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  • Trail Cameras, Food Plots, and Treestands0

    When I look at how hunters prepare for deer hunting today and how they prepared years ago when I was a youngster, I see two very different approaches. We now have longer deer seasons and more deer hunting opportunities, especially for bowhunters and muzzleloader enthusiasts. We also have new and better equipment that has added

  • The Roving Sportsman… Mentored Youth Hunting0

    For an experienced hunter, one of the most valuable ways we can spend our time is to mentor a new youth hunter. It can truly be a rewarding experience to take a young, eager novice and nurture them through the process of becoming a safe, ethical and knowledgeable hunter. It will be an activity that

  • Deep Thoughts.0

    These are the best of times and yet the worst of times. Unprecedented times. I continue to pray and send good vibes. But I am very concerned with what is going on. One of the good things about writing a weekly column is that I get to chime in. Yes. I usually share a story

  • You Wanna Bet?0

    Following a recent team practice session, one of the coaches rapidly completed his post-practice responsibilities and, dashing to his car, told his fellow coaches, “See you guys tomorrow. I’ve got to get to my fantasy draft league meeting.” On another occasion earlier this summer, while engaged in a baseball conversation, one person in the group,

  • What Do You Know About Football?0

    Disclaimer. These articles are submitted Friday afternoon. Life gets busy, and I will occasionally miss my extended deadline. I often leave my lovely editor hanging. Those are never my intentions, kids. I sometimes struggle with part-time mobile freelance procrastination. There are so many great stories to share. Unfortunately, I simply need to do a better

  • Rubik’s Cube

    Rubik’s Cube0

    I can’t completely put the 2021 Little League Baseball World Series in the rearview mirror without passing on one of those heartwarming stories that make Little League about much more than baseball games played by sub-teenagers. Ken Sawyer has repeatedly dubbed it “a series like no other,” and some have expressed the opinion that it

  • Our “Ugliest” Winged Creature0

    Maybe I should be a little more considerate and rephrase that story title and say our “not so attractive” winged creature. If you haven’t already guessed, I’m referring to the common and frequently sighted turkey vulture. The vulture’s featherless red or pinkish head and neck are anything but cute, and their eating habits only add

  • The Roving Sportsman… Chasing Bushy Tails0

    If you did a survey, particularly of older hunters, I bet most began their hunting days by tramping the woods searching for squirrels. They were certainly an upland game that I targeted in my early days of hunting. Today, there seems to be less interest in spending time hunting squirrels, yet there remain many good

  • Another Recap0

    Congratulations to my friends at Little League International. They somehow found a way to crown a 2021 World Series Champion. The new norms and COVID protocols were a major challenge. Everyone’s an expert, and I applaud my chums for providing another great experience. I am very proud to live in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The crowds at

  • Ken Sawyer’s 50th1

    Ken Sawyer was honored by Steve Keener, Little League International President, and CEO. I was tipped off it was coming, and I enjoy surprises as long as they are happening to other people. For a couple of decades, I have enjoyed the privilege of being a part of the iHeart Media radio coverage of the

  • The “Electronics” of Catching Late Summer Crappies0

    Bruce, me and Dan after a successful day on the lake. What on Earth do electronics have to do with catching crappies or any other fish for that matter? Well, actually, electronic devices and equipment can play a significant role in fishing success. Don’t misunderstand; you still must know what you are doing; you must

  • The Roving Sportsman… Safety Should Be Priority One!0

    Dove and Canada goose seasons are underway; squirrel season opens on September 11 and in just over 3 weeks, the statewide archery deer season will begin. Cooler temperatures are starting to prevail and soon fall colors will begin to paint the landscape. While most conscientious hunters practice and prepare before the seasons, an alarming number