College Competes for National Title0

    At week’s end hundreds of graduating Penn College students will walk across the stage at the Community Arts Center and receive their well-earned diploma catapulting them into the awaiting business world. At the same time classmates and members of the Wildcats North Eastern Athletic Conference (NEAC) championship golf team will be competing for NCAA Division

  • Tickets on Sale Saturday, May 15 – Limited Opening Night Tickets Available0

    Cutters baseball is BACK! After a break of over 600 days, Williamsport Crosscutters baseball returns to Historic Bowman Field. The summer fun begins on Tuesday, May 25 when the Cutters host the State College Spikes at 7:05 p.m. for Opening Night 2021 presented by UPMC & WILQ. The night will include free schedule magnets for

  • Memories


    Walking around a few of our local greenhouses this week brought back a memory from Bryfolgole’s Greenhouse when I was just a boy. When I visited this greenhouse, and it seemed as big as a park! It had a pond with a bridge and appeared to go on forever. There were plants everywhere! Bryfolgole’s closed

  • Resurrection Life! Absent and Doubting0

    In this series of articles, we are taking a look at interactions Jesus had with people during the forty days between His resurrection and His ascension. So far, we have discussed Mary Magdalene, the Disciples, and Cleopas and his friend as they walked with Jesus on the road to Emmaus. Previous articles in this series

  • Eight Garden Tools for Beginners

    Eight Garden Tools for Beginners0

    The right tool for the job is essential to working safely and efficiently. This is as true in the workplace as it is in the garden. Novice gardeners may not know where to begin in regards to which tools they need. The following are eight items that can serve as a solid foundation for beginning

  • Local CEO Fitness and Prevention Keys to Ending Pandemic0

    Health experts have made it very clear from the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic that the most vulnerable populations to the virus were those with chronic conditions such as diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), both of which are often related to obesity and may be preventable. I asked River Valley Regional YMCA CEO,


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