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"All of the Webb family is so sorry to hear about the passing of Gerry Ayers. Gerry was a Webb Weekly favorite and he will be missed dearly. Our thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to his entire family. We will have more about Gerry and his life that he lived to the fullest in the November 28th edition."
Click here to see the WNEP series called Gerry's Journey

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  • It’s Christmastime in Our City

    It’s Christmastime in Our City0

    What an unbelievable transition I’ve witnessed from the LL Stearns and Carol House days of the 70s to what downtown Williamsport has become today. Yes, there might have been some lean years in between, but Downtown has never looked better. I always enjoyed those Christmas shopping trips with my Mom and Grandparents back in the

  • Interesting to Amazing by Tom, son of Ann and Sam0

    I was sorry to hear that Gerry Ayers passed away so soon after writing his last column. It reminds me of Charles Schultz and his last “Peanuts” column. Mr. Schultz, among other things, was a sports fan. He particularly liked ice-skating and hockey, starting, later in life, an over-75 hockey league! All the more a

  • 30th Annual Mifflinburg Christkindl Market Takes Place December 13 to 150

    One of this area’s most notable and interesting Christmas-related events takes place for the 30th time in Mifflinburg when the Christkindl Market takes place from December 13 to 15. The largest winter festival in the Susquehanna River Valley, the three-day Mifflinburg Christkindl Market, will open Thursday, Dec. 13. The outdoor, authentic, German Christmas Market attracts

  • The Changing Face of Deer Hunting

    The Changing Face of Deer Hunting0

    Yes, I’m old enough now to have watched the many changes that have come to deer hunting in our state. At one time Pennsylvania boasted of over a million hunters for the opening of deer season, but today we are well below that number. It may also be true that there were more deer, at

  • Umpiring U0

    With the Christmas holiday fast approaching the talk around many family gatherings will include education plans for the teenagers approaching high school graduation and adulthood. When that question has been asked of South Williamsport’s Bryce Brewer, his response throws most people a curve. A few days after unwrapping Christmas gifts the 2018 South Williamsport graduate

  • Touchdown Jackson

    Touchdown Jackson0

    I need to apologize for the two-week sabbatical. I was at a loss for words, and couldn’t find a pencil. Tis the season boys and girls. No, I didn’t cash in on any Black Friday specials, but I am now well rested. I also have plenty of material for the next couple of months. Sorry

  • Song of the Week… “Bleeding Hearts” by Kimberly Adair0

    It’s funny how Williamsport was bare and deserted when I was a naivé child, and the arts had been hidden away in those old Victorian homes — afraid to come out and represent the talent that this small town holds within its heart. Today, the Port is well known for its music and a lady,

  • Director of Little League Museum Describes His Encounter With George H.W. Bush0

    Lance Van Auken, director of the World of Little League Peter J. McGovern Museum has his own fond memories of the late 41st President of the United States, George H.W. Bush, who died on November 30 at the age of 94. Van Auken was tasked by Steve Keener, President and CEO of Little League International Inc.,

  • “Always Give Thanks” By Scott Anthony Watson – 6th Grade, Curtin Intermediate School

    “Always Give Thanks” By Scott Anthony Watson – 6th Grade, Curtin Intermediate School0

    Always give thanks for the things you have, because what you have might not be what someone else has. You might have a nice source of entertainment, but the other person might not have nice things and can’t get access to the Internet. Always give thanks for the food that you eat. You might eat

  • This Christmas…0

    OK, so as of this writing (which is Friday), I am still nowhere near ready for Christmas. I’m not a procrastinator by nature, but Christmas gets me just about every year. I think I need to go get a Christmas tree so that I can feel the whole Christmas Spirit more wholly. Maybe a walk

  • Twenty-Fine Winners Selected in WADEF Holiday Essay Contest0

    The Williamsport Area School District Education Foundation recently concluded its annual Holiday Essay Contest, during which students in kindergarten through sixth grade were asked to answer, in 200 words or less: “What does the holiday season mean to you and why?” From a pool of 127 entries, the top 25 winners were selected and received

  • County Hall Corner: A Meeting Minus One 0

    When I attend the County Commissioners Meetings, I see people from time to time that know me, and they ask, “Larry, why are you here?” My standard reply is, “I cover the county for Webb Weekly and write a column called, ‘County Hall Corner.’” Often people apologize that they read the column but miss the

  • Gazette and Bulletin: December 10, 1954 – Smelly PRR Underpass at Pine Street Closed0

    The Pine Street underpass which permits pedestrians traffic under the Pennsylvania Railroad, has been closed temporarily, City Councilman Chester D. Wolfe, director of public safety, said yesterday. Built in 1898, the tunnel is one of the city’s landmarks. Mr. Wolfe citing the poor and unhealthy condition of the underpass as the reason for closing the

  • Christmas Album By Local Musicians To Benefit Lycoming Arts Program0

    When Meg Finn, director of the Lycoming Arts Council, and accomplished area musician and music producer, Walt Straiton, met several months ago to discuss the idea of producing a Christmas music album featuring area musicians, they had no idea that it would become such a work of love and great music that would benefit Lycoming

  • The Bookworm Sez: “Black Klansman: A Memoir” by Ron Stallworth

    The Bookworm Sez: “Black Klansman: A Memoir” by Ron Stallworth0

    You want no part of that. In fact, the farther away you are from whatever-it-is, the happier you’ll be. Nope, some things are not your friend. Some things are not good for you at all. And as you’ll see in the new book “Black Klansman: A Memoir” by Ron Stallworth, some people can’t resist some

  • Drive-Thru. No Thanks.0

    There are great multitudes of things my husband refuses to do based on what I assume are a warped set of principles. To name a few: He won’t put up a Christmas tree on or before Thanksgiving, he won’t arrange the bills in his wallet in any semblance of order, and he won’t pull up

  • “My Christmas” By Nyseim Williams, 3rd Grade Jackson Primary School

    “My Christmas” By Nyseim Williams, 3rd Grade Jackson Primary School0

    The reason why I like Christmas is because it’s God’s birthday, and because of the meaning of giving. Sometimes I don’t like the presents, but I take them to be nice. My favorite part about Christmas is spending time with my family. My big brother is disabled, so I love him a lot. It’s like

  • Twice-As-Nice Holiday Treats

    Twice-As-Nice Holiday Treats0

    With 334 days leading up to December, make the most of the season by enjoying the holiday’s quintessential flavors like gingerbread, peppermint and cinnamon – with double the festive treats to please every taste. Transform one vibrant holiday flavor into two festive treats that family and friends are sure to love. Nothing signals the holiday

  • Thoughtful, Stress-Free Gift Giving

    Thoughtful, Stress-Free Gift Giving0

    When in need of inspiration during gift-giving season, focusing on thoughtful presents that align with the personalities and interests of your intended recipients can be a surefire way to delight even the hard-to-buy-for friends and family on your list. If you need a little extra help this holiday season, though, these ideas curated by the

  • The Winter Season is Here!0

    The fall leaves and cool temperatures are giving way to empty trees and temperatures that force most people to rethink trips outside. The winter season is officially upon us, which means the long drives, crafty moves on the soccer pitch, and shifty shots on the tennis court will be moved to the back until next


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