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  • The Roving Sportsman… Gun Ownership Today0

    Today’s gun owners vary widely in their interests in firearms. Some are collectors, admiring the workmanship and artistry of a finely engraved piece that is enhanced with a beautifully grained wooden stock. Some are hunters, looking for a working tool that will aid in their quest for all kinds of wild game and birds. Yet

  • Some August 23 Good News0

    On the day our treasured Bowman Field was to be filled with happy Little Leaguers and excited fans about to witness the fourth annual MLB/Little League Classic game between the Boston Red Sox and the Baltimore Orioles, the revered city landmark on West Fourth Street stood silent. The same condition existed at LLB’s Lamade and

  • Praising Smallies0

    Fishing has always been a passion, and I continue to take full advantage of what North Central PA has to offer. I am on the water an awful lot and usually head out after dinner. I haven’t had the chance of late. Teach and the kid are back in school, and work is getting in

  • Six Ways to Prevent Falls Around the House0

    Despite all of the potential hazards around a house — from electrical issues to fire hazards to carbon monoxide — the National Home Security Alliance says that falls are the leading cause of death due to home accidents. Falls are responsible for one-third of all home-related fatalities. Although seniors are the group most affected by

  • A Refresher Course in School Bus Safety0

    The dawn of a new school year is a time marked by change and fresh opportunities. For many children, school marks the first time they are away from their parents for an extended period of time. It also may be the first time they ride in a vehicle other than their parents’ cars. Each school

  • Who is Most Vulnerable to Osteoporosis?0

    Osteoporosis is a disease in which the density and quality of bones are reduced. According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, age and gender are two of the fixed risk factors for osteoporosis. Fixed risks factors are things that cannot be changed, and the IOF notes the importance of being aware of these factors. Awareness of

  • County Hall Corner: Voting By Mail – The Real Story1

    Director of Voter Services, Forrest Lehman, has been receiving dozens of telephone calls daily concerning the upcoming election. Much of it stems from the latest outrage or scandal or rage or whatever it is called over the US Postal Service and its ability or inability to handle mail-in ballots in a timely manner. This all

  • Things to Know Before Drafting a Living Will0

    During the prime of their lives, people typically don’t give much thought to scenarios in which they become ill or are facing the end of life. Sickness and mortality are not easy conversations to have, but it is important for everyone to approach these heavy topics with close family members so that individuals can rest

  • Setting Expectations for a Healthy Pregnancy0

    Welcoming a baby into the world is a special lifetime moment. A full-term pregnancy is divided into three trimesters of baby development in the mother’s womb. Each trimester comes with its own hormonal and physiological changes. As a new mom, the education about each trimester prepares you for how the baby affects your body and

  • How to Avoid Drug Interactions0

    Hundreds of millions of people across the globe rely on medications for their survival. In fact, the percentage of people using prescription medications may surprise people who work outside the health care industry. According to the National Center for Health Statistics’ National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2015-16, nearly 46 percent of the population of

  • Understanding the Importance of Sleep0

    According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, sleep is an important part of a person’s daily routine and is essential for many things including health, learning, and mood. Considering that the average person spends approximately a third of their lives sleeping, it stands to reason that sleep is as essential to living

  • Spillin’ the Beans

    Spillin’ the Beans0

    Ahhhhh September. Beautiful September. The crisp air it brings and the change of nature that is about to start is exciting. The “BER” months are my favorite, guys. Seriously. I was made for September, October, November and December. Does anyone else feel like if they blink, before we know it Christmas is here!? It’s crazy!

  • Library Offers Back-to-School Resources0

    As the first day of school approaches (or has passed), is your child prepared for the academic year? Libraries across Pennsylvania grow students’ school readiness social, cognitive and emotional skills. The James V. Brown Library, 19 E. Fourth St., offers year-round story times and early literacy programs to help preschoolers with transitioning. The Brown Library’s

  • The Bookworm Sez: “The Sisters Grimm” by Menna van Praag

    The Bookworm Sez: “The Sisters Grimm” by Menna van Praag0

    I had a dream last night that… And there’s how many stories, advertisements, and speeches start. You dreamed you could fly, that you went back to school, that you were naked and nobody noticed. Some say that dreams have messages for us, interpretations to heed, or lessons to be learned. In the new book “The

  • Gazette and Bulletin: September 4, 1920 – Celebration of Ratification of Suffrage Amendment Held0

    More than 300 –people were present at the Community House last evening with a splendid program of addresses and music, celebrating the ratification of the suffrage amendment was celebrated. Mayor Archibald Hoagland presided and following a community “sing” led by Miss Ruth Wendle, he introduced one of the chief speakers of the evening, Judge Harvey

  • How to Dress for a Warm Fall0

    The heat just won’t quit, and it’s almost Labor Day! Usually, around this time of year, I would start transitioning my closet from summer clothes to fall apparel. Fall is similar to spring in that it starts very differently than how it ends. On day one, it feels like the height of summer, and by

  • How to Manage Low Bandwidth During Remote Learning Sessions0

    In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, many schools hastily transitioned from traditional in-person learning to remote learning. This transition posed new and unique challenges to educators as well as students and their parents. One of the biggest challenges posed by remote learning was keeping students connected to their teachers and their classmates, not all

  • Missing Little League: Disappointed… but Optimistic0

    It was great catching up with my good friend Steve Keener recently. My intention was to ask him some questions for my column this week. Our conversation covered everything from family to baseball, to how blessed we are to call the West Branch Valley our home. Of course, most of our chat was about everything

  • Picnic Prep

    Picnic Prep0

    So, I have plans to go to a party this weekend. Since I have issues showing up empty handed, I’ve been thinking about what I can bring. Also, with Labor Day coming up, I know you all have potlucks and BBQs on the horizon too. I like to try out new recipes for parties, so

  • Strange grouse behavior

    Strange grouse behavior0

    I enjoy a good grouse hunt once in a while, especially with a good grouse dog telling me where the bird is before suddenly flushing when I least expect it. After all, that’s what hunters are used to seeing when roaming the grouse woods — birds that spook easily and make a sudden flushing bolt


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