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  • Thanksgiving 20200

    Thanksgiving celebrates the Pilgrims first feast, at least the story goes But first they dealt with hunger, cold and many unfriendly foes Little could they have ever known as they went about that task Here four centuries later, our festivity requires the wearing of a mask Home front celebrations will differ much this year As

  • Gift Idea for the Archery Hunters in the Family

    Gift Idea for the Archery Hunters in the Family0

    I’ll admit it, I’m not much of a shopper and buying gifts for people is not my forte. Most of us guys know better than to go out and buy clothes for our wives at Christmas; we are better off just going along with them and saying, “yes dear, that looks great”. I suppose by

  • The Roving Sportsman… Wintertime Reading0

    Temperatures are slowly dropping and the daylight hours get shorter with each passing day. Frost has greeted the morning sunrise on several occasions, and soon the landscape will be covered in a layer of white. Many of us will reduce our time out of doors and turn to inside activities as the onset of winter

  • Third Time’s a Charm for Olivia Dorner0

    Akin to the fabled tortoise’s calculated race to the finish line ahead of the hare, South Williamsport High School’s junior tennis sensation Olivia Dorner’s assent to the top of the PIAA tennis world took longer than she had hoped: but it cannot be disputed, her unchallenged skill left both opponents and spectators in appreciative awe.

  • Miller’s Mission

    Miller’s Mission0

    In the grand scheme of things, it mattered little. The outcome of Southern Columbia’s 49-14 Class AA District Four championship win over South Williamsport (their 28th in the last 30 years) was already sealed as the final seconds ticked away off the scoreboard. With eighteen seconds remaining, South Williamsport’s senior running back, Zack Miller, took

  • Nymphing 1010

    The fall fishing season is in full swing. But my opportunities are coming to a close. The sun usually sets around 5:00 p.m., and I am now getting ready for some basketball. Fingers are still crossed. Believe it or not, this is the best time of year to throw a line. I have been out

  • The Roving Sportsman… Night Vision Optics Now Legal for Furbearer Hunters0

    In July of this year through the passage of House Bill 1188, the Game Commission was given authority to regulate night-vision and infrared optics. Previously, any and all hunting use of night-vision and infrared (thermal) optics was prohibited by state law. Now, having the authority to do so, the Game Commission has granted furbearer hunters

  • Lots of Coyote Sightings0

    Trust me, even though you may not have seen any coyotes lately, there are still plenty of them roaming the countryside. Over the past couple of months, I have had a number of people tell me about the coyotes they have spotted, with a couple of people even reporting that they saw a pack of

  • Post-Election Thoughts0

    Dude? This is insane. Where do we begin? 2020 simply needs to go away. The Presidential Election is another trending mess. You seriously can’t make any of this up sports fans. My head hurts. I am seeing a lot of people question every ballot in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania. Whether it be an in

  • Normal?0

    Simply put, I don’t care who you voted for or if you even voted. That is your business, and the less we all fret and fume over the outcome of the election, a better frame of mind we can enjoy can be realized. But there is one thing I hope you will take some time

  • Seldom Seen Night Hunters0

    From the title, you may think this is a story about one of your neighbor’s illegal night hunting activities; but no, this is actually a story about a bird that does most of its flying and hunting at night. We’re used to seeing all kinds of birds flitting or moving about throughout the day; songbirds

  • Lucas Goes Yard0

    It has been an interesting week on the local front. I seriously don’t know where to start. The County released their 2021 Budget on Monday. I wasn’t impressed. There were no major changes and a good bit is still missing. I won’t go into details as I am working on a future story. But I