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Understanding and Pursuing the Obvious Term Limits: 101

What an absolutely amazing time of year it is as God’s green Earth comes back to life. A couple of weeks ago, I saw my first robins of the year, a whole flock right in the front yard. It just didn’t seem right; however, they were singing their sweet spring song right in the middle of a snowstorm. The warmer sunny days that have followed have been especially appreciated by all, including our fine feathered friends. A hard winter makes you appreciate the arrival of spring even more.

The following is a quick review of my writings over the last two weeks. “We, the People,” are being fleeced by both parties serving us in Washington. And fleeced is a kind word. Over the last several decades, long-serving members of both the House and Senate have turned our federal government into their own personal Ponzi scheme. They have created a beyond bureaucracy that our forefathers could have never envisioned happening. The greed and narcissism of those elected to serve the people have reached the point where it’s a threat to every American’s freedom. Their decision-making is based upon the big-money billionaires and corporations that couldn’t care less about the United States of America. The only way to take our Nation back is to get them the heck out of there and reform the political structure that governs our Nation.

I am not assigning homework, but if you missed reading “Devouring a Nation One Term at a Time” and/or “The Crooks, Cronies, and Contemptibles Must Go,” they can be found at You’ll have a better understanding of what follows if your eyes and mind have taken a quick glance.

Where I left off last week after explaining a simple common sense term limit plan was with the fact in the mid-90s, the American voters in 23 States approved the implementation of term limits. Why did this never happen?

Without getting into too much legalese, Representative Ray Thornton of Arkansas challenged the constitutionality of the people’s referendum of term limits. In 1995 U.S. Supreme Court case 514 – 779 ruled by the slimmest of margins that states could not impose qualifications for prospective members of Congress stricter than those specified in the Constitution.

Remember when our founding fathers wrote the Constitution, the moral and ethical level of our Country was much higher. The intention of the elected office was understood. You were to serve your time for the people and go back to your profession at home. They never thought anyone would do what is now occurring.

The money and power behind Representative Thornton obviously came from all of those that wanted to extend their stay at the trough of the American taxpayer. Back to Washington being a bipartisan problem, neither republican nor democratic leadership wanted to pursue the issue. They wanted term limits buried forever.

So, what will it take to get term limits back on the table and into play to end this ridiculousness? How do we get those that are the problem to introduce legislation to give up that spot at the trough?

Most importantly, this battle does not begin in Washington; it begins in every state and with locally elected officials. It begins with the use of state’s rights and forcing of the hands of the elected in Washington.

The process must start in Harrisburg with legislation introduced for a term limit referendum to be decided upon by “We the People” of Pennsylvania at the voting booth. It then only requires a majority vote of the PA congress to move forward with this.

It will require all 50 states to follow the same procedure according to the Constitution and allow the American people to decide. It would then take the approval of term limits by 38 States, 3/4 of the Union, to force the issue up the ladder to the U.S. House and Senate.

This is where it becomes more difficult because it then requires the long-serving in Congress to approve the bill. By the state’s uniting and forcing the federally elected, it will require a 2/3 supermajority vote to approve the change and move forward with term limits. This equates to 67 of the 100 senators and 290 of the 435 representatives.

This is where the bipartisan takeover and fleecing of America will be seen in full light. Those opposing term limits will come up with every possible angle, lie, and reason the system is not broken, and term limits are unnecessary and a bad idea. This contradicting the overwhelming proof occurring in our Nation each and every day. The crooks and cronies will be fully exposed by their action of contemptibility.

There is one other way to change the Constitution. It’s very similar to what I explained, but it is deemed the calling for a Constitutional Convention. Be very wary; this makes it possible to open up the United States Constitution in its entirety. That’s the last thing our Nation needs with the current agendas being planned inside the back rooms of the Capitol. Can you imagine what would happen to our constitutional rights if these jokers got to go through them one line at a time? A very scary scenario.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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