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Fellow Americans, during this difficult time we will continue to serve the citizens of the West Branch Valley and our local business community to the very best of our ability. There has never been a more important time to buy locally and support the area’s economy. We are all in this together. God-bless America.

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  • Stand for the Flag, Kneel for the Fallen, And Celebrate Freedom0

    “Give me liberty or give me death.” Those impassioned words from Patrick Henry swayed the Congress of Virginia to join the Revolutionary War effort and fight to secure the birth of a free nation. Virginia was instrumental in providing troops and weaponry. This occurred in 1775 at the 2nd Virginia Congressional Convention, in attendance were

  • Memorial Day and The Class of 20200

    Memorial Day is meant to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of our Country. Three years after the Civil War ended, on May 5, 1868, the head of an organization of Union veterans — the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) — established Decoration Day as a time for the

  • Wait Until Next Year0

    Despite our current ‘social distancing’ and ‘yellow’ directives, one thing remains constant; ‘people do talk.’ It has now been three weeks since Little League International President and CEO Steve Keener put out the word everyone thought was coming but still didn’t want to hear — the cancellation of the 2020 World Series. Although social conversations

  • Know the Warning Signs: Blood Clots Are a Silent Threat0

    Stay-at-home orders during this pandemic, have led to many long hours sitting in front of a computer at an unfamiliar desk or your kitchen table as you work from home or homeschool your kids. Then, you retreat to the couch to hide from the news only to binge-watch an entire Netflix series without getting up

  • Host Community to Feel the Void0

    By Scott Lowery While the news media accounts of the Little League World Series sent around the world, each August carry the dateline Williamsport, PA; as all the locals know since the late 1950s, it is South Williamsport that calls the Series home. As the Borough Manager & Public Safety Director of the host community,

  • STEP Seeks Community Input During Special Needs Assessment0

    As a Community Action Agency, STEP depends on data-driven decision making. In order to prepare for recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, however that will look, STEP is getting a snapshot of current community needs. This Community Needs Assessment will help the agency determine service and resource gaps within the communities it serves and show where

  • County Hall Corner: Life and Livelihood in the Balance1

    Imagine a scenario where there is a fire down the street where you live, and you were told you had to abandon your home as a preventive measure. And after some time passes, and the fire appears to be under control, you ask when you can return to your home, and you are told that

  • The Roving Sportsman… Respecting Mother Nature’s Gifts0

    Finally! After what seemed like an endless winter with no spring to bring us warmer weather, the daytime and overnight temperatures are finally beginning to rise and provide much more pleasant conditions to enjoy our great outdoors. With the warming trend come some of Mother Nature’s great wonders. It is the season for birth throughout

  • Purse Cleaning During Coronavirus0

    As more and more counties in PA start to re-open, chances are you’ll be running more errands, potentially going into non-food retail spaces, and even be returning to work. Hopefully, during these stay-at-home times, you have been wiping off groceries and deliveries before they fully enter your house. But what about your purse, backpack, and

  • Leadership Lycoming Turning to Virtual Programming in These COVID-19 Times0

    For more than 33 years The Leadership Lycoming program, which was designed to motivate and develop leaders for the betterment of our community, has had a rich history and tradition, has s taken on new avenues to learn about Lycoming County. This program has provided opportunities for leaders to become invested and involved in their

  • Turkey Hunting – It’s Not Too Late0

    Years ago, as a young man just getting into hunting and fishing, I was always eager to be out on the first day. Like a lot of other hunters and fishermen, I was under the impression that you had to score early or you might as well kiss your chances of success good-bye. I never

  • Jesus and Breakfast

    Jesus and Breakfast0

    OK, so quarantine hasn’t been all that bad. I’ve kept busy, getting projects done we never had time for. Schooling alone keeps me busy. I’m no teacher, nor would I ever want to be, but getting my kids through till June has been my #1 priority. I miss our school morning rituals, but now we

  • A Brief History of Kettlebells0

    When I first took on this column, I mentioned that my tastes in writing spanned the full spectrum of topics. This particular topic is about taking a funny looking piece of metal and using it to create a brutally effective home workout. Certainly, appropriate in these times, as going to any public place has become

  • A History of Memorial Day 0

    This weekend we will be observing the Memorial Day weekend. It is the weekend that generally ushers in the summer season with picnics and other festivities, though that might be adjusted some due to Covid-19, but many have forgotten what Memorial Day’s true meaning is. It is important to recall its history and why it

  • The Bookworm Sez: “This Book is Cute!” by Sarah Wassner Flynn0

    Awwwwwwwwww! The second you see a puppy or kitten, that’s probably what you say. Aww, how adorable! Awww, you just want to cuddle it. Wow, it must be so soft and sweet. You want one now but awww, “This Book is Cute!” by Sarah Wassner Flynn might be a great temporary substitute. It happened again:

  • The New Wine of Worship0

    Without intending to do so, it seems I’ve started a series of articles based on Matthew 9:17. In response to a confrontation Jesus had with the disciples of John the Baptist, Jesus said, “Neither do people pour new wine into old wineskins. If they do, the skins will burst; the wine will run out and

  • Take a World Cuisine Dining Tour at Home

    Take a World Cuisine Dining Tour at Home0

    Staycations can be perfect ways to rest and recharge without having to travel far from home. Staycations tend to be affordable ways to spend time together for those who perhaps do not have the budget to travel domestically or internationally, or those who simply prefer the convenience of remaining nearby. A break from meal planning

  • YWCA to Host First Virtual Event0

    The YWCA Northcentral PA is super excited to announce they are hosting their very first virtual event! Livestreaming through Facebook, all members of the community are encouraged to check in with them. Due to the current pandemic, they have postponed their Gala and Auction until next spring. Because of this, they still want to see

  • Why the Water Matters to Novice Kayakers

    Why the Water Matters to Novice Kayakers0

    Kayaking is a fun way to spend an afternoon, particularly in the summertime. If smiles on the faces of kayakers aren’t enough to convince you just how fun this sport can be, perhaps statistics can convince you how enjoyable it is to paddle away in a kayak. According to the Physical Activity Council, which each

  • Gazette and Bulletin: May 29, 1917 – Orders to Reno Post0

    Commander John S. Leinbach has issued the following general order to Reno Post No. 64, G.A.R. In accordance with the annual custom, this post has been assigned the duty and no more a sacred duty can be performed than the beautiful ceremony of strewing flowers and planting the national colors upon the mounds beneath which


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