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  • A Veterans Day Appreciation and Monster Buck Anticipation0

    “Sign, sign, everywhere a sign, they’re blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind. Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?” You know I like musical references, and this seemed like the perfect one. It’s time to take down all those roadside election signs. A message to the candidates and their supporters, please

  • Trick or Treat, Vote for Me0

    Election time in the West Branch Valley is finally upon us. Before we talk about the first Tuesday in November, it’s time for another one of my public service messages with a twist. Please watch out for all the superheroes, princesses, “Toy Story” characters, and of course, the traditional witches, werewolves, vampires, and ghosts. Come

  • Mayor Gabe, Opportunistic Dave and the Write-In Rage1

    Last week’s column, Deciding Who Deserves a Do-Over, raised a lot of eyebrows. If you missed it or would like a reread, all that is Webb Weekly past can be found at webbweekly.com. I do not endorse candidates, although I will compliment them if they’re doing a good job. I will, however, un-endorse candidates. With

  • Deciding Who Deserves a Do-Over0

    Before I get started, tip of my Little Mountaineer Little League cap to a wonderful lady, Dori Rankinen, chairperson of the South Williamsport Mummers’ Parade. Dory has done a fantastic job breathing life back into the event and keeping a great tradition marching down the streets of South Side. It’s great that the Mummers’ Committee

  • Many Can’t Handle the Truth, Can You?1

    There is something for all of us to dislike in President Donald Trump. That’s just who he is, and he’s never going to change. It is probably his greatest strength as a leader but could be his kryptonite as far as winning a second term in the Oval Office. I have written on at least

  • Getting Back to the Political Poppycock0

    Before I get started on my main topics of discussion, just a reminder to all our hunters out there. If you’re lucky enough to tag that big buck you’ve been watching all summer, make sure you enter our Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck Contest. Webb Weekly’s very own Ron Mingle will be back to oversee the contest even

  • Pumpkins, Plumbers and Pigskin0

    What an amazing time of year to call our neck of Penns Woods home. As the calendar officially reads Autumn, it signifies the beginning of so many wonderful happenings and traditions. Soon, the fall foliage will illuminate both mountainsides that frame the Susquehanna River. Mother Nature’s perfect fall decorating of the West Branch Valley. The

  • The More Things Change, the More They Should Have Stayed the Same0

    It’s hard to believe that when Montoursville and Loyalsock kick it off this Friday night, we’ll be five weeks into the high school football regular season. I don’t know which one of these two things seem more out of bounds. That we’re halfway thru the PIAA High School football season and the calendar still reads

  • The Day Innocence was Lost

    The Day Innocence was Lost0

    It was a beautiful, sun drenched, late-summer morning. It appeared all was right in the world. The early day’s sun still very warm, but the smell of fall was in the air. I dropped my sons off for school and daycare. Jimmy had just started kindergarten and Hunter was a very young preschooler. I was

  • The Class of 2020 Kicks it Off0

    A welcome back to school to all students, especially the Class of 2020. Growing up when I did, that almost sounds like a science fiction movie of the day. The title probably something like “Space Odyssey 2020” or maybe “Halloween 2020.” Jason’s grandson returns to terrorize high school graduates working a summer camp before they