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Jumpin’ Into June

Congrats to Katie Jones! The South Side Senior High flyer set the state pole vault record on the way to the gold medal. The young lady cleared 13 feet, yes 13 feet… Amazing! Jones has been the odds on favorite all season at the AA level, making her accomplishment even more special. Sometimes that target of being the best gets a little heavy down at Shippensburg, site of our annual State Track and Field Championships.

Also a tip of the PIAA cap to Terrance Massey-Porter and Qayyim Ali of Williamsport. The high jump duo finished second and third at the AAA level. Great representation for the Millionaires. Qayyim was defending state champ proving the difficulty of going back to back for a gold medal. Young Mr. Terrance also added a fourth place finish in the long jump. A great way to finish his track career. Qayyim will return next season for another jump at gold.

Other notable area track stars, Heather Merrifield of Hughesville raced to a fourth place finish in the 300 hurdles and a seventh place showing in the 1100 m hurdles. Junior Hunter Crawley of Southside continued the Mounties long-distance success finishing fourth in the 1600 m. What a great job by all area athletes at States.
Those all so special words of “school’s out for summer” still make me happy. Let’s be careful out there folks, it’s easy to understand how the younger people may not have their minds on what’s going on around them. Keep an eye out and anticipate a potential tragedy.

Whether if by land, by sea or by automobile, the summer season possesses some clear and present danger. The best rule is always safety comes first; this begins and ends with common sense. Be responsible for your children first but lookout for all. The more sets of eyes on our future the better. Don’t be afraid to have your voice heard, if you see that commonsense thing being lost in the glare of the Summer sun.

There are a lot of new drivers, like my son Hunter, with the windows down and radio up for the first time. I know – their musical selections drive me crazy too. Please have a little patience and foresight for the young drivers behind the wheel. Remember when you couldn’t wait to jump in that ride and enjoy the long hot days of Summer vacation? Let’s be extra vigilant and help make sure these are some special days to be remembered.

I wish you and your gang a safe and happy Summer, get out and enjoy all our area and this beautiful Country we call home has to offer. Please don’t drink and drive, our area is blessed by so many great folks that will make sure you get home safely if you had that extra Summer’s night cocktail or cold one. This most importantly protects the innocent that are out on the roads a little later at night this time of year. Also remember the Summer heat and sunlight intensify the effects of alcohol.

Nothing new to report at press time in the Borough of South Williamsport. Independent Fire Company is still in a rain delay, as in watching old reruns and waiting for the word to come that the sun is shining and they can hit the streets in case of emergency.

I have heard some good reports about the new management group overseeing White Deer Golf Course. The good people of Billy Casper Golf and long-timer Steve Parlante got things shipshape and moving forward in a penny-pinching effort over the hill. Improvements and needed upkeep are proceeding and I’m told the taxpayer’s wallet is being protected. Boy, if that doesn’t sound like a win for all of us.

I will have a complete review of White Deer with our County Commissioners this fall. Believe me; inquiring minds want to know the score of Billy Casper’s first year.

Governor Wolf in sheep’s clothing is an absolute joke. And there’s no funny punch line coming, just more taxes for those already paying taxes. If Governor Wolf was a strawberry, he’d be the one with the green top and black overripe bottom no one ever picks. Yet, the voters of the Keystone State picked him. I know – nobody liked Governor Tom Corbett, we had to make the change. Sometimes change equals change – as in he will take every last cent out of our economy and our pockets he can.

Mr. Wolf has no concept of how to run our state. He is the perfect example of someone from old money and a lot of it, not understanding “We the People”, our plight and rights.

The answer to government at every level is a balanced budget and cutting the cost of nonessential items and unneeded employees, as in those doing nothing to help the American taxpayer. The problem is, especially in Mr. Wolf’s case, they want to increase the size of government and cater to the nonworking and immigrants that have never paid a dollar of tax, doesn’t matter if they are legal or illegal.

Someone explain to me how this scenario will ever work? Come to our Country, don’t follow the rules, get signed up for housing, an access card and no worries about a profession or what skills or lack thereof you may have. This wasn’t the deal our ancestors got or why they came to America!

On the National level Obama goes to Japan on Memorial Day weekend, releases a few more bad guys back into our society, some are illegals that are hardened criminals, some are terrorists from GTMO. Spews a bunch of lies, untruths in support of Hillary ‘Prison Stripes are Presidential’ Clinton for the White House, and goes on vacation at our expense like no other President in American history.

In other words things are status quo at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Do you think Paul Ryan, Majority Leader and Mr. Obama are really one in the same? You know, Mr. Obama probably has a Hollywood makeup artist turn him into Mr. Ryan. They’re about the same size, have about the same ideas and both need to just go away. Just a thought.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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