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    Larry Stout

    Larry W. Stout has worn lots of hats over the years; a decorated military veteran, ordained pastor, university professor in Europe, and missionary to the former Soviet Union. He has authored textbooks on human resource management and leadership that have been translated into six languages as well as had published two novels. He currently invests his energies as a foster parent and board member for eight different community organizations. He is a native of Montgomery, graduating from Montgomery Area High School in 1970, who married his high school sweetheart Debbie, and together they have raised two sons and two daughters, one of which is adopted, but they cannot remember which one.

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  • County Hall Corner: The Case for Conservatism0

    Consider the philosophy that politics are framed around. In general, Republicans identify themselves as conservative and Democrats as progressive. It certainly seems that ‘progress’ itself is inevitable in society’s development, which is why the wind always seems to be in the sails of the Democratic Party. To be sure, the past has not been fair

  • County Hall Corner: Joe Hamm – Quite a Man0

    Ten years ago, I was investigating joint municipal police forces as a township supervisor and went to Jersey Shore hoping to get some information. I met Joe Hamm, who was the borough manager and hoped to catch fifteen minutes of his time. Joe spent over an hour answering questions for no reason other than wanting

  • County Hall Corner: A Senior Moment0

    There is a wake-up call with retirement. In one sense, it seems fantastic that the daily drudgery of going to work is finally in the rearview mirror. Finally, there is the freedom to travel, pick up a new hobby, or just spend more time with family and friends. But the other reality is that the

  • County Hall Corner: Our Seriously Surreal Senate Race0

    2022 is known as a midterm election year. Midterm elections are quite different from any other because they include a wide variety of political races — local offices, of course, as well as races for state offices and US Representative and Senate seats. This vast field results in the national media featuring a race here


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