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  • How to Make Summer Dresses Fall Ready0

    With autumn just around the corner, you may be tempted to buy some new pieces for the upcoming season. And while you may need functional upgrades to your existing wardrobe for the months ahead, chances are you can still wear your favorite summertime dresses through September and into October with a few styling tricks. The

  • The Roving Sportsman… Tasty Trout0

    Having been fortunate enough to not only catch, but also bring back from a recent trip to northern Quebec, several dozen brook trout, I was anxious to see just how good they would taste. The trip itself was very special, requiring 24 hours on the road and then a flight into the lake via floatplane.

  • School is Back

    School is Back0

    Well, we all have different feelings about our kids going back to school. Some are like “peace out kids” while others are not looking forward to that first day. I’ve always loved summer breaks with my son. It was tough when I first sent him off to school. I was a basket case, and I

  • The Heron Family0

    “The Heron Family” sounds like the title of a new TV comedy show. I’m actually talking about a group of long-legged birds that are often found wading the edges of various bodies of water. Probably the most commonly spotted species of the group is the great blue heron; it is also one of the largest

  • Another Great Series

    Another Great Series0

    Congratulations to my friends at Little League International. The 2019 World Series was off the charts. I just wanted to say thanks for another great experience. The Spencers made it over to Lamade and Volunteer on a few occasions. My son is obsessed with Little League baseball, and he witnessed most if not all of

  • Schreppel’s Strike

    Schreppel’s Strike0

    As the ball snuggled securely into the catcher’ glove, a broad smile crossed the face of his battery mate. As he walked towards the dugout, the cheers of the crowd cascaded down upon him from the stands and grassy slopes surrounding Lamade Stadium. No, this wasn’t the final out of the championship game, or even

  • Cutters Season Ends Sept. 20

    Only a few days left to catch Cutters Baseball during the 2019 season! We’ve got some great promotions to wrap up this year’s campaign so be sure to redeem those unused vouchers, rainchecks and tickets and come out to cheer on the Cutters now through Labor Day! Cutters Roster Moves August 8 – RHP Adam

  • First Person Living0

    Relationships are sometimes messy. All of them — marriages, siblings, co-workers, teammates, neighbors, best friends, or even brothers and sisters in Christ. Life has a way of throwing an occasional curveball that can introduce stress and drama into even the best relationship. If you have a relationship that is stressed, then I encourage you to

  • Still Strong at Any Age0

    Many of you can recall the blizzard of 1993. At the time, I was in college and still developing in my sport. I was just beginning to compete in the open division and starting to run with the big boys, which was a challenge, to say the least. Since powerlifting does not have a defined

  • WASD Launches ‘Be Present’ Campaign to Promote School Attendance, Mitigate Chronic Absenteeism0

    The Williamsport Area School District has announced the launch of its new “Be Present” campaign, a school district-community call-to-action to promote the importance of being in school every day while also raising awareness against chronic absenteeism. Last fall, in the wake of an amendment to the Pennsylvania School Code on student attendance, the district joined


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