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  • Confusion, Delusion or Plan0

    President Biden may have tipped his hand with some of his comments last week. The President, under increasing pressure from his own party and those who support the democratic effort, has been blatantly defiant that he will remain in the race. Before I get to my thoughts on where that’s heading, I’d like to give

  • Stay Hydrated0

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but y’all — it’s HOT! Like stupid hot. With that in mind, it is super important that we all stay hydrated. So, what are the best ways to stay hydrated during these hazy, lazy days of summer? The Mayo Clinic advises that water is critical to every cell, tissue,

  • Lil’ City Big Dreams Flag Football Program Helps Mentor Youth0

    While there are numerous youth sports programs, many operate on a ‘pay-for-play’ basis, often excluding underprivileged and underserved youth. This is where ‘Lil’ City Big City Flag Football’, a unique nonprofit sports program, steps in. It’s not just about sports, it’s about providing opportunities to those who might not otherwise have them. “Lil’ City Big

  • The Roving Sportsman… Fireflies!0

    This time of year, as the sun has set and darkness takes over the landscape, a magical thing begins to happen across the lawns and fields throughout rural Pennsylvania: fireflies appear! Each summer, as they begin to show up dancing about in the night sky, I quickly flashback to my childhood days growing up in

  • Heatwave Largemouth Bass0

    When you look at the passionate fishing crowd out there, you can break them down into three broad categories: the “cold water” crowd, those that pursue “warm water” fish, and probably the biggest group composed of those of us who will fish for almost anything at any time of the year. The cold-water crowd or

  • The Boys of Summer

    The Boys of Summer0

    Major props to all of our local baseball and softball teams. Many came home with District banners. Lycoming County was well represented. This is a great time of year. It brings back so many great memories. I am a huge fan of Little League. I, too, experienced some post-season successes. My squad made it to

  • Mid-Summer Trends0

    As summer labors on, you may find yourself in need of a warm-weather wardrobe refresher. Those sundresses and wide-leg pants that felt so fresh and cool in May now may be waning a bit on the style front. If you’re looking to revamp your summer style, here are a few of-the-minute trends to boost your

  • Now You Know: Words from Religion & Culture0

    Without any introductory foofaraw, ballyhoo or rigmarole, here’s another set of oddball terms for this week’s “Weird Words”: Asafetida (ass-uh-FET-i-duh, noun) – A brown resin from the roots of a plant in the parsley family, asafetida has “a bitter, acrid taste and an obnoxious odor” ( That’s why it’s related to fetid — which means

  • Cutters Capture First-Half Title0

    The Williamsport Crosscutters won the 2024 MLB Draft League 1st Half Championship. As the MLB Draft League 1st Half Champions, the Crosscutters earn home field advantage for the MLB Draft League Championship Game which will be played on Thursday, September 5th at Journey Bank Ballpark in Williamsport. Tickets for the Championship Game go on sale,

  • County Hall Corner: Welcome to the New Lycoming County Headquarters0

    Thursday, July 11, 2024, became a historic day for Lycoming County. The last time a new building was established as headquarters for county government was in May of 1988 when Executive Plaza began as the county government headquarters. If one is standing in front of the Lycoming County Courthouse, the county government headquarters has moved

  • That’s the Wrong Reason Why0

    Before I get to another issue involving age, I have a joyous occasion to begin this week: Happy 80th birthday to my stepmother, Carol. This from Billy, Jodi, Brian, Morgan, and our entire families. Wow, that is hard to believe. As is so often said, it seems like only yesterday. We all wish you great

  • Blueberries!


    I’m sure it’s no coincidence, but July is National Blueberry Month, July 10th is Pick Blueberry Day, and July 11th is Blueberry Muffin Day! I’m kinda a weird one when it comes to blueberries. I like a lot of fruit — most fruit actually, but I don’t want to just eat blueberries. But I do

  • Lycoming County Fair Taking Place July 10 to 200

    The annual Lycoming County Fair will take place from Wednesday, July 10, to Saturday, July 20, and there will be lots of great fun and excitement. Rocky Reed, president of Lycoming County Fair, is very excited and pleased about this edition of the fair, which will be held at the Lycoming County Fairgrounds in Hughesville.

