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  • The Crooks, Cronies, and Contemptibles Must Go!0

    Before I get started on a simple way to clip the wings of the self-serving inept feeding at the trough of the American taxpayer. I want to begin with a point made by a long-time Webb Weekly reader. He asked me to research and share what a United States senator/representative receives for an operating budget.

  • Winter Houseplant Survival

    Winter Houseplant Survival0

    Well, y’all, we did it! We made it to March, and spring is in sight! We aren’t necessarily out of the winter woods yet, but I’m focusing on the future and warmer weather to come! One of the reasons that I’m looking forward to warmer temperatures is for my houseplants. I have close to two

  • County Hall Corner: Hammer the Scammers!0

    Yet another one of the very sad offshoots of the COVID shutdowns has been a serious uptick in scammers. In the past few months, county and state government officials have warned the public more and more frequently about the new and improved flimflam artists. Even my Federal Social Security Benefit Statement included a large “Scam

  • How to Build Friendships in Your Golden Years

    How to Build Friendships in Your Golden Years0

    Making friends as a child or even as a parent to school-aged children is relatively easy. Classrooms and school functions facilitate the building of friendships. Even as one gets older and enters the workforce, it’s not uncommon for people to become friends with their coworkers. As people near retirement age, their situations may have changed

  • This Week’s LION: United Churches of Lycoming County0

    This year is the 75th anniversary of one of the most amazing organizations in our area. The United Churches of Lycoming County grew out of twenty-four churches and two organizations that met in November 1945 to discuss how they could cooperate together. From that group, the United Churches of Lycoming County was officially formed on

  • When Should You Update Your Estate Plan?0

    At some point in your life you may have prepared a Last Will & Testament or Powers of Attorney. Perhaps you signed them when your family was young and you needed some documents, “just in case.” Then they were put away in that drawer or filing cabinet and sat there for decades. Have you ever

  • Grit: March 6, 1960 – Final Polio Shots in Series Set for March 25th at Lodge0

    Free Polio shots will be given on Friday, March 25 by Loyal Order of Moose Lodge 145 in the third and final phase of the mass inoculation. About 5,000 doses of Salk Polio vaccine will be administered by volunteers from state and local medical organizations assisted by members of the National Foundation of the Moose

  • Everyday Extraordinary0

    Jesse Owens, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Ludwig van Beethoven. What do all of these people have in common? They all have done extraordinary things. While some people stand out as extraordinary, others remain seemingly unknown to history. Still, everyone has the innate potential to be extraordinary. Robert Chen, founder of Embrace Possibility and

  • Did You Know?0

    Large school buses are not equipped with seat belts, but that doesn’t compromise their ability to transport students safely to and from school. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that school buses are designed differently than passenger cars and light trucks. As a result of their unique design, as well as their size and

  • Fertilizer


    Fertilizer is important, whether growing houseplants, container plants, or a garden. Before you get started, you can check your soil using a simple test kit. If you contact your local Cooperative Extension office, they will send you a test kit (approximately $10). Our local Cooperative is the Penn State Extension. Their web address is https://extension.psu.edu/lycoming-county.

  • UPMC Therapist: The Pains of Working from Home0

    When the pandemic started almost a year ago, many people weren’t sure how to manage their daily lives as lock-down orders essentially turned homes into offices, schools, and gyms. As the restrictions loosened up, some companies began to open offices again, however, others are still encouraging a minimal on-site office presence, and some may never

  • Better-for-You Family Breakfasts

    Better-for-You Family Breakfasts0

    Making sure your family members get a nutritious start to the day is an important job, and by focusing on a few wholesome ingredients, such as real milk, simple and healthful dishes can quickly become family favorites. Each day should begin with a balanced breakfast, so when mornings get hectic and meal prepping isn’t possible,

  • The “Fishing Transition Period”

    The “Fishing Transition Period”0

    The “Fishing Transition Period” — if you are not a die-hard, year around fisherman, I’m sure you have no idea what I’m talking about. The period I’m referring to generally falls during the month of March. It’s that time when the lake ice begins to weaken and starts to break up, making ice fishing unsafe,

  • Snow Days in the 90s

    Snow Days in the 90s0

    Boy, we sure have been getting a lot of snow lately! As a winter girl, I love it. We have not had this much snow in a long time! I remember a year or two ago, on December 23, I was outside in a tank top hanging up clothes on my clothesline! I was so

  • The Roving Sportsman: The Many Uses of Shed Antlers0

    This week’s changing weather pattern has finally begun to reveal the hope that springtime is just around the corner. With midday temperatures steadily holding in the upper 30’s and lower 40’s, we can look forward to a slow and even melting of the winter snows and ice and the eventual greening up of the landscape.

  • The Bookworm Sez: “Blood Grove: An Easy Rawlins Novel” by Walter Mosley0

    Keep your eyes open. Don’t blink. Sometimes, that fraction of a second is all you need to miss something. Blink, and you may wonder if it really happened, or if you just think it did. Blink again, and you just don’t know. So keep them peepers open because, as in the new novel “Blood Grove”

  • Ninth Annual Raise the Region Fundraising Effort to Take Place March 100

    Money is a significant lubricant that helps non-profit organizations do the excellent work that they do. There is an amazing opportunity for people to help provide some of that monetary lubricant for their favorite non-profit when the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania holds its Ninth Annual Raise the Region Fundraising event for 30 hours

  • Closet Clean Out Spring 20210

    With the taste of warmer weather here recently, I’ve started looking toward spring cleaning and my semi-annual closet purge. This spring, I am considering what to keep and what to donate, and how I organize my clothes and my clothing choices. If you also want to re-evaluate your closet and are looking for some inspiration,

  • A Lesson Related0

    At 6’8”, Dean Kriebel is an imposing figure as he stalks the sidelines. While a basketball court is a familiar surrounding for the former Lock Haven University standout who earned a tryout with the Philadelphia 76ers, his new role as seventh-grade coach for the South Williamsport Mountaineers reengages him with the game he loves while

  • Covation Center Bringing Help and Education to Local Business0

    Founded in 2016, the Covation Center has always been a resource for businesses. Whether it’s business growth programs, one-on-one coaching sessions, or offering its location for meetings and workspaces. The Center’s three main missions are Coaching, Coworking and Community. Through its Coaching mission, the Center provides a 10-week virtual program geared toward business owners who


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