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  • Central Pennsylvania Fiber Festival May 20th and 21st at Lycoming County Fairgrounds0

    Various types of fiber are used to make our clothing and other everyday products. And this important product is often overlooked and underappreciated. There is one event, however, that helps to reverse this, and that is the Central Pennsylvania Fiber Festival, which will be held Saturday, May 20, and Sunday, May 21, from 10 a.m.

  • Hey, Mommas

    Hey, Mommas0

    It was May 7th when I realized that the following Sunday was Mother’s Day. I opened up our refrigerator and got a quick glance at the calendar. I gasped. “Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh. Shoot!” Ty was in the kitchen with me and asked what was wrong. I told him I didn’t realize that

  • How to Make Homes Safer From Fires0

    Over a five-year period beginning in 2015 and 2019, fire departments across the United States responded to roughly 347,000 home structure fires per year. That data, courtesy of the National Fire Protection Association, underscores the significance of home fire protection measures. Smoke detectors are a key component of fire protection, but there’s much more homeowners

  • The Bookworm Sez: “A Work in Progress” by Jarrett Lerner

    The Bookworm Sez: “A Work in Progress” by Jarrett Lerner0

    You are a work of art. Your skin is a palette of shadow and light, like a fine pencil drawing. The color of your eyes can’t be duplicated, even by the best painter. Shades of softness top your head, your smile flashes white, you frame it all with personality. But as in the new book

  • Growing and Cooking Pre-Summer Used Book Sale for Konkle Library in Montoursville0

    The “Growing and Cooking” Pre-Summer Used Book Sale is Friday, May 19th (10 a.m.-6 p.m.) and Saturday, May 20th (9 a.m.-2 p.m.) at the Montoursville W.B. Konkle Library on Broad Street. It is time to stock up before summer vacation. Generous donors have provided us with a healthy supply of fardening and cookbooks, so let’s

  • Summer It-Bags0

    Hands down, the best part of summer for me is getting out and about and making plans with friends. Some of my favorite warm-weather activities include day trips, hiking, breweries with patios, dinner dates, and anything that will wear out my children. And, of course, for those of us who think about these things, with

  • Sunshine, Flowers, and a Happy Mother’s Day0

    As I walked out my back door last Friday all was right with the world. The birds were singing and in the distance; you could finally hear a turkey gobbling, announcing his presence. It was the first morning in a long time my 4-legged son Finn wasn’t soaking wet after returning from his visit to

  • Happy Mother’s Day

    Happy Mother’s Day0

    Every year, I think, “Steph, maybe you should do something different for Mother’s Day this year? Change it up a bit.” But then I read through this list and think, “Nah, this is the ultimate Mother’s Day list! Moms are out here killin’ it every day, and no matter what type of Mom they are,

  • Bite back Against Lyme Disease

    Bite back Against Lyme Disease0

    Among the tall grasses and wildflowers that sprout each spring and summer lies a stealth predator just waiting for its chance at an easy meal. Ticks may be small in stature, but their impact on bite victims is potentially significant. Preventing Lyme disease and other tickborne illnesses comes down to following some key steps. Learn

  • The Wacky Worm

    The Wacky Worm0

    So, what’s a wacky worm? Well, it’s a soft rubber or plastic worm made, for the most part, for bass fishing. Artificial worms have been around for a long time, but fishermen are constantly coming up with new ways of rigging plastic worms and other soft plastics, and the wacky worm is a good example.

  • Break Out Brunch Favorites for Spring Celebrations0

    Deck your kitchen, dining room or patio with bright decor and fun, festive springtime frills — brunch season is here. Whether your weekend morning meal is shared with that special someone or friends, family and neighbors, warm, sunny days can bring out the best of brunch. Impress your loved one with these Mini Banana Rice

  • Crosstown Colleges Share Academic Resources

    Crosstown Colleges Share Academic Resources0

    Students at Pennsylvania College of Technology and Lycoming College can enhance their studies on both campuses. A cross-registration program between the two schools permits students to complete courses and activities that are not available at their home institution. Examples of subjects that a Penn College student might take at Lycoming include music, religion and theater.

  • Game Commission Announces Spraying Plans0

    In an effort to protect wildlife habitat, the Pennsylvania Game Commission plans to spray nearly 110,000 acres of state game lands this spring. Spraying will occur on 43 different state game lands — 109,180 acres in all — and will begin as soon as leaf-out occurs and spongy moth egg masses hatch, likely in late

  • Attract Backyard Birds with the Right Seeds0

    While almost all bird seed may look pretty much the same to you, it doesn’t to the birds you’re feeding. Knowing what kinds of seeds different birds like can help you attract a variety of fine feathered friends to your feeders. Consider these popular seed types and the common backyard birds they attract: Sunflower –

  • County Hall Corner: A Long, Long Wait for Our County Coroner0

    Charles (Chuck) Kiessling proves the adage that the squeaky wheel does get the grease, even if the wheel has to squeak for ten years or more. At long, long last, Coroner Kiessling has a new facility for the work of the Lycoming County Coroner’s Department. It is located at 3341 Wahoo Drive in Williamsport, which

  • UPMC Provider: Give Mom the Gift of Wellness This Mother’s Day0

    Mother’s Day is coming up, and a great time to focus on the matriarchs of your family. This is something they may not be used to since they are usually putting others’ needs before their own. To make this day extra meaningful, make your mother’s health a priority. Celebrate With Wellness in Mind When it

  • Menopausal Hair Care0

    After I turned 40, I noticed a shift in the types of fliers that came my way. I still get mailers for meal delivery services and wine clubs, but there are now some new postcards in my mailbox. Brands are reaching out to offer discounts on heat-wicking pajamas to combat nightly hot flashes, nutritional supplements

  • The Importance of Mental Wellness For a Healthy Heart and Brain

    The Importance of Mental Wellness For a Healthy Heart and Brain0

    Research shows anxiety, stress and depression can have a negative impact on physical health and may even increase the risk for heart disease and stroke. In fact, the American Heart Association, the world’s leading nonprofit organization focused on heart and brain health, identified a strong interconnection between the mind, heart and body in its scientific

  • Learn the Meanings Behind Popular Mother’s Day Flowers

    Learn the Meanings Behind Popular Mother’s Day Flowers0

    Mother’s Day is a time to express love and appreciation for mothers, sentiments that are often expressed with gifts. Flowers are a popular present to bestow on Mother’s Day, as they can brighten a room and bring a sweet aroma to any household. While any flowers may ultimately suffice on Mother’s Day, gift givers may

  • Horoscopes0

    ARIES: Mar 21–Apr 20 Aries, pay attention to the smaller details, as those are the ones most often ignored. You’ll be highly regarded if you pinpoint any errors in a timely manner. TAURUS: Apr 21–May 21 Work to the best of your ability, Taurus. Focus on your own work and serve as a source of


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