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  • County Hall Corner: Election Aftermath0

    The general election of 2019 was unusual for several reasons. There was a new voting process involving paper ballots instead of voting machines. There was an incumbent Lycoming County commissioner and incumbent Williamsport mayor, both running write-in campaigns. And there was a life-long Republican whose ballot petition was contested by another Republican for the office

  • County Hall Corner: God Rested…and so should we0

    The Lycoming County Commissioners are taking a two-week break from meetings — partially to attend some CCAP (County Commissioners of Pennsylvania) seminars and partially to campaign. Having followed these commissioner meetings for four years now, experience has shown that when they reconvene, there generally is someone who stands up and castigates them for taking time

  • County Hall Corner: Heads up, Voters!0

    Next Tuesday, Lycoming County will be voting for several local offices, as well as for retention for a few state and county state judges. There will be some serious changes when you walk into your voting precinct location next week. What has not changed is that some identification must be shown. This is to verify

  • County Hall Corner: Building the Best Bridge0

    If you live or work in Lycoming County, there is a very good chance that on any given day, you are likely to cross a bridge. Bridges are so common that they just seem like part of the road. We rarely think about bridges until one gets closed — and then it seems like the

  • County Hall Corner: Sleeping with the Enemy0

    There is a folklore tale that the origin of the “Rule of Thumb” dates back to Sir Francis Buller, an eighteenth-century British judge who determined that a man may beat his wife with a stick no wider than his thumb. There is no record that he made such a statement, but even if it is

  • County Hall Corner: A Fivesome at the Forum0

    It was an unusually hot evening for the first day of October, where the small Eagle Grange #1 in Montgomery, located along Rt. 15 just a short distance from the White Deer Golf Course, saw a packed house watch and listen to the five candidates running for the position of Lycoming County Commissioner engage in

  • County Hall Corner: Speak up, Citizens!0

    At a typical County Commissioners Meeting, when the official business is completed and right before the public is allowed to address the commissioners, there is a time designated as “Commissioner Comments.” This is generally the time when the individual commissioners will comment on some action that has been taken or perhaps lay the groundwork for

  • County Hall Corner: Gollies and Follies0

    A recurring theme in the County Commissioners Meeting is lamenting the number of issues that they must deal with that were caused by previous administrations. The most classic albatross was the county’s endeavor to build a water park near the White Deer Golf Course back in the 1980s. The business plan was doomed from the