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Winter Fun For Everyone

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  • Setting the Record Straight1

    I have always made myself available to everyone with my contact information available on page 4. I encourage people to call or text me. Many email. This often leads to coffee, lunch, or a meeting in my conference room. I am not a believer in social media, although Webb Weekly can be found there. My

  • Winter Fun for Everyone0

    It’s that time of year, y’all — the dark and dreary days of winter. And as if January isn’t generally depressing enough on its own, we are still struggling with the COVID pandemic. It’s a formidable combination. Oddly enough, this is generally the time of year that I write an article telling you that winter

  • Is Your Heart in It?0

    I am passionate about hunting white tailed deer, and I’ve been pursuing that passion for more than forty years. There are many obstacles to overcome in hunting, and I could give you a long list. For now, I’ll chose the one that has been the biggest challenge for me: finding good ground to hunt. Some

  • Sleep and a Positive Attitude0

    Life can be hard and worrisome under normal circumstances thus leading many people to toss and turn at night. Combine that with a global pandemic and political unrest (what happened to murder hornets?) and sleep can seem downright impossible at times. Scientists have shown repeatedly that sleep is a significant part of our daily routines

  • Grit: January 20, 1957 – High School Gets Facelift0

    If any graduates of the Williamsport High School Class of 1914, are beginning to feel their age a bit, they will have a bond of sympathy with a contemporary—the 43-year-old main building of the W.H.S. Although considered one of the sturdiest structures in the Williamsport school system, the sprawling yellow brick building is not as

  • County Hall Corner: The Dream Speech Almost Didn’t Happen0

    Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech on August 28, 1963 before some 250,000 people on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. has become one of the most famous speeches in American history. It is known as “I Have a Dream” Speech, but there is tremendous irony here, as the whole section concerning the

  • Catching Fish on a Frozen Lake0

    With decent ice forming on a number of area lakes, the hard water gang is out in full force. Last week we took a look at how we hard water anglers penetrated the ice barrier just to access the fish, but now I want to zero in on how to hook and land a fish

  • The Roving Sportsman… Winter Feeding of Wildlife0

    In December, when Mother Nature decided to dump several feet of snow, then, shortly thereafter, several inches of rain throughout the region, she did no great favor for any of our wildlife. The rain compressed the snow below, then, with overnight freezing temperatures, managed to seal off things below with a layer of ice. In

  • Food Was Getting Out of Control, and So Was I.0

    Part 3 Whew baby. The after high school years. Life never seems to prepare us enough for that. It’s out of school and off to work or college we go. I never went to college. The only thing I knew I wanted to be was a mom and a wife. I always thought that maybe

  • Winter Capsule Wardrobe0

    In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions and the idea of living a more sustainable and less cumbersome lifestyle, 2021 is the perfect year to consider building a capsule wardrobe. Capsule wardrobes push us to think more about what clothing we actually wear and whether we truly need each piece hanging in our closets. A

  • Competition Has Rules0

    Over the years, the cover date of this publication has coincided with significant or holiday dates on the calendar. Frequently, when this has occurred, I have written this column to be in keeping with whatever that special date may have been. As one looks at the cover of this January 20, 2021 publication, when the

  • Jacoby in Winter0

    North Central Pennsylvania is home to many treasures. Yes. We live in an area with such amazing beauty. My son and I take full advantage as we do our best to “commune with nature” as often as we can. I simply love to fish, but Jensen is more of an explorer these days. Hiking is

  • Jersey Shore FBLA Operated Store at Nippenose Valley Village Helped To Enhance the Quality of Life For Residents There0

    The very active Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Chapter of Jersey Shore High School has learned a lot about the workings of business through their operation of a store at the Nippenose Valley Village. Still, perhaps, more importantly, they have enhanced the quality of life for the residents, by having that store there at

  • No Number of Wrongs Ever Justify a Right2

    I cannot believe what I have witnessed in the United States of America in the last year. I am going to try to stay positive and touch on the issues of the past week that are most important. Before I get to the national disgrace that occurred in Washington, D.C., I need to spend a

  • A Healthier New Year0

    I’ll be honest. In an effort to support small business and help local restaurants stay afloat during the awfulness that was 2020, and seems to be continuing to 2021, I have spent a bit too much time eating. Eating carbs and other unhealthy food to be specific. So, it’s time to reel that back in

  • The New Love Center Serving the Hungry in Two Counties0

    The economic ravages produced by COVID-19 have taken a real financial toll on many families in this area. This toll is causing many families to have problems meeting their nutritional needs. One organization that helps them meet this challenge is the New Love Center, which offers services to families in both Lycoming and Clinton Counties

  • Rioting is Wrong0

    It is an obvious point. But one that needs to be repeated. Rioting is wrong. Period. I am no expert. Nor do I have any answers. But what went down last week is extremely frustrating. I won’t elaborate on the embarrassment. I can only condemn it. I will not point any fingers. Just don’t do

  • Make Candles an Illuminating Part of the Ceremony0

    The warm, undulating light cast off by a candle adds an unmatched ambiance to a space. Multiply that candle by many and it can create a truly awe-inspiring atmosphere. Candlelight is a must at any evening wedding and can be a key to a successful party as guests tend to loosen their inhibitions in a

  • New Look Mid-Penn0

    Over the past several decades, high school athletic competition has seen some significant shifts regarding the makeup of individual conferences. Most prominent have been the formations of the Central Susquehanna Conference (CSC) and the Pennsylvania Heartland Athletic Conference (PHAC), both multi-tiered leagues, intended to be one-size-fits-all associations comprised of schools of many PIAA size classifications.

  • The Evolution of Wedding Favors0

    Wedding favors have changed — and in many cases for the better. Favors have evolved from the inexpensive trinkets purchased in bulk into more personalized mementos that guests can cherish. Today’s couples are interested in customizing their weddings and offering guests something meaningful, or at the very least, edible, so that favors don’t immediately get


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