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Looking the Future in the Eyes

There are two wonderful ladies I hear from on a regular basis. I believe both give me way too much credit for my writing, creativity, and ability to reach people in a special way. Both pray for me, encourage me, and let me know I’m loved. Both tell me I have a gift that I need to use in the most positive way for good. That there is too much division and hatred fueled by negativity; don’t fall into that trap, even if you’re right. Try to use your pen to unite, not divide. That is what is most needed in our Nation today.

Now for where I’m going with this. One lady is a Democrat, and one lady is a Republican. Both love God, our Country, and their fellow man in the name of Jesus. So, how do I honor these ladies’ requests and provide a column that has in it what many are looking for this week? What my thoughts are on the New York hush money trial of Donald Trump. I understand the fact that no matter what I write, it will upset folks on both sides of the political aisle, creating exactly what the ladies say I should avoid. Did I mention I believe they are both right, along with a lot of others who tell me the same thing, although I don’t know their political affiliation?

So, here is my attempt at holding myself to that standard. I could fill the pages ahead with my thoughts about the trial, former President Trump, and all involved in so many ways, including President Biden. There is enough incendiary information to inflame both Republicans and Democrats. But what would that accomplish, other than me having to talk to a lot of upset people, which I always try to do no matter how upset they are? Go figure. I think people forget or haven’t read my writings over the years when I tell them I was raised by a evenly divided family of staunch Republicans and Democrats. Which I believe has instilled the best of both parties within me.

That I do my best to present whatever the column is with honesty and integrity. Not with a political slant. I often try to use common sense to make my points. Just try explaining that to a far right-wing nut or to a far-left beyond-liberal who isn’t going to agree with anything I say. This is because I remain a registered Republican to keep my right to vote in the May elections.

So, now my thoughts about the trial, the aftermath, and the upcoming election. What a mess! The American people deserve so much better than this on so many levels. However, this is where we are at this point in American history. I still believe it will be the same two candidates on the ballot come November, and the next president will be decided by the power of the vote. What is most important in my eyes is for the American people to find a way to become unified for what is best for the future, not the individual.

I ran a column for Memorial Day and highlighted it with an experience I had at Celebration Villa and how the St. John Neumann Regional Academy kindergarteners brought tears to my eyes with their singing of God Bless America.

It was great to hear from so many of you about how you appreciated and understood the emotions I was trying to paint with words. I never asked if you were Republican or Democrat — nor did I care. Several suggested I run a picture of the group. I thought that was a great idea. Please remember my contact information is always on page 4, and I do listen.

I will finish this week with something I know but would never ask. The beautiful children within this photo are those of Republicans, Democrats, and some who might not really care. I’m sure all are proud of the way their sons and daughters, in unison, represented God, Country, and Family for the community.

When you look at the smiles on these kids’ faces, you see that the future must be preserved through the unification of the American people through the goal of the common good. I pray this picture is worth a thousand words of positivity and not a single word of negativity.

God Bless America.

Front Row: Music teacher, Mrs. Ciabattari, Hunter, Johnny, Amelia, Malia, Malikai, & Caiden.
Back Row: Paisley, Elliott, Max, Morgan, Kieren, Cameron, Addie & Penelope.
Jim Webb