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  • County Hall Corner: The Art of Argument0

    There are ebbs and flows in any organization; times when it seems that all hell has broken loose, and other times when there is hardly anything happening at all. This was evident with county government during the month of August. The weekly County Commissioners’ meeting agenda would have two or three action items, whereas it

  • County Hall Corner: Grass is Greener Where?0

    Lycoming County Commissioner Tony Mussare made an interesting comment at a recent meeting stating that it is not unusual for him to be contacted by Lycoming County natives who have left the area, but still follow what is happening back here. It is not a great surprise, however. A rather unknown fact about Pennsylvania is

  • County Hall Corner: Blue is the Color of Hope0

    The past few weeks have caused many to wonder about the safety of the city of Williamsport. Crime makes headlines, of course, but behind the scenes is a remarkable corps of servants in blue who are changing the culture in the city, and deserve some recognition for the effort. We are talking about the Williamsport

  • County Hall Corner: The Guns of August0

    A special press conference was held at the Williamsport City Hall on Tuesday, August 6th, to address the rash of recent shootings in the city. It was held by Mayor Campana, Williamsport Police Chief Damon Hagan and Captain Sherman Shadle of the Pennsylvania State Police. The attendees included all three Lycoming County Commissioners, the entire

  • County Hall Corner: Moving On0

    Stress is caused by an event that results in an upheaval from the norm. In stress inventories, death of a spouse always tops the list, followed by other troubles such as losing a job or coming down with a serious illness. But also high on the list is moving a living habitation, which obviously grows

  • County Hall Corner: Lights, Camera, Action0

    Reader’s Alert: This article is meant as sarcasm. So read, relax, and enjoy the fun! At a recent County Commissioner’s Meeting, there was quite a debate over televising the proceedings. Now, the problem with the idea is that even though they are televised in other area municipalities, it has revealed the dirty little secret that

  • County Hall Corner: Moving Day Ahead?0

    Lycoming County government has a big problem. Quite simply, it owns more property than it needs. Here is the inventory — the primary facility where the county commissioners and the bulk of county offices are located is the Executive Plaza building, which sits behind another county property, the Lycoming County Courthouse. The County Prison is,

  • County Hall Corner: The High Cost of Delinquency0

    A rather interesting debate occurred at the work session of the County Commissioners on June 18th when Commissioner Tony Mussare questioned Ed Robbins, Director of Juvenile Probation, rather intensely over the cost of sending at-risk youth to the George Junior Republic complex at Grove City, PA. Commissioner Mussare was gagging over the price tag of