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Fellow Americans, during this difficult time we will continue to serve the citizens of the West Branch Valley and our local business community to the very best of our ability. There has never been a more important time to buy locally and support the area’s economy. We are all in this together. God-bless America.

Fall Family Fun!

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  • Make Sure Your Vote Counts!

    Make Sure Your Vote Counts!0

    Well, the October 19th date to register for the upcoming November 3rd election has come and gone. This year’s presidential election will be historic in many regards. The one we hear much about is the absentee/vote by mail option, which has now come into play for the American voter. I had the opportunity to sit

  • Fall Family Fun!0

    OK, y’all! This weekend is the last before Halloween, so it’s prime time to get out and enjoy some Fall Family Fun! We are lucky enough to live in an area that offers a plethora of options to get out with the family or framily and enjoy fall and spooky season! The Green Barn Berry

  • Pumpkin Patch

    Pumpkin Patch0

    During this time of year, I really think about the fun times we had with my grandparents. I was so blessed to have two sets of amazing grandparents. Both were wanting to do fun things with us and spoil us. I have memories on both sides that I could write about for days, but today

  • Mission Expo 2020 To Be Held October 21-240

    Hunger and medical needs are great problems in many areas of the world. There is an effort that is being done locally, as well as many other places, to pack parcels of food, medical, and educational supplies to underdeveloped areas of the world. This is the essence of the initiative known as “Mission Expo 2020.”

  • A Look Back at Popular Halloween Costumes And Ideas For This Year, Too0

    Lavish costumes are one of the hallmarks of Halloween. Some people plan their costumes months in advance, and each year inspiration comes from some of the popular memes, movies and conversations that have helped shape people’s lives. New research from the National Retail Federation says social media has been the biggest influence on costume lists

  • Fall Turkey Season Just Around the Corner0

    I know most of us are caught up in the archery deer season right now, but fall turkey season isn’t far away. Fall turkey season opens up here in our area on October 31 and runs to November 14. In a number of management units to the north of us, it opens up again on

  • The History of Halloween Costumes0

    It is believed the earliest mention of wearing a costume at Halloween dates back to 1585 in Scotland; however, the practice was most likely common place before then. The tradition of costumes originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. Wearing costumes on

  • Can Hunters Set a New Bear Harvest Record?0

    Pennsylvania has a chance to break last year’s record bear harvest of 4,653 in the coming bear seasons. At first glance, it seems an unlikely possibility given so many bears were taken last fall. But even with last fall’s phenomenal harvest, there’s still about 20,000 black bears roaming Penn’s Woods. And those new and extended

  • Whitey Ford and Other Yankee Dynasty Era Players Once Saw Action at Bowman Field

    Whitey Ford and Other Yankee Dynasty Era Players Once Saw Action at Bowman Field0

    Two weeks ago the baseball world received the sad news that Yankees legendary pitcher Whitey Ford had passed away. Ford once saw action at Bowman Field as a member of the Eastern League’s Binghamton Triplets, but Ford was not the only member of the Yankee dynasty era of 1947 to 1964, several others did as

  • The Roving Sportsman… Understanding Chronic Wasting Disease in Pennsylvania0

    It was not that long ago that we heard about chronic wasting disease (CWD) occurring somewhere out west, but never considered that it would ever become a concern within our own borders here in Pennsylvania. Initially, reports were of limited outcroppings of the disease in deer and elk in a few of the western states,

  • COVID Hoops0

    Every sport has been impacted. But the onset of COVID-19 has absolutely crushed college basketball. It all started with the cancelation of MARCH MADNESS. All of my brackets busted. Unthinkable. There was talk about playing the games later. Unfortunately, that never happened. As we approach the 2020-21 hoops season, there is still a major concern.

  • Going for Two0

    You’re familiar with the term and its implications. The baseball team that intentionally walks an opposing batter with first base open, in hopes of turning a double play; the basketball team choosing to pass up the three-point shot to feed the ball to its big man closer to the basket; or the football team deciding

  • Williamsport Sun: October 23, 1930 – Union County Hunger Striker is Out on Bail0

    After having been on hunger strike for four days in the Union County jail, Nevin Catherman finally secured bail for his release last week. He was charged with obtaining potatoes for his potato chip plant in Sunbury from farmers in the locality of Lewisburg under false pretenses. He was re-arrested Saturday night on two more

  • Williamsport Youth Commission0

    The City of Williamsport is excited to announce the renewal of the Williamsport Youth Commission. Youth Commissions were created throughout Lycoming County by the Honorable Thomas C. Raup during the 1980s. Judge Raup presided over juvenile cases during his entire career and had a tremendous passion for the youth that appeared before him and felt

  • Connect with Nature to Feed Your Soul0

    Over the years, I have traveled a good portion of the United States as well as a handful of other countries. Although it took me quite a while to appreciate, I now realize that North Central Pennsylvania is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever seen. Furthermore, that this beauty has the

  • UPMC Doc: Self-Awareness Key to Detecting Breast Cancer0

    Breast cancer awareness month is recognized every October, but it is more than just awareness about breast cancer, it is about being self-aware of your breast health. Some of the risk factors for breast cancer, such as genetics and age, are out of our control. But there are steps you can take to maximize your

  • County Hall Corner: History over Hysteria0

    Are these historic times? It is amazing how much our society has changed through 2020. Of course, much of this comes from the continual uncertainty of the COVID virus. I recently read one account by a world-renowned author noting the fear and poor leadership associated with the spread of the deadly virus. It was entitled,

  • Have Lies, Injustice, and the Social Media Way Become Our Kryptonite?1

    Before I get started this week, I’m going to self-correct. Last week, in my column, “The Armed and the Delirious” I had Lucille Zablocky at 84 years young as the most senior member of our Guns & Roses effort with National Range & Armory. It was brought to my attention that Barb Reish actually holds

  • Howling Halloween!0

    Step right up and play the game! Boys and girls, goblins and ghouls! Everyone has a chance to win a prize! It is time once again for Webb Weekly’s annual Halloween contest! This is my FAVORITE contest of the year, and I always look forward to picking out what we will be searching for and

  • UPMC Doc: Breast Cancer Not One Size Fits All0

    Roughly 12% of women in the U.S. will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Breast cancer affects an estimated 275,000 women per year. Men also can develop breast cancer, although it is rare. Did you know there many different types of breast cancer? Here’s what you need to know about the types and how to


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