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  • ‘Stealing’ Signs0

    No doubt about it, for better or for worse, a good scandal will draw attention, heighten people’s interest, and keep tongues wagging. In the doldrums of January on the day of the NCAA National Football Championship game and days before the NFL determined its participants for the February 2 Super Bowl, Major League Baseball crashed

  • Rivalry Restored0

    It has been more than a week, and I am still buzzing. Actually, the entire hoops community is. What transpired in the Catholic Community Center last Sunday might never be duplicated. It was an amazing atmosphere, both teams played well, and I had the best seat to witness. The Loyalsock Lancers prevailed as they defeated

  • The Roving Sportsman… If You’ve Got Them, Keep Them0

    With increasing regularity over the past decade or more, landowners are rolling up their sleeves, digging out their wallets and putting sweat equity into their properties by performing habitat improvement that benefits all forms of game and nongame animals and birds that live there. Very quickly you can amass a rather large amount of dollars

  • Safety First0

    The rest of the “frozen chosen” and I are still looking forward to some ice fishing, but the up and down temperatures are delaying our ventures out onto local lakes. I still hope to get on the ice in the next two or three weeks, but you can bet that safety concerns come first. Certainly,

  • What?! Fly Fishing Now?0

    I know its winter, and the only people who fish now are those strange people who sit out on the ice in little huts all day staring at a little hole in the ice; I know because I’m one of those people. Other than the ice fishing crowd, most folks think there is no fishing

  • Brown Awaits Coaching Future0

    By definition, collateral damage is referred to as “injury inflicted on something other than an intended target.” Now that the nine-year saga of Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett has officially concluded with the recent naming of former Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy as the new ‘sheriff’ in Jerry’s World, as of this writing, it

  • My Friend Frank0

    One of the joys of being back on the sidelines is getting to see several familiar faces. I actually enjoy those road games, as I get the opportunity to catch up with other coaches. My players often accuse me of campaigning. They routinely ask how I know so many people. I used to be important

  • The Roving Sportsman… There’s Still Time!0

    Just in case you have procrastinated a bit — not to worry — there is still time to make our traditional New Year’s Resolutions — you know — that list of things we know we should follow, but rarely seem to accomplish! As sportsmen, we have some special considerations that we should consider as we