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What to do for Father’s Day

On Sunday, June 16, fathers everywhere will get to be revered by friends and family as we show our Dad, our Pop, our Father how special we really think he is. With a little over a week to go, there is plenty of time for shopping and planning to make this Father’s Day especially memorable for the father in your life. If he is an outdoor enthusiast, there are so many gadgets and so much gear that are available, no matter what the specific sport or activity he enjoys.

For a father or husband who is into shooting sports, be it a handgun, rifle, or shotgun, a trip to the local sporting goods store will allow you to pick out a huge array of items that will fit any budget. A box or two of shells for his favorite firearm, some gun cleaning supplies, or the actual purchase of that latest gun that he has been wanting will make him happy.

If he is a hunter, focus on whatever game he likes to pursue. For turkey hunters, there is a limitless supply of gear and gadgets to help them be successful on their next turkey outing. From box calls, slate calls, and mouth calls to special turkey loads for his favorite shotgun and even an upgrade of his camouflage outfit or turkey vest, there is a wide variety of items that will be appreciated. The same is true of those men who like to hunt pheasants, grouses, squirrels, deer, or bears — there is a lot of “stuff” available that is useful for their hunts.

If you are trying to make a fisherman happy, particularly a fly fisherman, you are really in luck. There is probably no other outdoor pursuit with more gear and gadgets available to up the game than fly fishing! Dry flies, wet flies, streamers, and nymphs, along with a multitude of fly lines, leaders, and equipment ranging from a few dollars to the-sky’s-the-limit, can be purchased at most nearby sporting goods stores.

If you want to give a gift that keeps on giving, consider signing Dad up to join an organization that supports one of his favorite activities. The membership generally includes a monthly magazine so that he will be reminded month after month of your thoughtfulness. There is the NWTF (National Wild Turkey Federation), TU (Trout Unlimited), or NRA (National Rifle Association), as well as many other great organizations that support any of his interests.

For those of you who are still uncertain as to what to get, there is always the go-to gift certificate. It works great if you want Dad to have the final say on what color, shape, or size of an item he might want, and any area sporting goods store will be happy to issue a certificate for Dad that will fit your budget.

But, in the end, there is ONE thing that you can give him that will impress him the most. Sure, shopping for a gadget or some gear, wrapping it nicely, and watching him open it on Sunday is nice, but it doesn’t come close to what I am about to suggest.

What is the single most valuable item or “thing” that we have? That anyone has, really? Is it our expensive automobile or truck? Or is it our home? Actually, it is neither of those nor any possessions you may have. It is our time. Time is a finite quantity that once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. You cannot replace a minute of time like you can replace almost any possession you may have. So why not consider giving Dad some of your most valuable possessions — your time?

How nice would it be to fix your Dad’s favorite breakfast and then go on a hike together? Or, pack a lunch and go for a walk along his favorite fishing stream, sit for a while, and have some great deep conversations — talking about the things that are important to him, things you rarely take the time to discuss. Perhaps cook his favorite meal for him on a grill or over an open wood fire, and then spend time visiting and reminiscing about some of your favorite memories of times you have shared during hunting or fishing outings. Sharing your time would be the most appreciated and memorable thing you could do as you both reflect back in the years to come on the quality time you shared on his special day.

Gifts, gear, and gadgets are nice and will be appreciated, but spending time together and creating a wonderful memory together is really the best thing you could give a father on Father’s Day.