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  • Thomas Named to Bowman Field HOF

    Thomas Named to Bowman Field HOF0

    Among the baseball dignitaries to be gathered at the January 15 Williamsport Crosscutters annual Hot Stove Banquet will be a face many may not recognize, but as soon as he opens his mouth the recognition will most likely be there. Following the past 20 years of distinguished service as the team’s Public Address announcer the

  • An Ode to Curtis0

    It is hard to fathom that I made it to another decade. This is my sixth sports fans. I don’t know about you, but I personally struggle with bringing in the new year. My resolutions usually get tossed by January 11th. I have every intention of eating healthy or getting buff. I also try to

  • The Roving Sportsman… It’s Not Too Early0

    Whether you are going to be hunting on public or private property this spring, and whether you are hunting at an old familiar haunt or trying out a new location, here are some tips to guide you through to a more successful spring season in the big woods of northcentral Pennsylvania. Pre-season Preparation: One of the

  • New Bald Eagle Livestream Launched0

    Good news, Eagle Cam lovers: There’s a new nest to watch. The Pennsylvania Game Commission, HDOnTap and Comcast Business have teamed up once again to offer a new bald-eagle nest livestream for the 2019-20 nesting season. The PA Farm Country Eagle Nest livestream is set to launch Dec. 18, offering viewers worldwide 24-7 access to

  • The Roving Sportsman… The Sunday Buck0

    The month was December. The year was 2017. Pennsylvania remains one of very few states that still prohibits Sunday hunting for deer. It is not often that a hunter has the chance of taking a “buck of a lifetime” which is why the term was coined. I had been hunting at one of my favorite

  • How About a Resolution?0

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Like when you do something for the first time, it seemed a bit strange to write the date 2020 as I prepared for this first column of the new year. Most likely many of us will have a few ‘date stumbles’ when we write our first check or fill out information at

  • Preserving History on the Southside1

    In the years preceding her passing several years ago longtime South Williamsport resident and Webb Weekly columnist Rosemary Neidig was engaged in a literary project to write a book encompassing the history of the community she loved so well. While she was never able to complete that endeavor, the subject of her fervor remains alive

  • The Electronics of Ice Fishing0

    What does electronics have to do with ice-fishing? Well, actually quite a bit these days; in fact batteries and electronics play a big role in almost everything we do these days. Just the other day I had to get a tiny battery replaced in my wife’s car so she could start it before she goes