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A Dad’s Love is a Gift From Above

Those of you waiting for me to get out my Louisville Slugger and take some swings at all the tough issues bombarding our Nation are going to have to wait another week

This week we’re going to celebrate Father’s Day with a little history, some thoughts about the day, and a great giveaway. I had so much fun talking with people last week during our Williamsport Crosscutters Grand Slam Contest and about the Great American Cook Out Package; why not do something for Father’s Day? Smiles and laughs are much better than talking about $5 a gallon gas.

Before I do put my Louisville Slugger away for the week, I want to give a tip of my Webb Weekly cap with the American Flag on the side to some great local baseball and softball teams, anytime you’re playing after graduation day, you’ve had an unbelievable season. This also goes along with our Father’s Day theme as dads, grandfathers, uncles, and those who fill that fatherly figure role love baseball and softball, especially when they’ve got a special young person out on the diamond.

I’m going to begin right from where I’m penning my article from in the Borough of Southside. Congratulations to the Mountie Baseball team coached by Casey Waller and the softball team coached by Tom O’Malley. Both won district championships and lost hard-fought games in the State Quarter Finals. Moving right along just over the hill to Montgomery, Coach Chris Glenn’s ladies are still playing at press time. As they have punched their ticket all the way to the State Semifinals and are looking to cash in on a State Championship gold medal. Go get ‘em, girls.

Across the river from my office, the Williamsport Millionaire Softball Team, managed by Coach Chase Smith, reached the State Quarter Finals at the 6A level. Congrats on an outstanding season to the Billtown girls.

The Montoursville baseballers and Coach Jeremy Eck’s game got pushed back a day for graduation, at press time they were waiting to play their way into the State 4A Semifinals. Hopefully, the Blue and Gold will add another State baseball Championship banner to their trophy case.

In finishing up on a great year for area softball, congratulations to the Lewisburg softballers and Coach Ken Wagner. The Green Dragon ladies are getting ready to compete in the State Semifinals. And last but definitely not least, great job to the Central Mountain ladies and Coach Fred Caldwell on reaching the State Quarter Finals and posting 21 victories this season.

Hopefully, we’ll have some state champions to report on in the near future. That would put a little extra sparkle in the eye of all those fatherly figures whose children won their way to a gold medal. That same pride of fatherhood can be found on Father’s Day Sunday when a son or daughter asks dad to play catch, go fishing, play a round of golf, or share whatever special activity they enjoy together.

That gets me to why that catch is always on the 3rd Sunday of June? Well, I will say that’s a lot better than the 3rd Sunday of January. The proclamation for Father’s Day to occur every 3rd Sunday of June was issued in 1966 by President Lyndon Johnson. It took until President Richard Nixon was in office in 1972 for the proclamation to become permanent. Now there are a couple of interesting presidential characters. The actual recognition of Father’s Day began during the Civil War era. For more on the history of Father’s Day, see page 34.

I am very grateful for my father and the love and patience he had for me. Looking back on things now, I am also grateful for all those kicks in the derriere that may not have been appreciated at the time but were probably deserved. I believe President Ronald Reagan’s words best represent the emotions and intentions of Dad’s Day.

“On Father’s Day, we pay tribute to all in our society who have taken on the responsibilities and joys of fatherhood. Whether our fathers are near at hand or a continent away, with their families or watching from the light of eternity, we take this day to remember them, to say our thanks for the years they have given us, and to ask that they receive God’s blessings.”

So, Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, grandfathers, and father figures. You are fulfilling one of the most important roles in shaping the future. The world needs good fathers who are being asked to provide more than ever. It has never been a more difficult job. Thank you so very much to all who make the time and have the patience to fill this role.

Now for this week’s Father’s Day Giveaway. There are always great restaurants within the pages of the Webb Weekly, be one of the first four to call or text me at 570-337-0755 and win a $50 gift card to the restaurant of your choice within this week’s issue. I’m trusting you will take the fatherly figure in your life out for a great meal. When you reach out to me, please identify yourself as a Father’s Day Giveaway contestant, as you know I can be forgetful.

Good luck to all; I look forward to your call, and don’t forget to get registered for our Great Grilling Giveaway.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb