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  • County Hall Corner: A Good Looking Golf Course0

    Winston Churchill thought playing golf was dumb. He commented that it was a game designed to hit a very small ball into a very small hole with instruments ill-designed for the purpose. Many in Lycoming County would echo those sentiments. Why does the county need a municipal golf course anyway? Actually, Lycoming County is very

  • County Hall Corner: A Meeting Minus One 0

    When I attend the County Commissioners Meetings, I see people from time to time that know me, and they ask, “Larry, why are you here?” My standard reply is, “I cover the county for Webb Weekly and write a column called, ‘County Hall Corner.’” Often people apologize that they read the column but miss the

  • County Hall Corner: Getting Engaged0

    There are three reasons that the general public attends public municipal meetings — to engage, enrage, and enjoy. The Lycoming County Board of Commissioners meets twice weekly with occasional exceptions due to holidays or training events. The Tuesday meeting is a “work session,” meaning that the commissioners review the items that will be voted on

  • County Hall Corner: Sleep Well, Little Baby0

    Few things in life are more precious and beautiful than a baby. And thus, few things are more tragic and horrible than the death of such a one. The county coroner is one who must see this over and over again, and even experiencing it once is once too often. It was with this past

  • County Hall Corner: Broadband or Bust0

    Lycoming County is the largest county in area in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, covering over 1,200 square miles. That is a larger area than the entire state of Massachusetts. But, unlike the Bay State, which has 6.8 million people living there, Lycoming County has about 114,000 residents. Though this figures out to a population density

  • County Hall Corner: Not the Last Laugh0

    It all started with Jason York, director of the Lycoming County Resource Recovery Facility, otherwise known as the County Landfill. As there are often expenditure items that need to be approved by the county commissioners, Jason is something of a regular at the weekly work and regular sessions of the Lycoming County Commissioner meetings. Jason

  • County Hall Corner: Stop Domestic Violence0

    Marketing people know that the most difficult part of advertising is just getting attention. Cognitive science reveals that there are two kinds of attention — conscious and unconscious. Conscious attention is when we purposely pay attention to something because we feel we need this information. It could be anything from an ad for something we

  • County Hall Corner: Taking Time for Training2

    When a person is elected to local office, they quickly realize that there is a lot they do not know. Very few residents of the county recognize how much time that municipal officials spend in training. It starts with the County Commissioners who actively participate in the programs of CCAP, the County Commissioners Association of