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  • Saluting Our Veterans0

    First and foremost, may we all take a moment to pause and reflect upon the bravery and sacrifice made by all those men and women who have proudly worn our country’s uniform in the all-too-many battles that have been fought over the years to protect our way of life and keep us free. May your

  • Piebald Deer?

    Piebald Deer?0

    Some people are probably wondering what on earth I’m talking about-a piebald deer. Pictured in this week’s story is McCabe Kreider, son of retired Pittsburgh Steeler running back, Dan Kreider. During last week’s special antlerless only firearms season McCabe was fortunate enough to bag a piebald deer-a very rare occurrence. My son, Brian, accompanied McCabe

  • “It Was Bear – 1, Hunter – 0”0

    If you hang around the neighborhood sporting goods store long enough, you are going to hear plenty of stories – some of them believable, and some not. More often the tales will tend to elevate the hunter as the winner in the description of hunter against quarry, but once in awhile someone relates a story

  • How to Prepare Youngsters for Their First Hunting Trip

    How to Prepare Youngsters for Their First Hunting Trip0

    A young person’s first hunting trip can be an incredible experience, sparking a lifelong love and appreciation for nature and wildlife. Parents who grew up hunting likely remember their first hunting trip and want to recreate that experience for their own children. As memorable as a first hunting trip can be, parents of current youngsters

  • Family on Three. Neumann on Six0

    I had every intention of running in the general election, but my family accused me of not taking my medications. I also couldn’t afford the costs that were associated with a campaign. Perhaps one day. I entertained the idea of a write-in, and maybe I could even speak at one of the forums or debates

  • NFL – Numerous Flags Launched0

    It may be too late to offer up some advice regarding what Halloween costume trick-or-treaters might want to wear this week as they go door-to-door, seeking the sweet treats. But, if their intention may include ringing the doorbells of National Football League fans, I would suggest they not masquerade themselves as NFL referees. Indeed, I

  • The Roving Sportsman… Today’s Gun Owners0

    At a time in our history when fake news and political correctness seem to dominate our daily lives, and at a time when there seems to be a lack of concern for accepting responsibility for our actions, being reliable or showing respect for our fellow man, perhaps we need to properly identify just who America’s

  • Fall – To Hunt or Fish?0

    The fall season is no doubt a very active time for most everybody; leaf raking, grass cutting and a host of other outside jobs that should be completed before the cold weather sets in. For the hunting and fishing types fall is especially active given that all kinds of hunting seasons are available not to