  • Fourth of July Bass

    Fourth of July Bass0

    First, a quick story: I swung by to say hello to my bearded chums in Montgomery. We talked about our upcoming projects, and I showed them some pictures. My man Sam and the boys make beautiful cabinets. After the meeting, I made a quick call. I had to drop off some accessories on the South

  • It’s Not About the Shoes It’s What You Do in Them!0

    During a recent ESPN Sunday Night Baseball telecast, veteran announcer Karl Ravech (best known locally for his long-tenured association with the Little League World Series) conducted a pre-game interview with Baltimore Orioles sensational shortstop Gunnar Henderson. Henderson, a member of the American League all-star team and participant in this year’s Home Run Derby, showed excitement

  • Prime Days Are Upon Us0

    This year, in my endeavor to be ahead of the game when it comes to back-to-school shopping, I’m using the power of Amazon Prime Day to set myself up for success. The mega-retailer scheduled this year’s shopping event on July 16th-17th for Amazon Prime members to shop and save. Online shopping can be overwhelming, with

  • Cutters Contending for First-Half Title0

    The Williamsport Crosscutters have occupied the top spot in the MLB Draft League for the better part of the 2024 season. The season’s first half will come to a close THIS Saturday. If the Cutters capture the first-half title, they secure their spot in the 2024 MLB Draft League Championship Game which would be played

  • UPMC Expert: What the Heck is Tech Neck0

    Smartphones, tablets, and computers, oh my! Our world today surrounds the use of these gadgets. While our technology is advanced, our bodies have not evolved to accommodate the use of these devices, leaving us with aches and pains. These modern-day ailments are known as “tech neck” and are caused by holding your head forward or

  • County Hall Corner: Sow the Wind, Reap the Whirlwind0

    In my entire life of following political matters, I do not believe I have ever seen a period of time where federal, state, and local government entities each encountered historical events at the same time. At the federal level, it has been in two areas: the presidential race and Supreme Court decisions. In state government,

  • Knox Goes Away But Keaton Is Still Here!0

    Quick: What popular actor has played a fast-food mogul, a U.S. President, a demented ghost, a DC superhero, a Marvel villain, a stay-at-home dad, a serial killer, a talking snowman, a Shakespearean fool, a recovering addict, a washed-up actor, an animated car, a man who’s been cloned three times — and a hitman with rapid-onset

  • Turtle Crossings

    Turtle Crossings0

    Like a lot of people who live out here in rural Pennsylvania, I enjoy seeing the great variety of wildlife that roam our woods and fields. But all too often, that wildlife chooses to cross a road with fatal results. Unlike a lot of other critters, turtles and snakes, unfortunately, are often too slow to

  • The Roving Sportsman… Take a Walk or Go For a Hike, But Where?0

    I have been blessed to have been able to travel throughout the state and around the globe, both during my working years and now in retirement. I am always amazed that when I am away from home, my mind constantly wanders back to Northcentral Pennsylvania — the area of my roots. I feel very fortunate

  • Brought to You Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue

    Brought to You Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue0

    I know many folks are looking for my column to see what my take was on last week’s debate. Well, I don’t want to disappoint any of my readers; this includes Republicans, Democrats, and whoever else may be reading. Let me first say I’ve already spent more space on the debate than it deserves. I

  • Happy 4th of July!

