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  • The Hunt for Fall Panfish0

    I know it’s fall, and that means hunting seasons are in full swing, but a lot of us diehard fishermen aren’t quite ready to give up our fishing endeavors just yet. There’s a good reason we’re not ready to hang up our fishing rods since there are still some great fishing opportunities available through the

  • The Roving Sportsman… What to do with Venison0

    Archery hunters have already been taking deer in these early weeks of the season, and soon rifle hunters will join the ranks of those who look forward each year to hunting whitetails and having great-tasting venison for nutritious meals. The recent stretch of cool weather has helped ensure that there is much less chance of

  • Stand Hunting Versus Still Hunting0

    With the archery season well underway, it’s a pretty safe bet there are a good number of treestands that are occupied by archery enthusiasts, and for good reason — it’s a proven approach for taking a deer, especially with a bow. Archery hunting from the more permanent type of ladder stands or climbing treestands offer

  • Heads Up0

    It was a normal football Friday night as I took my spot in the press box for another game of statistical coverage. What wasn’t normal was the operator of the game film camera standing next to me. The young man behind the camera was a member of the school’s football team. Inquiring as to why

  • Branson


    I am very thankful for all of my part-time gigs. It gives me the opportunity to come in contact with so many great kids. Whether it’s coaching, broadcasting, or writing a note — I have made several new friends. This week’s column features a young man I have known for quite some time. I went

  • The Roving Sportsman… Do All the Right Things0

    We are rapidly approaching the second week of the initial Pennsylvania statewide archery season, which runs until November 18 this year. Additional archery, muzzleloader, special firearms, regular firearms, flintlock, and extended firearms seasons throughout the state give hunters ample opportunities to “bring home the venison” this year. Along the way, there are several important steps

  • Saturday Football0

    Before there were Friday Night Lights, there was Saturday afternoon football. In many communities around the area, the high school game in the daytime was The thing to do. Perhaps like no other locale, the era of daytime dominance was most prevalent in Mill Hall during the 1960s & ’70s as Walt Diehl’s Bald Eagle

  • Our Major Renovation0

    This week’s column has little to do with sports. We didn’t have a golf match, and I didn’t make the cut. Since I have been scribing part-time for the past sixteen seasons — my lovely editor allows me to freelance. My family and I are now tackling a major construction project. And since I have

  • A Place to Hunt0

    Just recently, Webb Weekly’s editor, Steph Nordstrom, hit me with the question, “Where does one hunt if they don’t have access to someone’s private property?” That’s actually a very interesting and pertinent question that’s probably worth exploring a bit. Having a place to hunt may be one of the main reasons why getting people into

  • Some Interesting Statistics0

    The Council to Advance Hunting and Shooting Sports recently released their 2022 Special Report on Hunting and the Shooting Sports, revealing some rather interesting statistics. It showed that hunting and target shooting participation diversity has increased in the U.S. over the past decade. The report provides a comprehensive look at the more than 30 million

  • Plenty of Opportunities for Small Game Hunting0

    I know right now, a lot of us, myself included, are thinking about where and how we will set up for our archery buck, and when that season is over, it’s time for the various gun seasons that we have available for tagging a deer. It’s easy to get caught up in all the big

  • Upcoming Deer Seasons and CWD0

    The statewide archery season is about to kick off on Oct. 1, followed by antlerless-only muzzleloader season starting on the 15th of Oct. Not far behind all of that are the regular firearms season, flintlock, and the extended firearms season. Serious deer hunters no doubt have already been preparing for the upcoming seasons, but something