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  • Checking Out, Checking Facts, and the Check’s Not in the Mail0

    There is so much to talk about in the world we live in today where do I start? I like beginning here at home and working my way out. Many of the issues we face here in the West Branch Valley are the same across our Great Nation. First stop, the local grocery store. I

  • January is Stalking Awareness Month0

    Normally if I receive a press release or article that I feel warrants sharing in my space, I will re-write or change or add to it before I publish it. However, in this case I felt that not only did the information warrant my space, but there wasn’t much I could do to improve upon

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Dream Week – In Williamsport January 19 to 240

    It may be cold and wintry right now, but the warmth and satisfaction of doing for others through the concept of community service will be satisfied when various activities of that nature are performed and celebrated as part the of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dream Week, January 19 to 24. Beloved Community Council in

  • Fannies in the Seats0

    Clearly disdaining Horace Greeley’s 1865 advice of, “Go west young man,” Clemson University’s football team’s first appearance in a football game played in California in more than four decades proved to be a rousing success as the Tigers dismantled Alabama 44-16 in winning the NCAA National Championship last week. Much has been written and spoken

  • Conformity, Maturity and Freedom0

    In Matthew 28:16-20, Jesus directs His church to make disciples. This passage is often referred to as The Great Commission. Most churches claim that making disciples — leading people to spiritual maturity — is a key element in their mission statement. But many leaders, including me, recognize that we are falling short. Instead of striving

  • Less Fortnite. More Outdoors.0

    There are many joys when it comes to parenthood, and I consider myself very fortunate to have a beautiful son. Jensen recently turned ten, and I think of him as my best friend. He is at a great age, and I enjoy the experiences we share. Jensen makes me so proud every single day in

  • How to be Tidy0

    Last year I gifted my mother and mother-in-law the book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. Basically, it breaks down the Japanese method of decluttering and organizing. Marie Kondo now has a Netflix show where she reorganizes people’s homes. This got me thinking that this will be my year of being tidier,

  • Honoring “More” Basketball Friendships0

    Two more basketball acquaintances passed on this past month: John “Jack” Grimes and Richard “Rick” Felix. While mourning their loss, I once again found myself reflecting on how the simple game of basketball has graced me with the opportunity to get to know these two very special people. Rick through the coaching brotherhood, and Jack

  • Tips for a Successful Marriage Proposal0

    People ready to “pop the question” may wonder about the right way to initiate an engagement proposal. Because a marriage proposal is such a memorable moment in a couples’ lives together, those doing the proposing often go to great lengths to ensure things go smoothly. While there is no proposal playbook, these guidelines can assist

  • Wedding Dress Fitting Guide0

    Because fashion preferences were once ornate and dependent on precise fits, ready-to-wear clothing really did not become widely available until the early 20th century. Such attire is now available in just about any retail store. Because ready-to-wear clothing is so readily available, the average person may be unfamiliar with custom-made or tailored items. In fact,


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