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  • A Trip to the Home Show and Back to Biden0

    A Webb Weekly tip of the cap to the West Branch Susquehanna Builders Association on their efforts for this year’s 61st Home Show. If you remember, last year’s Home Show got set up and torn down without anybody attending due to Governor Wolf’s orders regarding COVID. What a great effort this year by Carroll Pawlikowski,

  • Don’t be a Trash-hole…1

    My initial plan this week had been to give our readers a stern talking to about the state of our local recycling centers. Because y’all, they are disgusting and shameful. But, as it turns out, Larry Stout was on the ball, and his breakdown from Jason Yorks handles that subject pretty well. You can read

  • Tom Speicher Completes Bill ‘Buck’ Byham’s Unpublished Novel0

    When local sports legend Bill Byham passed away in late May 2017, his unpublished novel — offering relevant life lessons through the prism of junior-high football — could easily have died with him. The manuscript of “Bucky Deacon’s Dilemma,” pecked out on a typewriter during summers by the pool, had languished for decades since Byham

  • Five Tips to Spring Clean Your Home Inside and Out

    Five Tips to Spring Clean Your Home Inside and Out0

    Spring cleaning isn’t just about purging dirt and grime. It’s also the perfect opportunity to take inventory of items around your home. As you tackle this season’s cleaning, look for ways to improve your overall living space, from getting rid of things you no longer need to adding items that can work harder for you.

  • The Roving Sportsman… Youth Day and Opening Day Tactics for 20210

    In just a few days, the one day Pennsylvania Youth Spring Gobbler Hunt will take place — Saturday, April 24th to be exact. On the following Saturday, May 1, our statewide Spring Gobbler Season gets underway. These are the days many of us have been daydreaming about for weeks, so let’s take a look at

  • Inspirational Novel About Autism, Inclusion and Competition Penned By Local Author

    Inspirational Novel About Autism, Inclusion and Competition Penned By Local Author0

    Autism is often little understood or under-understood and when it is written about or discussed, it is often done in a clinical and sterile manner. One local author attempts to humanize it and make it more accessible to people in a new novel titled A Mile in Her Shoes. The novel was written by local

  • Changes Keep Coming0

    The older I get, the less comfortable I am with change. This year has been especially difficult, especially when I look at the political situation and all the changes being thrown at us because of COVID-19. Since this is intended to be an outdoor column, I will try to refrain from bringing politics and health

  • This Week’s LION: Vets Helping Vets0

    No one knows exactly who the first military person to say, “no man left behind,” but it captures the commitment between those serving in uniform. And it does not leave after the uniform is off because there is a bond among vets that is impossible to describe but also impossible to miss. Unfortunately, for many

  • Get on the Water With the Right Kayaking Gear

    Get on the Water With the Right Kayaking Gear0

    Kayaking is a wildly popular paddlesport. Paddlesports offer people unique ways to enjoy nature while getting up close and personal with expansive waterways. Kayaking is remarkably accessible for people of all skill levels and interests. According to the Outdoor Foundation’s 2019 Special Report on Paddlesports and Safety, kayaking has seen a consistent upward trend in

  • The Bookworm Sez: “Outlawed” by Anna North

    The Bookworm Sez: “Outlawed” by Anna North0

    You try and you try and you try. Everybody else makes things look easy. They seem to do everything effortlessly, leaving you to keep trying, twisting, seeing if this will work, or that until eventually, despite that it’s your hearts’ desire, you give up. What’s the use? That’s when, as in the new novel “Outlawed”

  • Safe Kids PA Donated 40 Books to Primary Schools to Promote Pedestrian Safety

    Safe Kids PA Donated 40 Books to Primary Schools to Promote Pedestrian Safety0

    In an effort to further promote safe walking habits, the Lycoming County chapter of Safe Kids Pennsylvania donated 40 copies of “Clifford Takes a Walk” to Williamsport Area School District kindergarten classrooms and primary school libraries today. Each classroom and library across the district will receive two copies of the children’s book that teaches the

  • How to Reduce Risk for Lyme disease

    How to Reduce Risk for Lyme disease0

    When the weather warms up and hours of daylight increase, few people can resist the allure of the great outdoors. Nature beckons each spring, and those answering that call must do so safely. Lyme disease is a potential threat for people who live in certain regions. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that

  • It Needs to Be Said

    It Needs to Be Said0

    I don’t typically think about writing for Earth Day. Not that I don’t love this beautiful world we live in, but it’s not a day that comes to mind. Until a few weeks ago. The things I have seen. It really made me mad. The more and more I thought about it, the more I

  • Federal REAL ID Enforcement Begins Oct. 1, 20210

    PennDOT has surpassed 1 million optional REAL ID-compliant driver’s licenses, ID cards With only six months left until the federal enforcement of REAL ID begins for commercial domestic air travel and other federal purposes, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is reminding Pennsylvania residents who want a REAL ID-compliant driver’s licenses and photo ID cards

  • Uptown Music Collective Now Enrolling for Upcoming Summer Semester0

    Music continues at the Uptown Music Collective! The Collective’s summer enrollment week begins on April 19th and runs until April 24th, 2021. Enrollment is open for both in-person and virtual private lessons on Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, and Drums. The Summer Semester will begin on May 3rd, 2021, and will run for 15 weeks. The

  • County Hall Corner: Reining in Recycling Renegades0

    To be honest, attending the weekly Lycoming County Commissioners Meetings is a little bit like panning for gold. The prospector might pan for weeks before a shiny nugget suddenly appears. Such was a moment on Tuesday, April 6th, when after an hour of various routine matters had been discussed and voted on, the commissioners’ comments

  • A Brunch Spread Fit for Spring

    A Brunch Spread Fit for Spring0

    From tasty small bites to a filling feast and even dessert for breakfast, brunch options are nearly endless. Take your spring brunch to the next level with recipes that appease appetites of all kinds. First, start with portioned pastry cups perfect for appetizers. Bring out the protein-packed breakfast burritos for the main course then, for

  • Experts Share Advice on Confusing Tax Situations Created by Pandemic0

    Learn how stimulus payments and unemployment may impact your tax refund In 2020, Americans experienced firsts across virtually every aspect of life. Now, with an extended tax deadline of May 17 approaching, the implications for such an unusual year have some people wondering how all those changes might affect their tax refund. From job loss

  • How to Write A Poem0

    As National Poetry Month continues, you may feel compelled to put pen to paper or fingertips to keyboard and compose a few verses yourself. Wonderful! Congratulations! You’ve caught the writer’s bug, and the only cure is to get words on the page. But where to start? If you’re new to poetry or writing in general,

  • UPMC Doctor: Pain Relief Possible Without Opioids0

    It is estimated that more than 30% of Americans are living with chronic and acute pain, and that percentage increases with age. In the past, opioids have commonly been the choice for chronic pain management. However, this approach to treating pain has been largely proven ineffective while also contributed to our nation’s opioid epidemic, causing


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