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Vote, Praise, and November Days

Vote, Praise, and November Days

In my office, there is a sign that says, “In This Place We Always Salute Our Flag, Support Our Troops, Buy American, Say Merry Christmas, Say One Nation Under God, Respect Our Law Enforcement,” it then states at the bottom, “If This Offends You, There’s the Door,” in small print, “As We are Obviously Politically Incorrect.”

Unfortunately, the words buy American should be followed by, whenever possible, in the current global economy. And there is one line missing that I would like to add — Get out and vote.

This is our last publication prior to the November 7th Election. Please educate yourself about the candidates and hit the voting booth. I talked about the importance of prayer a couple of weeks back as being the most powerful thing we can do in relevance to the battle of good versus evil being waged in our Nation and around the world. The next thing all Americans need to understand is the power of your vote. It is the way to have your voice heard and exercise the freedom paid for by the blood of the American soldier. We need more Americans to understand the true cost of that freedom and the importance of protecting our liberty by voting.

This has nothing to do with what political party you belong to or if you’re simply independent. We all need to put Americans first. Our elected leaders should work for the good of our Nation and the American people, not for political parties.

Obviously, we would never show the door to somebody who disagreed with the statements on the sign. However, everyone should ask themselves when these ideas and values became politically incorrect and why.

November is a month to give thanks and show appreciation and support for our veterans. Our local communities and organizations do a fantastic job of honoring our service men and women. As our cover states, many events occur prior to Veterans Day this year. It brings a smile to my face that we have more events than can be celebrated on just one day. This thought especially holds true when Veterans Day falls on a Saturday.

It is our privilege at Webb Weekly to again be teaming up with Coach Ron Insinger and his family to provide a special thank you to area veterans. This year’s Veteran’s Appreciation Breakfast will be held on Thursday, November 9th. All the information can be found along with the Veteran’s Day cover story on page 6. I will have more on this next week. Thank you to the great staff at all three Dolly’s locations for making this happen.

That gets me to a freedom and privilege that so many of us enjoy here in our little stretch of Penn’s Woods, hunting the elusive white-tailed buck. Tip of my Webb Weekly fluorescent orange cap with the American Flag on the side to Blaine Eddy. I have known Blaine and his family for a long time. Our conversations are normally about sports. This one was about the 7-point tank of a buck he harvested and getting it entered into the Webb Weekly Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck Contest.

The bruiser walked into about 10 yards from where Blaine was hunting. And I was told that his son Avery had passed the buck up, and Dad benefited from this decision. The trophy had a 16.5-inch inside spread and weighed in at 190lbs.

Please don’t forget when it comes to entering the Monster Buck Contest, every trophy is in the hands of the holder and automatically gets you qualified into our random rifle drawing courtesy of Sauers Trading. It also contributes to the donation we make to help Battle MS. So, even if it doesn’t win, you’re a winner in our book.

Bucks can be entered at Sauers Trading or Poust Taxidermy. If you harvest a buck and want to enter, knowing it’s probably not a winner of the top 4 prizes based upon SCI scoring, give me a call. With a little proof of a current season, legal, local harvest, we’ll get you entered without you having to make the trip.

That will wrap up the week. Please, get out and vote, support our veterans, and show me your bucks. Let’s all be careful out there.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb