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  • Record Bear Harvest0

    A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a piece asking the question, “Could this be a record bear season harvest?” Since then, I’ve also had a number of people ask if the harvest numbers were available yet for this year. Well, the new bear harvest numbers are in, and indeed it is a new record

  • Giving0

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! No matter your beliefs, or non-belief, or how you choose to observe the holiday, this time of the year is like no other. It’s a season of celebration, reflection, consideration, and unification. Memories are made, traditions are continued, and in many cases, new ones are formed. Families and friends gather, and for an

  • A Recollection0

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of the fine readers of Webb Weekly. Special thanks to those who are fans of this page. I am truly humbled by all of your feedback and praise. Before I begin this week’s recollection, I want to give some love to some friends. Thanks to the

  • My Brazilian Lefty

    My Brazilian Lefty0

    I am back on the sidelines after a two-year hiatus. My attempt to become a better husband didn’t go as planned. I am now coaching some basketball at St. John Neumann Regional. My love and appreciation for the game had never left. I only needed a break. I came out of retirement to help an

  • The ‘Take Your Pick’ Bowl0

    The game plan was well developed. Hungry for victory no matter the flavor of the opponent, the offensive strikes probed the objective with quick, decisive moves and devoured the competition. In a matter of moments, the Cereal Bowl was mine! In light of the glut of upcoming college football games, I’m a bit surprised my

  • Some Coming Changes0

    As we all know, changes are always in the wind; some we welcome and some we don’t. I am quite sure, however, that a change that is coming to both the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Fish and Boat Commission is one that will be welcomed by almost all outdoor types. The change I’m referring

  • The Roving Sportsman… Last Minute Ideas!0

    With just a week remaining until the long-awaited thrill of Christmas morning arrives, filled with the aromas of hot chocolate, a fire in the fireplace, and bacon frying, time is slipping away. There is finding and trimming a tree, getting the house ready for all of the relatives and friends who will drop by and

  • Encouraging Youth Sports and Their Benefits

    Encouraging Youth Sports and Their Benefits0

    Sports help shape kids’ lives, but due to funding shortages, some school sports programs are at risk. Most experts agree physical activity is an essential aspect of youth development that teaches teamwork, builds confidence and fuels academic potential. However, according to a survey of middle school educators engaged with DonorsChoose.org, 6 in 10 feel their