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  • Paddling


    Last week, I told you about a friend who was on an adventure. My man, Michael Kinney, is paddling the entire West Branch of the Susquehanna. I reached out to him with a few questions. Unfortunately, Mike had no cell phone service, but he did get back to me a few days later. My article

  • The Roving Sportsman… Revise Now to All Day Tactics0

    Whether you are seeking to fill your second spring gobbler tag or you are still looking to connect with the first bird, there is still time to employ some late-season tactics to get the job done. All-day hunting for spring gobblers began on Saturday, May 18 (which means you can hunt from one-half hour before

  • That’s Why it’s Called “Fishing”

    That’s Why it’s Called “Fishing”0

    How many times have you been around someone who said, “Yeah, we went fishing the other day, and we didn’t catch anything”? About that time, someone else will add, “Yeah, that’s why it’s called ‘fishing’ and not ‘catching.’” Well, it’s certainly true that there are times when the fishing may not be going well, but

  • Playoffs Await0

    The high school baseball and softball regular seasons conclude this week, and area fans may want to heed the words of Terrell Owens to “get your popcorn ready.” The PIAA district playoffs begin next week, and a bevy of area teams have spent the past few months prepping for the upcoming opportunity to make deep

  • An Epic Journey

    An Epic Journey0

    Hats off to a Lycoming County naturalist and photographer. Michael Kinney is on an epic adventure. My friend is currently somewhere on the water. Kinney is doing a solo float trip on the entire stretch of the West Branch of the Susquehanna. Incredible. Mike kicked things off with a social media post. He has been

  • The Roving Sportsman… Ticks!0

    The winter doldrums are finally behind us, and although this spring has been offering more wet weather than usual, for outdoorsmen who are about to spend an increasing amount of time in the out of doors in the upcoming months, it is only a matter of time until you come in contact with ticks. Whether

  • May, a Great Month for the Outdoorsman0

    I must say that the month of May is a lot like Christmas for the hunting and fishing crowd; there’s a host of opportunities to hunt and fish for a variety of species. I’ve seen some photos of successful turkey hunters, but a couple were particularly interesting. One of those photos was of Jessica and

  • The Roving Sportsman… Wild Turkey Is Excellent Table Fare0

    There are multiple ways to honor this “Greatest of Game Birds,” and one of them is to maximize its use at the dinner table. So, as you sit patiently in your turkey blind or against an old oak tree, eagerly anticipating an encounter with a wise old gobbler, here are a few thoughts to contemplate.

  • The Wildcats

    The Wildcats0

    Golf claps to my friends at Pennsylvania College of Technology. The Wildcat Golf Team is on its way to the NCAA Division 3 National Championship. They earned an automatic bid this past weekend, and PCT captured its second straight United East Conference crown. Montoursville’s Peyton Mussina led the way. The lefty sniper is solid. He

  • Take a Hike0

    With fear of jinxing its permanent arrival and hoping against a reversal of fortunes, it appears that spring has finally made its way to our neck of the woods! Being imbedded in sports all my life, the changing of the seasons has had more to do with which sport was coming up next than with

  • Getting Into Fly-Fishing0

    Over the past couple of years, I’ve had more and more people talk to me about getting into fly-fishing, and it certainly appears that it is growing in popularity. One of the concerns that I hear from those who want to start fly-fishing involves the difficulty in learning to properly cast a fly. There is

  • Road Warriors Come Home

    Road Warriors Come Home0

    An ariel view of Lyco’s new field. (Photo courtesy of Deluxe Athletics.) Mets manager Yogi Berra coined the phrase “it ain’t over till it’s over” when referencing the 1973 National League pennate race. Now that Lycoming College has finally had the opportunity to christen its new Brandon Park field, Warriors head coach Rick Oliveri couldn’t