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    Larry Stout

    Larry W. Stout, Ph.D., MBA, Webb Weekly Feature Writer/Clinton Township Supervisor/Leadership Consultant & Trainer. Larry has worn lots of hats over the years; military veteran, pastor, college, university professor, missionary to the former Soviet Union and currently a supervisor for Clinton Township and board member on eight different community organizations. He is a native of Montgomery, graduating from Montgomery Area High School in 1970, who married his high school sweetheart Debbie, and together they have raised two sons and two daughters, one of which is adopted, but they cannot remember which one.

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  • County Hall Corner: Nothing Happened0

    A rule in the journalistic world is that if it bleeds, it leads. Truth be told, the more sensational, the more likely the public will want to hear it and read about it. Webb Weekly is a different kind of newspaper in that it actually believes that many people like to read about ‘good’ things

  • A Lesson in Leadership0

    A very basic rule in business is that managers manage and leaders lead. Both are important. Every company, large or small, lives or dies on how well those in management are able to get the most out of whatever resource they manage. However, this is all based on maintaining a status quo. What happens, though,

  • County Hall Corner: A Pledge and a Prayer0

    According to group psychologists, every organization has a certain number of habits, rituals, and practices that define it. These form the organization’s particular “culture.” In the most basic way, it says to those on the outside, “this is how we do things around here.” This culture becomes apparent when newcomers walk into the weekly meeting

  • This Week’s LION: USMC Staff Sergeant Kyle Roach

    This Week’s LION: USMC Staff Sergeant Kyle Roach0

    1.4 million people are serving in the United States military today, which might seem like a big number, but it is actually only 0.4 percent of the total population. The tough job of finding those willing to serve their country falls on the local recruiter. SSgt Kyle Roach is the Marine Corps recruiter for the