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  • Destiny’s Darlings?0

    It’s not an original thought; in fact, the term has been referenced many times previously. Included in its usage was a 1954 book authored by Martin Ralbovsky about the Schenectady, New York Little League World Champions; a 1960 New York Times article about the Pittsburgh Pirates World Series victory over the Yankees; and Brent Musburger’s

  • A Renovation Update0

    The articles on sports get some high fives. But these freelance short stories get the most praise. I am totally serious. Our renovation is a popular topic. I am working on another pilot. Several weeks back, I mentioned that my father and I were building an addition. I am doing my best to chronicle the

  • Some Regulations Made More Simple

    Some Regulations Made More Simple0

    It’s not unusual to have someone tell me that reading through the Game Commissions regulation handbook can sometimes be very challenging, especially if it’s someone new to the business of hunting and trapping. There’s a lot to digest with figuring out starting and quitting times, what can be hunted and when, boundary differences, exceptions for

  • The Roving Sportsman… A Sincere Thank You to All Veterans0

    Over the years, veterans have returned home from the trenches in Europe, from the jungles of Southeast Asia, and from the desolate countryside of the Middle East. But not all made it home. For decades, members of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard have served our nation willingly and with great pride.

  • Good for Her

    Good for Her0

    My articles are submitted on Friday. Yes. My lovely editor has the entire paper ready. She is always patiently waiting. Everything is on hold because of Sporting Matters. I have been on a roll lately — no more struggles with part-time mobile freelance procrastination. By now, the regular season is over. Several are gearing up

  • A Visit Worthwhile0

    Regardless of the COVID-caused uptick in drive-through business operations, the Route 15 Little League Baseball Museum is not among those entities, despite the bizarre intentions of a woman driver who crashed through its front door this past summer. Today those taking the time to stop by the now 40-year-old edifice encounter a well-kept, entertaining, and

  • CWD update

    CWD update0

    I’ll be honest; writing about Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is not necessarily a story I enjoy penning. I know I wrote about CWD in a column back in September, but I was again reminded of the disease as my wife and I pursued antlerless deer during the special three-day season this past Thursday, Friday, and

  • The FAMILY Game

    The FAMILY Game0

    I was recently asked to tee it up in a few tournaments. I used to love golf, but now it’s totally different. Yes. I am back to coaching at my alma mater. I am enjoying my interactions with the Lycoming College Warriors. But I don’t play much. It’s cool. I don’t miss it. I seriously

  • Many Bear Hunting Opportunities in Pennsylvania0

    Spotting a bear in Pennsylvania is certainly not all that unusual, especially in our part of the state. For some of us who live outside of town, seeing a bear or two in the course of a year is no surprise, and in fact, some folks who live in town have reported bear sightings in

  • A New Challenge Awaits0

    Describing himself as “a basketball junkie,” newly named South Williamsport girls’ basketball coach Dean Kriebel’s upcoming on-court challenge isn’t nearly as daunting as the ten-month cancer foe he successfully defeated during the past year. “Two years ago, I had the opportunity to get back in the game coaching the boys’ seventh-grade team, and I really

  • Nymphing in the Fall

    Nymphing in the Fall0

    I love this time of year as North Central PA is on fire. Change is in the air. Everything is shining. Autumn brings us so many vibrant colors. The Visitors Bureau needs to give me a buzz. Our new addition has got me stressed. I wish there were more hours in the day. Sadly, there

  • Whom Did You Schedule?0

    Historical records do not indicate the amount of pre-match interest or community chatter that may have existed in the days leading up to the Biblical confrontation between David & Goliath, but Friday night’s match-up between Class A Canton and AAAA powerhouse Jersey Shore has been the talk of the town among area football fans in