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Timing Is Everything

Before I get to my thoughts on how much time remains for our 46th President to call the White House his home, I’ll begin with some positive light. The cover of the Webb Weekly reads February the 1st, and that’s great news. January is in the rear-view mirror; the groundhog will soon be coming out of his elaborate den he calls home, and it always brings a smile to my face that February is the shortest month of the year. I’ve already seen Canadian geese flying north and smelled the essence of skunk. Let’s keep
our fingers crossed for early Spring-like weather.

A time frame I can be pretty sure about is how much more daylight is present in our little neck of Penn’s Woods as compared to when the calendar flipped to 2023. As of today, we have gained 47 minutes; by the end of February, that number climbs up to 2 hours and 58 minutes. I like to consider March 1st the beginning of my Spring; by the end of March, we’ve gained 3 hours and 23 minutes of that blessed sunlight.

That makes me want to get the sunglasses and shorts out right now. It also gives us all something to look forward to — Spring in the West Branch Valley.

Another timing issue I should touch on before I get to the days on the Joe Biden clock is the results of our 15th Annual Webb Weekly Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck Contest. Hopefully, we will soon be announcing the winners. Our official scorer, Dana Poust, has had a lot of work on his plate; this was made more difficult by the closeness of the contest and trying to get all the finalists in for official scoring.

Thanks to Dana and Sam for taking care of the work end of the contest. We will let you know soon what the tale of the tape is. Or maybe I should say the antlers of the tape. Now to the confusion, lawyering up, coverup, and continued spreading of manure, hoping green grass would grow out of the classified documents President Biden has spread across our Nation and the world. Yes, I know they’re all doing it, meaning past presidents and vice presidents. I get it, but only Joe is sitting in the Oval Office serving as President of the United States being investigated. I also must point out here there are several levels of confidential documents, and it would take a month of Weeklys to try to explain confidential, secret, top secret, and the investigative process of the DOJ when it comes to a leak. I’ll leave this for another article someday. It will be the length of “War and Peace.” Now to what’s really going on, in my opinion. President Biden has reached the point where he is a liability to the Democratic Party. By Democratic Party, I’m talking about the billionaires, deep state, and lobbyists that control the decision-making that is going on in Washington. Let me add the deep state and the agenda I am talking about are made up of members that identify themselves as democrats and republicans. It is completely self-serving and about money, power, and control of the United States of America and its assets. It is in no way for the good of the American people, no matter of party affiliation. The number one weapon being used against the American people is the creation of division we all see going on every day across our Nation. It defies common sense, whether it’s about the cost of products, services, or Constitutional rights. A divided America is a distracted America. This is made possible by a national media driven by the same people that control our federal government. Folks, we are at a dangerous point in American history and that’s not even talking about the countries and terrorist groups that want to end the American way of life.

Now back to Uncle Joe. We are witnessing the beginning of the end for President Biden. This will result with a new Democratic candidate on the ballot for the 2024 election. This is being done to him by his own party and those behind the scenes that think now is the time for his exit. I don’t know if he even realizes the people he trusts and listens to are taking him down. This made possible or much easier by his mental cognizance. I don’t know when the documents got to the points where they were found. This I can tell you; they were known about before the last election. I’m not gonna make any jokes about classified material being next to his Corvette in his Delaware garage or about the involvement of his son Hunter. The decision of the timing to come forward, the statements that he has made, and the complete handling of the situation are not what individuals advising the President for his own good would do. However, I can tell you this creates a situation where his mishandling of classified documents can be played as a positive for the next candidate and the Democrat party to maintain control of the White House in 2024. These democratic candidates are circling the water, this obviously beginning with Vice President Kamala Harris. Believe me, when it happens, it will be framed up as a positive for the Nation. I have written before that they will use his health as an issue to replace him; that’s definitely still on the table.

As far as the facts about the classified documents and what threat they are to our national security, the American people have about as much chance of knowing the truth as we do about Jeffrey Epstein, all involved, and who rubbed him out.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb