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  • County Hall Corner: Stepping Up Initiative0

    The result of the Law of Unintended Consequences is that sometimes fixing one problem creates another one. In the 20th century, mental health hospitals were designed to improve on the insane asylum model of the previous century. Unfortunately, supply exceeded demand, and the result was increased neglect of the patients. A movement known as deinstitutionalization

  • From Good to Better to Best0

    The county commissioners normally meet twice weekly — a work session on Tuesday mornings at 10:00 a.m. and the regular session at the same time on Thursday. The work session is designed to discuss and review agenda items that would be voted on in the regular session. Because of this, it is more informal in

  • County Hall Corner: Planning the Future0

    One of the oldest clichés is that failure to plan is planning to fail. It also just happens to be true. Think of it like checking the weather. If I am out walking and suddenly it rains, I get wet. However, if I checked the weather reports before I left my home, and knew there

  • County Hall Corner: Connecting to the Future0

    San Antonio, Texas, and Williamsport, PA are generally not thought to have anything in common, but there are some general similarities. San Antonio is well known for the Alamo, just as Williamsport is widely renowned for Little League. They also are cities that border rivers, which historically have been both a blessing and a burden.

  • County Hall Corner: A Great Golf Course0

    A couple of weeks ago it was noted in this column that there were several hot-button issues that the Lycoming County Commissioners would have to deal with in 2018. The White Deer Golf Course is one of those that will be closely watched throughout the year. The County Commissioners have made it clear that this

  • County Hall Corner Motivation Inside and Out0

    The County Commissioner’s Meeting on Thursday, January 25th was memorable in many ways. Last week’s column featured the awarding of the day reporting center contract, which was almost a year in the making. But the meeting had some other interesting aspects that also deserve mention. At the 10:00 a.m. start time, the meeting room was