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  • Library to Host Virtual Baking Club for Families0

    The James V. Brown Library, 19 E. Fourth St., has announced a new virtual family program starting in March, the Little Red Hen Baking Club. This is a fun baking club that participants can do from the comfort of their own home. Once a month, families will make simple yeast breads in a bag. All

  • Common Sense for Weight Loss0

    When I graduated from college, the first job I had was working as a trainer for a health club that was actually in a shopping mall. Being wide-eyed and ambitious, I started a personal consultation program where I would work with individual clients on everything from exercise and flexibility training, to cardio-respiratory training and daily

  • Simple Self-Care Tips You’ll Love

    Simple Self-Care Tips You’ll Love0

    When easing into a new year, many experts encourage more self-care. From paying more attention to your mental health to pampering yourself from head to toe, now is the perfect time to start showing yourself a little extra love. Make time to decompress. The past year shows that every rose comes with thorns, like working

  • Gazette and Bulletin: February 26. 1898 – Talks on Patriotism0

    All of the public schools of Williamsport held special exercises yesterday in memory of George Washington. As last Tuesday, Washington’s Birthday was a legal holiday, there was no school sessions, so it was decided to postpone the celebration until yesterday. Some of the schools made special preparations for the event and many of the rooms

  • Into the Shark Tank and Then Straight to China1

    My column was to follow up where I left off last week with “Always Question Science, Medicine, and Government.” It was to cover the complete fleecing of America by the long-serving elected in Washington. That will have to wait until next week. You’ll be shocked by the multi-millionaires that have grown at the trough of

  • Mardi Gras and Lent0

    I guess we can chalk up yet another thing that the global pandemic has ruined. #ThanksCOVID. Mardi Gras in New Orleans typically means dancing in the streets, standing shoulder to shoulder with strangers, and watching one parade after another roll by while slowly becoming a human bead tree. But Mardi Gras 2021 will be different.

  • African-Americans Have Been A Notable and Interesting Part of Lycoming County History2

    As we celebrate “Black History Month,” it is important to shine a light on some of the significant and notable things about African-Americans, and their important and interesting role in Lycoming County’s history. No one knows for sure when the first African-Americans made their first appearance in Lycoming County. It is highly possible that some

  • The Power of Storytelling0

    Long-term memory is as complicated as it is fascinating. The creation and maintenance of long-term memory involves both physiology and repetition. Some events are remembered due to the sheer force of their impact. When we experience something very significant, neurotransmitters are released into the brain and the event is permanently stored. Do you remember where

  • County Hall Corner: Viewers Guide to the Commissioners Meetings0

    I have made the best effort to make every Lycoming County Commissioners Meeting possible, but the recent snowstorms have housebound me more than I have liked. I have found it necessary to utilize the county’s videos of these meetings to keep informed. For the novice, watching these might be rather tedious, so I am providing

  • The Bookworm Sez: “Keep Moving: Notes on Loss, Creativity, and Change” by Maggie Smith1

    Right foot, left foot, right foot. That’s the only way to move forward: one step at a time, even if it’s a baby step. Yes, there are times when even that may seem impossible but when something’s done, when someone’s gone, or when the unthinkable has become reality, that’s what you have to do. Right

  • How About a February Squirrel Hunt?0

    I’ll be honest, I don’t do much squirrel hunting these days, but when I began hunting as a teenager, squirrel hunting was high on my list of priorities. Many other hunting and fishing opportunities slowly crowded out my squirrel hunting over the years, but I still have fond memories of those early days. For those

  • Food Brings People Together

    Food Brings People Together0

    I can’t believe we are working our way to the end of February already. It’s unreal. I feel like once we get through February and March, we have winter in the bag. January always flies for us. My stepdad’s birthday is the first week of January, my daughter’s is the second week, and my husband’s

  • Rays of Hope0

    The Outdoor Industry Association and the Outdoor Foundation are national organizations that conduct research into the depth and effect of American’s participation in outdoor recreation. Each year, the Outdoor Foundation produces the Outdoor Participation Report – the largest, most comprehensive research report on outdoor recreation participation. Along with the overall report, research details individual outdoor

  • Style File: Hip Hop Fashion0

    For this edition of “style file,” we’re going to take a look at Hip Hop Fashion, which began in the 1970s and has had increased influence in styles and trends every decade since. Hip Hop Fashion, aka Streetwear, is a casual yet distinctive style of dressing that originated from urban Black American and Latin American

  • Watch Wildlife Round the Clock From Home0

    Harsh winter weather can make it tough to get outdoors. But even in the worst conditions, the Game Commission’s round-the-clock livestreams offer viewers a chance to connect with wildlife, all from the comfort of home. A new 24-7 livestream from a black bear den in Monroe County launched this week. That brings the total to

  • Crosscutters Unveil Schedule for Inaugural MLB Draft League Season

    Crosscutters Unveil Schedule for Inaugural MLB Draft League Season0

    The Williamsport Crosscutters in conjunction with Major League Baseball have announced the 2021 schedule for the all-new MLB Draft League. The league will be the first in the country focused on top prospects eligible to be drafted during the season while giving them the unique opportunity to showcase their abilities and gain exposure to MLB

  • A Healthcare Worker’s Super Bowl0

    Growing up with a rooting interest for the Pittsburgh Steelers, South Williamsport High School alum Sue (Rake) McNutt was never a Tom Brady fan, but never-the-less enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime experience of witnessing the GOAT make history with his seventh Super Bowl triumph and fifth big game MVP performance in Tampa Bay’s 31-9 dismantling of Kansas

  • UPMC Provider: Pregnancy’s Effects on the Heart0

    A woman’s body goes through many changes during pregnancy. Many of them are obvious like the belly bump, but some are more subtle or hidden like how pregnancy affects the heart and blood vessels. Due to these changes, some women may develop a new heart condition during pregnancy, or an existing cardiac condition can worsen.

  • Tomatoes0

    When most people think of a vegetable plant, they think of tomatoes right away. Over the years, I have planted various vegetables and fruits, but my personal favorite is the tomato. The tomato can be one of the easiest plants to have with a little work and the right amount of space. There are two

  • Gazette and Bulletin: February 8, 1943 – Negro History Week Opens With Church Meeting0

    The opening ceremonies of a week-long Negro History Week observance, which is conducted nationwide, were held yesterday afternoon before a large congregation at the Shiloh Baptist Church. Jesse O’ Thomas, a negro staff assistant in the war savings department of the U.S. Treasury in Washington, was the featured speaker of the program that included Mayor


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