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  • County Hall Corner: School Vigilance, Part 20

    The recent rise in school shootings has had a fall out in many dimensions. Homeschooling has taken a sharp rise. Even churches are initiating or upgrading their security measures. In Lycoming County, there is a strong network that is manning the front lines against such troubles in our schools. Last week we featured Brian Pick,

  • County Hall Corner: School Vigilance, Part 10

    The scourge of school shootings in recent years sends a shudder through every parent with a child in school because it seems that these horrors can hit anytime and anywhere. The worst part of the tragedies is the discovery that the right ‘control measures’ were in place, but somehow, something went wrong. This is because

  • County Hall Corner: Drug Court: Healing Justice0

    Hardly a regular meeting of the Lycoming County Commissioners goes by without a declaration for “National Something Or Other Day, Week, or Month.” For the occasional visitor to these meetings, it might seem like Much Ado About Nothing, but actually these proclamations serve an important purpose. They call attention to vital services or programs that

  • County Hall Corner: Law Library for All0

    Law libraries were established in the United States before there was even a United States. Even though the first colleges in Colonial America were founded primarily for religious purposes, they also quickly realized that preparing men to practice law was a necessity for the developing nation. To practice law means to understand and know it,

  • County Hall Corner: Goodbye to a Wonderful Warden0

    Retirement is often a bittersweet event. In one sense, it is joyous for an individual who has labored for decades in worthwhile service to an organization to be rewarded, but it is also sad for the colleagues to know that this individual will no longer be around. That emotion was in full swing at the

  • County Hall Corner: Planting a Tree0

    Arbor Day, April 27th, came and went, and probably only one out of a hundred people knew of it, and probably only one out of that number celebrated the event. The idea of planting trees might not seem glamorous, but Williamsport built its reputation as the “Lumber Capital of the World,” and had not those