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  • County Hall Corner: EMS in Crisis0

    One feature of the current County Commissioner board is that they are not deaf to concerns of the community. Unfortunately, being willing to listen does not necessarily mean they can do much about the problem. One of these concerns is the ongoing problems of volunteer fire companies and EMS service. In July of 2017, the

  • County Hall Corner: Hanging in There0

    At the regular Lycoming County Commissioners Meeting held on September 27th, three service recognition pins were awarded. Dave Bonus, from the Resource Management Services Department, received a 30-year service pin as did Karen Miller, from the Pre-Release Center. Carla Miller from the Department of Public Safety and Chris Shuck from the Prison received 20-year service

  • County Hall Corner: Help for Housing – Part 20

    Last week this column reviewed the importance of the Lycoming County Housing Coalition, a network of some 15-20 agencies committed to helping those struggling with housing issues. Though there has been a healthy number of committed programs designed to help through the years, what was needed was the best approach to use the funds and

  • County Hall Corner: Help for Housing – Part 10

    Homelessness in the United States is a big issue right now, but the term itself is a little misleading. Homelessness could refer to someone who lives on the streets, of course, but it also could be those who experience financial setbacks that make their housing costs unmanageable. Those who find themselves in that situation generally

  • County Hall Corner: What a Ride!0

    By the time you read this column, the 9/11 Memorial Ride will probably have come and gone. If you live in Lycoming County, there is a good chance that you had the opportunity to see the waves and waves of motorcycles going by with their American flags waving behind them. With thousands of riders each

  • County Hall Corner: Here Comes da Flood0

    Psychologists tell us that our mind cannot hold two contrary thoughts in our mind and believe that both are true. But, unfortunately, many homeowners in our area must do just that very thing. Here it goes — a person knows they cannot afford flood insurance for their home, and they also know that there is

  • County Hall Corner: Wet Weather Woes1

    If it seems that we have had a very wet summer, it is because we have. National Weather Service reports that 11.99 inches of rain (let’s call it 12 inches), fell in Williamsport in the month of July, with the normal amount being 4.34 inches. July 2018 ranks as the wettest July on record, shattering

  • County Hall Corner: The Big “C”0

    I now have reached the Big C — the centennial article on my coverage of Lycoming County’s government in action. It has taken over 40 months, attendance in a couple of hundred meetings, engagement in hundreds more private meetings, and discussions with individuals and small groups, to ultimately produce these 100 articles for Webb Weekly’s