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  • Hello Lycoming County …0

    It’s a great day with a lot of new things happening here at Webb Communications. First is the launching of a county-wide, weekly newspaper that will go to 50,000 residences in the county each week. The publication is one intended to be “by the people” of Lycoming County and “for the people” of Lycoming County.

  • Twenty Years in the Books and Moving Right Along

    Twenty Years in the Books and Moving Right Along0

    It is great to see my Dad’s picture back on page 2. Beginning with his words “Hello Lycoming County,” the Webb Weekly was launched two decades ago this week. As I read his first column below and looked through the issues from over the years, it brought back a lot of memories. Many made me

  • Happy Anniversary!0

    January 22, 2003, we published the first issue of Webb Weekly. As you can see on the cover, our cover story that was about the upcoming Super Bowl. Man, have we covered a lot since then. Going back through and looking at past issues this week has been a trip, to say the least. The

  • A 20-Year-Old Vision0

    It was a meeting still vividly etched in my memory. Jim Webb Sr. had asked me to meet with him regarding a project he was about to launch. Having years earlier lost my job as Public Relations Director for Grit Publishing, as the company was purchased by Stauffer Communications and moved to Topeka, Kansas; I

  • Celebrating Twenty Years

    Celebrating Twenty Years0

    Four years ago this May is how long I’ve been writing for Webb Weekly, and it truly has been a life-changing experience. I’m one of the newer writers, but most of the writers have been along for the ride since the beginning! It’s really neat to hear their stories over the years. Each year at

  • Remembering 20 Years of My Webb Weekly Stories with Pride0

    I could scarcely have imagined that 20 years after writing my first story for Webb Weekly, I would now be looking back at my stories and that it would still be something that people continue to receive and enjoy today. It gives me a great sense of pride and satisfaction to have been a part

  • Looking Back.

    Looking Back.0

    Happy Birthday to the Webb Weekly. And special thanks to those who are fans of this page. I am truly humbled by all of your feedback and positive vibes. I want to give some love and congratulate a few — props to the boss man Jim and my lovely editor Steph for allowing me to

  • Gabe’s Gathering0

    With Punxsutawney Phil’s hopeful early spring call nine days away and MLB’s pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring Training soon to follow, baseball was on the minds of the crowd gathered for the Williamsport Crosscutters 15th Hot Stove Banquet at the Genetti Hotel this week. For Crosscutters Vice President and Director of Marketing & Public

  • County Hall Corner: Blueprint for ARPA Funds0

    Funny things happen when a person wins a big pile of money in the lottery. They suddenly discover a whole lot of friends and relatives that they never knew they had. The same thing happened to Lycoming County when they were awarded $22 million from the federal government in the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

  • The Value of Creative Freedom0

    This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Webb Weekly, for which I have been writing since 2019. As I reflect on the fact that I have written almost 200 articles for the publication in that time, I think about how much I value the creative freedom that the publisher, Jim Webb, and editor, Steph

  • Introduction to the Five Investments0

    Congratulations to Jim Webb and the Weekly team on the 20th anniversary of the Webb Weekly serving the greater Susquehanna Valley! Thank you for providing a free, positive, encouraging, and informative word in our mailboxes every week. On days like these, we need all the good news we can get. Well done! And please, keep

  • Williamsport Sun: January 24, 1928 – Toothaches Things of the Past at County Jail0

    Lycoming County can boast of one thing that few counties in the United States can. That is a sheriff who is a dentist, Dr. E.B Bardo. A sheriff-dentist is an unusually handy man to have around a jail for one of the ills that men confined behind bars are subject to aching teeth which need

  • The Roving Sportsman… No Place to Go?0

    For most of us who live in Lycoming County or the surrounding counties, we are fortunate to have acquired multiple places to hunt, fish, and spend quality time outdoors. Whether we pursue small game or big game and whether we prefer to fish for trout or bass, the majority of outdoorsmen who have resided in

  • Otters in Pennsylvania0

    Maybe I should start this piece off by first describing what an otter is since the number of people who have actually seen one roaming the Pennsylvania countryside is probably pretty small. A river otter is an elusive aquatic mammal that belongs to the weasel family. It is closely related to mink, badgers, wolverines, and

  • This Week’s LION: The Man Behind it all – Jim Webb Jr.0

    This week commemorates the 20th anniversary of this weekly newspaper, Webb Weekly. Hardly a week goes by that I do not hear from someone about their appreciation for this very unique publication. Unlike a normal newspaper that follows a journalistic model, this weekly publication is rather different. Probably the most significant thing about it is

  • It was 20 Years Ago Today: A Look at Movies in 20030

    This week, your Webb movie critic honors his venue’s 20th anniversary with a look at films from 2003 — the same year this publication saw its inception (if you’ll pardon my mild cinematic pun). That year’s biggest smash was “The Return of the King,” netting over $1 billion while also tying “Ben-Hur” and “Titanic” for

  • Trouble, Tragedy & Timing0

    I want to begin with a serious safety and driving issue I only see getting worse. I will mention the specific routes I drive several times during the course of the day, but I have witnessed this problem across our area. As people are so quick to twist things in today’s world, I will make

  • Protect the Puppies!0

    It’s been a bit of a rough week and let me tell you why. My poor pupper, Bulleit, had to have surgery. He tore his Cruciate ligament and had to have it repaired. As of this writing, he’s four days post-op. He’s doing really well, but it has been a lot to deal with this

  • South Williamsport Police to Re-Establish K9 Program0

    With the retirement of K9 Dany in 2018, the borough of South Williamsport is working on adding a new K9 partner to the patrol division. The addition of a K9 partner will do many things for the boroughs of South Williamsport and Duboistown, including performing public relations between the police and the community, providing appearances

  • Lumber Capital Athletics Working to Get Williamsport Fit0

    Lumber Capital Athletics, home of CrossFit Lumber Capital, is an open-concept, functional training facility located at 575 East Third St. in Williamsport. The facility opened in October 2022 and is owned by Ben Wise and Stacey Kadenas. They offer group CrossFit classes, individualized programming, personal training, and performance programs for athletes ranging from middle &


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