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  • County Hall Corner Bicycles: To Buy or Not To Buy?0

    A long debate over a grant request at a recent Lycoming County Commissioners meeting seemed to take on Shakespearian dimensions — “to be or not to be, that is the question.” Hamlet was talking about his mortality, but this debate appeared much less momentous. The subject was about bicycles for parolees. When a county agency

  • County Hall Corner: County Government Under the Hood0

    Almost a year ago, Mya Toon, Lycoming County’s Chief Procurement Officer, asked in a work session of the Board of County Commissioners to “award contract for EIP to PFM contingent upon EIP grant award.” The mind blurs in the barrage of abbreviations, but the commissioners acted like it was a Christmas gift. Commissioner Jack McKernan

  • County Hall Corner: Help With Housing You Can Bank On0

    There are three essential needs in life — food, clothing, and shelter. Those with limited financial resources often must seek others for help to supply these necessities. Lycoming County has several thrift stores in the area with quite a variety of clothing items, and the food banks in each of the local communities dispense vitally

  • County Hall Corner: War of the Words0

    Words are powerful. In the world of politics, words are the instruments of positive engagement, building support for an action, position or initiative, but can also be the weapons of destruction, tearing apart an opponent to make way for a new course of direction. In this sense, public discourse can sometimes resemble a battlefield, where

  • County Hall Corner: Tour Guide Edition0

    Welcome, everyone, please come in. I see you remembered what I said about coming in the door from the parking lot located on the Court Street side. I know that is a little confusing with the sign above the entranceway door saying “Executive Plaza Building, 330 Pine Street.” Follow me as we are going to

  • County Hall Corner: A Bumpy Year Ahead?0

    The beginning of a new year is generally a time to make resolutions, but it also should be a time to do a little strategic thinking. All of us would benefit by examining the challenges of the coming year that should be factored into our thinking or planning. This is certainly true for county government

  • County Hall Corner: Year End Awards0

    This is my First Annual County Hall Corner Award presentation. In 2018, 52 articles covered many areas of county government, and as I reviewed them, I came up with four categories of awards. First is the MOST FUN AWARD for the article that was the most personally enjoyable for me to research and write. There

  • County Hall Corner: A Good Looking Golf Course0

    Winston Churchill thought playing golf was dumb. He commented that it was a game designed to hit a very small ball into a very small hole with instruments ill-designed for the purpose. Many in Lycoming County would echo those sentiments. Why does the county need a municipal golf course anyway? Actually, Lycoming County is very