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  • County Hall Corner: Something New is a Happenin’ Here1

    There is a theory in psychology about first impressions that has been popularized by Malcolm Gladwell in his book, Blink: the Power of Thinking Without Thinking. It is a little bit misleading because this process does involve thinking, just not the way we generally think about thinking. This theory postulates that our initial impressions are

  • County Hall Corner: Two Worlds – One Family?0

    Since 2020 is a presidential election year, and what happens in Washington, D.C. significantly impacts what happens in our area, I am going to periodically present an outlook from a higher view than local politics. The year 2020 promises to be like few others in American history. Both sides of the political spectrum predict a

  • County Hall Corner: 2019: Not an “Off” Year0

    In political parlance, an election year that does not have any gubernatorial or national offices on the ballot is considered an “off” year. This means that the turnout will be expected to be low, as all the races are for the most local, and these generally do not arise much passion in the general electorate.

  • County Hall Corner: Voter Rights and Wrongs0

    As Lycoming County voters noticed at the recent election, there was a new voting system introduced to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It involves a paper ballot that is inserted into a scanner — a verifiable and auditable ballot. While we might blame our Harrisburg bureaucrats for this, the blame should be pointed further south, all

  • County Hall Corner: Lame Duck or Sleeping Lion?0

    American democracy has a rich heritage and one that we woefully take for granted. Marvel for a moment that since 1900, only six countries in the world have NOT changed their form of government. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the insights of our Founding Fathers in crafting such an amazing document as

  • County Hall Corner: Fair or Foul Judge?0

    I featured Judge Marc Lovecchio in a LION (Leaders In Our Neighborhood) article several weeks ago, and not long after I received an email from a reader who stated that they seriously disagreed with my article honoring the judge. The substance of the argument was based on a recent ruling on his part, releasing a

  • County Hall Corner: County Government Coming to You0

    Very few people can make it to the Executive Plaza in downtown Williamsport on a Tuesday or Thursday morning to attend a County Commissioners Meeting. Not many more have the extra time and energy to go to a public location to review a proposed county budget. But good news is here! The county is as

  • County Hall Corner: Election Hopes and Headaches0

    Last week, this column made observations on the recent election results. This week we want to review some ways that the election process can be improved. First and foremost, hats off to Forrest K. Lehman, Lycoming County Director of Elections and Registration, Jill Shuman, Assistant Director, and clerks Mary-Kay Camp and Susan Johnson, who must