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  • The Bent Press

    The Bent Press0

    The more I got into strength training as a kid, the more I became fascinated with its rich history. Strength and fitness knowledge, in general, wasn’t always accessible to the general public. Up until the early part of the twentieth century, it was reserved for billionaires and royalty. Early trainers were sometimes regarded as equal

  • Gathered Around the Table

    Gathered Around the Table0

    “OK guys, we are ready to eat. Get washed up and sit down for dinner please.” The seven-year-old little girl pulls her chair out, sits down and says, “Momma can I pray tonight?” “Yes, you can baby.” Dear Lord, Thank you for this day. Thank you that momma, and daddy, and Tyler, me and Bear

  • UPMC Expert: Is Cancer in Your Future?0

    ? Mai Phuong, MD Oncology, UPMC If you were at increased risk for cancer, would you want to know? By 2040, the number of new cancer cases per year is expected to rise to 29.5 million according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer. While there are many factors contributing to the rise in

  • Avoid Distraction and Anticipate Reaction0

    There are not many folks that log more miles in Lycoming County and the counties adjacent to us than I do. This is one of the busiest times of year for the streets and highways in our area. With all I have recently witnessed, I think it’s a good time for a public service message

  • Can’t Win ‘Em All0

    As local Little League seasons begin to wind down, it’s becoming more and more likely that kids are going to have to learn how to lose. More specifically how to lose with grace. Loss in sports, and in life, is inevitable. There is no avoiding it. But teaching children to lose with dignity, and with

  • Lycoming County Fair Returns After One Year Absence0

    In another sign that things are beginning to return to normal after the COVID pandemic, the 150 th Lycoming County Fair will be returning July 14 to 24 after a one-year absence. Lycoming County Fair Association Board Members are excited at the return of the fair but at the same time are frustrated that last

  • To Feed or Not to Feed?0

    To feed or not to feed? Lately, it appears that the practice of feeding birds in your backyard may be a problem — at least in recent weeks. Bird feeders and birdbaths have been popular items in backyards for many years, but there may be some problems emerging over the practice. As a photographer and

  • What to Wear to an Amusement Park0

    Summer is in full gear, and as things start opening up, you may be planning a trip to an amusement park! Spending a day or two at a theme park is not for the faint of heart, and comfort is a definite priority. Whether just for the day or a week-long vacation, there’s not much

  • The Roving Sportsman… A Trip from Hell into a Slice of Heaven…!0

    DAY FIVE: “Retribution…finally!” So much had already happened on this short, 5-day hunt that could be classified as “unique,” “once in a lifetime,” or, at least, a “memory that will last forever!” On this, the final day of the hunt, I should have been expecting nothing less. Last night, the only bowhunter in camp took

  • Loyalsock Township’s Sophia Gardner Signs Letter of Intent With the University of Pittsburg

    Loyalsock Township’s Sophia Gardner Signs Letter of Intent With the University of Pittsburg0

    Loyalsock Township High School Senior, Sophia Gardner signed a letter of intent, on May 23, 2021, committing to Track and Field (long jump) at the University of Pittsburg, in Pittsburg, PA. Coach Matt Hill says, “Sophia leaves Loyalsock as one of the most experienced and decorated athletes in team history. Overall, she won five state

  • Local Author & Historian David Richards to speak at Lycoming Co. Fair.

    Local Author & Historian David Richards to speak at Lycoming Co. Fair.0

    On Saturday, July 17th, 2021, at 6:00 p.m., Picture Rocks native David Richards will be giving a presentation at the Lycoming County Fair on what life in Hughesville was like 150 years ago. The presentation will be at the Red Dog Mobile Storage Stage. I first met David Richards during a class field trip to

  • New Players Joining the Roster0

    With the 2021 MLB Draft having taken place this past weekend, the Crosscutters will see an influx of new players to the roster. They are slated to include; Steven Nitch (C)- County College of Morris Ramon Bramasco (INF)- University of Washington Jerome Bohannon (LHP)-Southern University Brian Rodriguez (RHP)-Northeastern University David Stiehl (RHP)- Northeastern University Dylan

  • May the Birthday Long Continue0

    It may be my age. It may be my pride. It may be my lifelong experiences. In reality, it is no doubt a combination of all three that culminated in a more emotional than usual Fourth of July weekend. I watched baseball and fireworks, consumed hot dogs and apple pie, and, as corny as it

  • Foul Balls0

    Exactly five years ago today, the Spencers were on a west coast pilgrimage. My lovely sister and ‘rents now live in West Hollywood, California. We found ourselves in the nosebleed seats of Dodgers Stadium. I guess you can say it was the usual MLB afternoon matinee. Slow, hot, somewhat crowded with stale peanuts and overpriced

  • This Week’s LION: Ron James and Children/Youth Services1

    One of the strengths of Lycoming County government agencies is that they take the time to recognize those who excel in their work. A rather unusual recognition ceremony took place on June 29th in Courtroom #1 at the Lycoming County Courthouse by the five Court of Common Pleas judges. They gathered the supervisors and caseworkers

  • Williamsport Sun: July 12, 1951 – Like to Hike? Boys Have Blazed Rugged 31-Mile Trail0

    For those who like to hike — not just walk around the block — a new rugged 31-mile mountain trail has recently been completed by Explorer Post 110, Boy Scouts of America. Its purpose says Howard J. Ulman, Jr., scout advisor, is to create interest in hiking by providing a continuously marked trail, well chosen

  • Lunges for Hiking0

    When I first started training for a living, almost 30 years ago, I had access to very little leg equipment with which to train my clients. Out of necessity, I had my clients perform countless numbers of lunge variations, and they quickly became the exercise that everyone loved to hate. In fact, I became somewhat

  • County Hall Corner: What is Critical Race Theory?0

    Lycoming County might be on the outer edge of many contemporary social issues, but sooner or later, our moment comes. Black Lives Matter parades and assemblies, counter-demonstrations of white supremacists, PRIDE rallies, etc., they all eventually come to our door. We need to be prepared for a new show coming to town. All across America,

  • Montoursville Konkle Library0

    HOT SUMMER Used Book Sale The Friends of W. B. Memorial Konkle Library in Montoursville are hosting their HOT SUMMER Used Book Sales on Saturday, July 24th and August 21st. Did you know there are more books sold in the summer than during any other season? We all like to relax and get away in

  • When the Weather is Hot, Keep a Cool Mind

    When the Weather is Hot, Keep a Cool Mind0

    On these hot days of July, who wants to have a hot stove on? Jeeze, even just running a dryer makes a big difference when you are trying to cool your house on hot days like these. I try to hang as many clothes out on the line as I can. You can’t beat the


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