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  • County Hall Corner: Simply the Best0

    Thirty years ago, Tina Turner recorded a song entitled “Simply the Best.” It immediately got picked up as a theme song for sports teams and wannabe stars. In fact, even Turner herself re-recorded it in 1992 with an Australian rock singer Jimmy Barnes, to promote that year’s New South Wales Rugby League in Australia. Perhaps Lycoming County

  • County Hall Corner: Parents: Discover Your Local Library0

    An item in the work session of the County Commissioners Meeting on Tuesday, April 2nd was for approval of a grant of $1,256,912 for the Lycoming County Library System. This is a lot of money, to be sure. When discussions of money for much, much less sums sometimes get quite contentious among the Commissioners Board,

  • County Hall Corner: The Criminal Justice Taskforce0

    Four times a year there is a very special meeting held on the 6th Floor of the Third Street Plaza Building in Williamsport. It has representatives from the Lycoming County’s district attorney’s office, adult and juvenile probation departments, the department of public safety, the prison, re-entry service, and Clinton-Lycoming Mental Health Joinder, among others. Chairing

  • County Hall Corner: Let the Sunshine In0

    At the Lycoming County Commissioners’ work session on Tuesday, March 12th, the commissioners announced that they were making a proclamation on the coming Thursday regular session declaring that particular week “Sunshine Week.” This highly alert feature writer could not help but ask, “Isn’t it a little late to recognize a special week when the week

  • County Hall Corner: Wills for Heroes0

    There is an old adage that there are two things that are sure in life — death and taxes. Taxes can be avoided to a degree, but sooner or later, we all must face the Grim Reaper. It would seem that given the 100 percent certainty of this event, everyone would take the necessary preparations

  • County Hall Corner: Picking a Congressman0

    On Saturday, March 2nd, 190 conferees from 15 northcentral Pennsylvania counties came together for a long and arduous process of picking a candidate to represent the Republican Party for the 12th-PA Congressional District for the special election to be held on Tuesday, May 21st. Congressman Tom Marino’s resignation put into motion quite a process for

  • County Hall Corner: Say “YES”0

    If there is one hard and fast rule in life, it is that without an education, it is extremely difficult to get a job and make a living. So, what happens to young people who run into obstacles in school and find themselves unable to finish high school? How do they come up with the

  • County Hall Corner: A Solution that Works: GEO Day Reporting System0

    Prison overcrowding in Lycoming County has been around so long, it is almost seemed like “prison” and “problem” were two words joined together in marriage. Five years ago, GEO Services began the process of removing that word “problem.” Today prison overcrowding has not just been removed as a problem, the prison has vacancies! What it