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  • Praising Smallies0

    Fishing has always been a passion, and I continue to take full advantage of what North Central PA has to offer. I am on the water an awful lot and usually head out after dinner. I haven’t had the chance of late. Teach and the kid are back in school, and work is getting in

  • The Hunting Seasons are Upon Us0

    It’s probably safe to say that most of us outdoor types have not given much thought to the upcoming hunting seasons, especially in light of the hot, dry weather that has engulfed us over the past month. But ready or not, the hunting seasons are about to begin. It’s also that time of year that

  • The Roving Sportsman… Gun Ownership Today0

    Today’s gun owners vary widely in their interests in firearms. Some are collectors, admiring the workmanship and artistry of a finely engraved piece that is enhanced with a beautifully grained wooden stock. Some are hunters, looking for a working tool that will aid in their quest for all kinds of wild game and birds. Yet

  • Missing Little League: Disappointed… but Optimistic0

    It was great catching up with my good friend Steve Keener recently. My intention was to ask him some questions for my column this week. Our conversation covered everything from family to baseball, to how blessed we are to call the West Branch Valley our home. Of course, most of our chat was about everything

  • Strange grouse behavior

    Strange grouse behavior0

    I enjoy a good grouse hunt once in a while, especially with a good grouse dog telling me where the bird is before suddenly flushing when I least expect it. After all, that’s what hunters are used to seeing when roaming the grouse woods — birds that spook easily and make a sudden flushing bolt

  • Uncle’s Reflections0

    In our ongoing world of “won’t be’s” we are ever aware that there won’t be motorcycles rumbling across Lycoming County commemorating the lives lost on 9/11; no mummers marching through the streets of South Williamsport this Halloween, nor a championship Little League game played at Lamade Stadium this Sunday. However, there are a whole lot

  • Summer Coyote Hunting0

    With midday temperatures rising into the high 80s and low 90s and unpleasant humidity to match, the best way to cool off the house at night with some fresh air is to sleep with the windows open. In doing so, you might find yourself being awakened in the middle of the night by the barking,

  • Uncles without ‘Nephews’0

    A few days ago over lunch I had the opportunity to ‘catch up’ with friend and broadcast partner Tom Speicher. Our conversation included how strange these next two weeks will be without the Little League World Series. He then suggested it would be interesting to learn how the Little League Uncles are handling this series-less

  • Who Makes the Call?0

    My perspective has no bearing, but many folks have reached out and asked. I am a part-time scribe who coaches high school basketball. PERIOD. And I have been back and forth on this issue for several weeks now. The Patriot League — Bucknell — postponed ALL FALL sports back in July. The PSAC — Bloomsburg,

  • Think “Weedless”

    Think “Weedless”0

    If you are a largemouth bass fishing enthusiast like me you are always looking for ways to keep these warm summer conditions from taking away from your time on your favorite bass lake. It’s that time of year; lake water temperatures are on the high side forcing bass to go deeper or to seek some

  • The Roving Sportsman… It’s Time to Set Your Trail Cameras0

    Most of today’s Pennsylvania hunters would tend to agree that the Pennsylvania Game Commission has done a very good job overall of presenting opportunities to hunt throughout our state for whatever game you choose to pursue. This is particularly evident with the increase of days for hunting whitetail deer and black bear. Further, three days

  • Football Anyone?0

    ? As this year of sports-uncertainty continues, local high school football teams have begun preparations for what they hope will be a season by taking part in what the PIAA describes as “heat acclimatization week.” In its most simplistic terms, the program is designed to give players an opportunity to adjust to the summer heat