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  • Our Nation has Become Zombified0

    I have never been a fan of zombies. I remember in the late 70s when “Dawn of the Dead” was the big movie. I had no interest in seeing it. When I go to the movies, I want to laugh and be entertained. I have never been into the blood, gore, and things that go

  • The Magical Month of March

    The Magical Month of March0

    What a great time to get out and about and enjoy all the happenings early Spring has to offer. There is definitely something for everyone that calls the West Branch Valley home. It is so nice to hear the singing of the robins in the morning and enjoy the sunshine upon returning home in the

  • Socialism – An Evil Veiled Deceptor0

    So let me get this straight…Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, a 79-year-old self-proclaimed socialist, again wants to be the president of the United States of America. His last time out seeking the Democratic nomination I guess he just wasn’t experienced enough at age 75. He needed four more years of seasoning to grow his socialistic

  • In Honor and Remembrance of Our American Soldiers

    In Honor and Remembrance of Our American Soldiers0

    What weather we’ve seen over the last year. You just don’t know what to expect. Last week snow and treacherous driving were on full display one day, followed by a beautiful sunrise and 50-degree temperatures the next. One thing’s for sure, March is just around the corner, and that sounds good to me. Let’s hope

  • Coming to America, No Trojan Horse Required0

    The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about immigration and our Country is the welcoming Lady of Freedom, the Statue of Liberty. I imagine my Italian ancestors as they approached Ellis Island, and that brightly glowing torch extending toward heaven welcomed them. The relief and joy they must have felt after

  • Annie Get Your Gun!0

    The family tradition of hunting in Pennsylvania began before Penns Woods had even become a state. In 1683 hunting was permitted as a right of ownership on all land covered by Mr. William Penn’s Charter. The family tradition of an actual “deer season” in the Keystone State did not begin until 1869. At this point

  • Mike Is Who He Is – All the Way to Cooperstown1

    Tip of my Loyalsock Lancer cap to cross-creek rival Mike Mussina. His election into the Baseball Hall of Fame is a celebration of a good man doing great things the right way, and being rewarded with baseball immortality. Mike’s priorities have always been in the right order, although sometimes, big city people and sportswriters didn’t

  • A Trophy Year

    A Trophy Year0

    What a year it was for our 11th Annual Webb Weekly – Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck Contest. If you remember, we renamed the contest in honor of my Uncle Ron Maietta who left us this past year for the big hunting ground in the sky, and Ron Mingle’s family who are fighting the same battle

  • Good Guys Do Finish First0

    It is amazing what is accomplished in the world of sports from folks that call the West Branch Valley home. It just seems to get better and better with each passing season. I can guarantee you there’s no place in the world there has ever been a head basketball coach record their 1,000th win and

  • A Super Bowl for the Uncompromising1

    One thing you can count on with the Super Bowl is that there will be a winner decided. In the event of a tie after four quarters, they will go to the old NFL format of sudden death to declare the winner — simply play until somebody wins. I think this system should be adopted