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A Pressing Problem

I understand the wheels of Washington move slowly. I also understand President Donald Trump was pretty darn clear about what he and his fellow Republicans were going to accomplish if elected. What is a fair and reasonable time to judge the progress President Trump is making? How patient will all the supporters of Mr. Trump be with the obvious slow progress on the issues he campaigned on? And by supporters, I’m talking Americans who voted — Republicans, Democrats, Independents — it took all the above for him to win 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as his address.

Thank you to all that reached out to me about my July 5 editorial — One Nation Under God Divided We Stand. If you have not read it and would like to, it can be found at I heard a very wide range of opinions about the current state of Washington, political gridlock and what kind of job and person President Trump is. One thing almost everyone was in agreement on is the failure of the media to report accurate and factual news. The frustration rang through loud and clear no matter if it was Fox or CNN. How can there be such different reporting of so many issues and stories when the daily news should be black and white? One gentleman that called me voiced his strong concern that it’s only going to get worse as Americans are not properly educated to be prepared to vote. His exact statement, “How the hell do you know who to vote for when they’re all liars?” Sir, I feel your frustration.

One thing I can tell you is President Trump and the Republican Party will be held accountable for whatever occurs during the first term in office. He was elected by hard-working Americans that are fed up with the system. If he doesn’t accomplish his agenda and is viewed as just another politician of gridlock as usual, there will be NO second term. He will not even win the Republican nomination. Not to mention, it will help heal a currently wounded Democratic Party and put a full liberal agenda back in play.

Our elected officials need to do as I so often say — govern for “We the People.” It has got to go back to being what’s best for our Nation, not an individual or group’s belief. A vote should never be cast by an elected official or those doing the electing based on any one issue, but what best secures and guarantees future freedom and the success of America. Problem is, the tail is currently wagging the dog in their decision-making no matter of party affiliation.

Let’s take a look clearly by the numbers. Obviously we have a Republican President. The 115th Congress of the United States America is Republican strong. In the Senate — 52 (R) 46 (D) and 2 Independents. The House of Representatives is even more outnumbered by the Republicans 240 (R) 193 (D) and at the time of my research two seats were open.

President Barack Hussein Obama would have loved to have these numbers in his favor during his second term. Can you imagine what he could’ve accomplished? And I’m not saying it would’ve been good, bad or indifferent for “We the People”, but things would’ve gotten done and a lot of them.

The Republican heavy Congress and President Trump need to come together with a sense of urgency. They need to show those who voted for them they are going to honor Mr. Trump’s contract with the American voter. They need to begin making progress one issue at a time, one day at a time. Again, if not the Republican Party is in for a rude awakening in 2020. If they think it was only fellow Republicans that gave them control they’re in big trouble. It was fellow Americans from all walks of life sick of political gridlock and our Nation not coming first.

President Trump needs to stop tweeting, stop having such a thin skin and start leading. He’s got an awful high opinion of the job he is doing for someone carrying a 37-39% approval rating depending where you look. It’s simple — Americans just want things moving forward in a positive direction that guarantees the future of the American dream through hard work. We want the fleecing of the American taxpayer to stop and to have hope for our future generations. Our forefathers had this vision without the technology of today. Can you imagine President George Washington tweeting derogatory comments about a member of his cabinet? Or insulting the leader of another country via social media? Can you imagine if all those whose “John Hancock” can be found on the Declaration of Independence got a glimpse of our leadership today?

One other number brought to my attention. If you remember, I was very critical on the amount of time Mr. Obama spent on the golf course, especially during times of crisis. You may have won the election President Trump, but the work began noon on January 20, or after the American taxpayers paid for your grand inauguration. Since then you have been found on the golf course 19 times compared to Mr. Obama’s eight during the same time period. At this pace you will probably set the presidential record for rounds of golf during a first term. Tell me Sir, what all have you accomplished in that contract with the American voter on the golf course?

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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