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Montgomery Lady Raiders Bring Home Gold

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  • We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident0

    Happy 246th Birthday, America! In my office hangs a sign. This metal rectangle has the American Flag draped down one side of what appears to be an old colonial-style wood background. I cannot remember where the sign came from, but as I describe it, I’m sure many of you will be familiar with it. The

  • Winner, Winner Grilled Chicken Dinner0

    Let’s kick off the start of the Fourth of July with some good news! It’s time to announce the winner of our Great American Cookout Giveaway! Congratulations to Carl Betts of Trout Run! Carl is getting all set up with a new grill courtesy of Elery Nau Hardware; he’ll also have everything he needs for

  • Lady Raiders Reign Supreme0

    The King James Version of the Bible contains the phrase “Faith, Hope and Charity.” As she has proven throughout her high school career, culminating in helping to achieve the first team sport championship in Montgomery High School history, senior pitcher Faith Persing has given a new meaning to the biblical phrase. With Faith in the

  • Coup Crap0

    At first, I was amused by the US Congress January 6 Committee created to investigate the coup/insurrection that took place on that day in 2021, as a group of zealots stormed the hallowed chambers of our US Congresspeople for the purpose of preventing the certification of the 2020 presidential election. First, this is no ‘investigation’

  • The Sinking Ship That’s Still Afloat 50 Years Later0

    Gene Hackman is midway up a towering metal Christmas tree with his hands pressed firmly on Shelley Winters’ derriere. Desperate times call for desperate measures. And those desperate measures include Winter’s ample fanny. So begins a harrowing race to the bottom that is now the top — What a disaster! —And movie fans couldn’t get

  • This Week’s LION: History-Making Lady Raiders0

    One of the great pleasures that comes to our area from the Little League World Series is the enthusiasm that is expressed by the small towns whose teams that are representing their region. The fans are easily spotted clumped together on Fourth Street in Williamsport at the Grand Slam Parade. They all have matching t-shirts

  • Putting God Back in our Country0

    As we all get ready to celebrate America’s birthday this weekend, let’s remember how lucky we are to live in such a wonderful country. I know it’s getting divided, and things are tough right now, but let’s not forget the people who fought hard for this country. Let your patriotism show this weekend! Whether it

  • Whistle Pigs?0

    Whistle pigs? What are you talking about? Granted, today, there are likely a lot of people who have no idea what I’m talking about, but some other names for a groundhog are woodchucks and whistle pigs. Most people refer to the big burrowing rodent as either a groundhog or a woodchuck, but I suppose the

  • The Bookworm Sez: “What’s So Funny? A Cartoonist’s Memoir” by David Sipress0

    You never thought that you could tell a joke. Oh, you’d start off right, tucking in all the funny motions and voices. You’d do the build-up like it was meant to be and you’d pause at all the right places but much as you tried, the punchline never arrived, or it did and it was

  • The Roving Sportsman… Father’s Day Weekend0

    Yes, Father’s Day and Father’s Day Weekend have passed, but I am anxious to share with you just how my Day and Weekend unfolded — hoping that it might inspire you to do something similar in the future. For several years, as I have written about ideas for Father’s Day gifts, I have always stressed

  • Cutters OF Etzel Captures MLB Draft League Honors0

    The MLB Draft League announced that Williamsport’s Matthew Etzel was named Hitter of the Week, for the period of June 13-19. Etzel, 20, batted .500 (10-for-20) with one home run, one triple and two doubles in five games for the Crosscutters. He paced all MLB Draft League hitters during the period in hits, runs scored

  • Little League Rule Changes Being Considered0

    As reported in a previous column, Little League Baseball convened its International Congress in Williamsport earlier this month. The event is held every four years and is attended by more than a thousand volunteers from around the world to chart the course of the world’s largest organized youth baseball and softball program. During their four

  • Faith and Logan0

    For those of you who tried to contact me over the past few days. I am very sorry. I am off the grid on Pine Creek, and I will hit you up on Monday. We have to punch out this afternoon, but I am then heading north for another golf tournament in Emporium. Don’t worry.

  • Travel is Good for Your Health0

    In last week’s Living Well, I wrote about the benefit of walking on the beach, as I had recently been on vacation (it was way too short, by the way). In this week’s column, I’d like to discuss how and why travel is actually good for your health. Stacey Lastoe and Hilary Lebow, writers for

  • Set the Night to Music & More Independence Day Activities Set0

    In keeping with Founding Father and second American President John Adams’ urgings that Independence Day should be celebrated with “pomp, parade, illumination, and fireworks,” there will be lots of July 4th celebrations featuring those fireworks. The most notable of these will be the 27th annual “Set the Night to Music” celebration in downtown Williamsport, sponsored

  • Getting to know the Declaration of Independence0

    The Declaration of Independence is a formal document that served as the signatory colonies’ statement that they were now “free and independent States.” It is a vital document in American history. On July 1, 1776, delegates from the original 13 colonies, making up the Second Continental Congress, met in Philadelphia to vote on Richard Henry

  • “Lightyear” Buzzes into the Summer-Movie Fray0

    I try not to read film reviews before writing my own. But with Disney’s “Lightyear,” I happened to see a Harrisburg Patriot-News headline that said the movie “Goes to Adequacy — but Not Beyond.” This is the kind of line that makes a critic moan, “I wish I’d written that!” —more so because, in this

  • Williamsport Sun: June 28, 1912 – Music and Crowds Afloat and Ashore0

    After the moon had climbed over the rim of Bald Eagle Mountain last night, as the moon played hide and seek among the clouds, music began to flow from a highly decorated and lighted flat boat that was anchored in the channel of the river at Fischer Park while numerous craft of the Susquehanna Canoe

  • How to Beat the Sweat0

    There is so much to love about summer, the smell of freshly cut grass, the smell of outdoor grilling, the smell of sunscreen. What smell I’m not so crazy about in the summer is body odor. Of course, everyone sweats, and it’s hard to keep your cool on those scorching days. However, if you are

  • The Road to Montgomery Now Paved in Gold0

    Congratulations to the Montgomery softballers and the Red Raider Nation on winning their first Class A PIAA State Championship. What an absolutely amazing accomplishment that should bring a smile to everybody’s face locally. Montgomery Area High School graduated 60 students this year and is truly a small-town community high school. They are a very proud


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