    Happy 4th of July!0

    If you know me, you know that the 4th of July is my most favoritest holiday! It’s a time of low pressure, lots of fun, and, of course, FIREWORKS! But more than that, it’s a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family, to relax, have fun, and blow stuff up — safely,

  • Set the Night To Music Centerpiece of Area Independence Day Celebrations0

    Downtown Williamsport will again be set ablaze with the beautiful and awe-inspiring fireworks display that is the keystone of the annual “Set the Night To Music” July 4th celebration in Williamsport. Williamsport Mayor Derek Slaughter speaks enthusiastically about this now-annual event. “The City of Williamsport is looking forward to our annual 4th of July Set

  • DIY Hair Masks0

    Whether it’s damage, dryness, flakes, frizz, or fading, we all have had hair issues over the years. And while there are a ton of great treatment masks on the market, another option to explore are homemade hair masks. You’d be surprised how everyday kitchen staples can transform the look and feel of your hair in

  • Start Your July 4th Celebration with Baseball, Hot Dogs, Bucket Hats & Beer0

    The Fourth of July will be filled with fun at Journey Bank Ballpark as the Cutters host the State College Spikes at 1:05 p.m. The day is jam-packed with fun to kick off your July 4th celebrations while still leaving plenty of time to catch fireworks displays in downtown Williamsport or surrounding communities. The game

  • UPMC Expert: When to Worry About Forgetfulness0

    The phenomenon of forgetfulness happens to everyone — misplacing keys, missing appointments, and even not recalling why you walked into a certain room at home — especially as we age. While instances like this are usually harmless, frequent confusion or memory loss are early indications for cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementias. Over

  • Uptown Music Collective Accepting Scholarship Applications0

    The Uptown Music Collective, the area’s premier nonprofit school of music, is now accepting scholarship applications for its 2024-2025 school year, which will begin in September. This year, the Collective is offering 14 needs- and merit-based scholarships to currently enrolled students, as well as new students wishing to enroll in the school for the upcoming

  • Volunteers Needed to Count Pennsylvania’s Birds0

    Those birds you see in the backyard, around camp, while hiking or otherwise outside? They’re more important than you think. Reporting your observations of them is, too. The Game Commission, together with Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, is conducting the third Pennsylvania Bird Atlas in state history. Between now and February 2029, it will document what birds

  • The Roving Sportsman… Take a Hike!0

    Just last week, the sweltering heat and high humidity caused real health concerns about spending time outdoors. Many folks, both young and old, were well advised to limit their outdoor activities and avoid potentially dangerous weather conditions. Fortunately, the streak of unbearable weather seems to have been broken, and we can now return to relatively

  • County Hall Corner: County Government on the Move0

    A new day is coming. The Lycoming County Commissioners had their last weekly meeting at the Lycoming County Executive Plaza at 330 Pine Street in Williamsport on Thursday, June 27th. The following Thursday will be July 4th, so obviously, there will not be a meeting that day. Still, the following Thursday, July 11th, will be

  • Inside Out 2: Pixar Hits Puberty!0

    If, like me, you name Inside Out as your preferred Pixar, I have a prediction: From now on, when asked for a favorite from that studio, you will likely reply, “The Inside Out movies!” I’ll be danged if the sequel isn’t just as good as its predecessor — and that’s saying something. Nearly 10 years

  • Local Shooting Competition0

    As we outdoor enthusiasts move into the hot mid-summer days, we may still be doing some fishing, but it’s not likely that shooting a rifle is high on our list of activities. Sure, as we move into the fall months, the deer rifles come out, and we head for the target range to make sure

  • Pauley


    My family and I just got back from Southern California. It was a short trip to see my rents in West Hollywood. My folks moved out six years ago. They help raise my two beautiful young nephews. Los Angeles is a very busy place. Gorgeous people and fancy cars are everywhere. All walks of life.

  • Say-Hey!


    This column comes with a forewarning — if you’re not a baseball fan, have little sense of sports royalty, and journey through life with little sentimentality, please turn the page and see what is on Jamie’s mind. Hopefully, I’ll catch you next week. Despite my lifelong love affair with sports, I am not one to

  • An Elegy For Mary

    An Elegy For Mary0

    This week, on July 5, marks the 10th anniversary of when my beloved wife, Mary’s soul, left her body. Those ten years have been very sad and very difficult for me. In addition to her loss, I have suffered the loss of my father, my younger sister, my brother-in-law, and my first cousin, as well


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