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Williamsport's New Mayor Derek Slaughter Working for the Future of Williamsport

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  • Moving Toward the Light0

    It is great to see Spring Training in full swing in both Florida and Arizona. The first exhibition games from both the Grapefruit and Cactus Leagues can be viewed on TV. The Boys of Summer can mean just one thing — spring is just around the corner. This time of year always gets me thinking

  • Beating the Winter Blues0

    Y’all. This is a rough time of year. Valentine’s has passed and it’s still a good bit until St. Patrick’s Day and spring. However, the cold, dark, dreary days and nights are a perfect excuse to stay inside and enjoy some comfort food! I’ve been trying to leave the recipes to our resident expert, Andrea,

  • The New Williamsport Mayor: Derek Slaughter2

    Derek Slaughter might win the prize for being one of the most unique young mayors in the United States. Most people his age who find themselves mayor of a well-known third-class city would have been immersed in politics since their early years. They would have come from a ‘name’ family that had long been in

  • Subscription Box Options0

    If you’re anything like me, you’re probably sick of all of your winter clothes by mid-February. Lately, I find myself wearing the same old boring turtleneck/jean/boot combo. While you may be feeling outfit fatigue as we edge toward spring, you may also be reluctant to go shopping for wardrobe updates. Who has the time to

  • The Roving Sportsman… Hunters Should Be Respected0

    Hunters are the “salt of the earth.” Unfortunately, the ones who usually make the news are the occasional slob hunter or poacher. They are the ones who seem to be talked about most often, especially by those who hold some degree of opposition to hunting in general and usually know little about the subject or

  • Be Nice to the Refs0

    The local boys’ and girls’ hoops seasons are coming to a close. Area teams are now shifting gears and getting prepared to make a run. I was very impressed with the many games that I saw. Lycoming County will be well represented at the state level. Props to our D4 PIAA officials for doing something

  • The Last Game0

    With the high school basketball season rapidly winding down, South Williamsport’s players sat despondently in a quiet locker room as their hopes for a playoff berth took another hit. Standing before them that Friday evening, the Mountaineers coach, Rob Houseknecht, stood stoically — momentarily silent. When he began to address his team, he spoke in

  • Volunteer Opportunity with the Sunnybrook Meadows Therapeutic Riding Program0

    Sunnybrook Meadows is a non-profit organization providing therapeutic riding to children and adults with special needs in the central Susquehanna area. Volunteers are the heart of our program allowing riders who otherwise could not ride to receive the physical, mental and emotional benefits of horseback riding. Horseback riding strengthens weak muscles, helps to improve self-esteem,

  • County Hall Corner: Making Recognition Really Count0

    In covering the weekly County Commissioners Meetings these past five years, much of the action is rudimentary administrative actions. Still, at least once a month, time is set aside in the meeting to acknowledge employees for their time of service or when they have done something special that deserves recognition. The Thursday, February 6th meeting

  • Emergency Department, Urgent Care Clinic, or Your Doctor’s Office?0

    Urgent care. Emergency department. Extended hours. Walk-in appointments. With more ways than ever to access medical care, we have created greater consumer choice – and greater confusion. How do you know which choice is right for you and your family? Clear up the confusion with this helpful comparison: Emergency Care If it’s a health emergency,


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