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The number one question being asked — How do you think President Trump is doing? I’ve been avoiding this issue and Washington politics in general lately. Many of you have brought to my attention his dismal approval ratings. I must agree. Whatever poll I looked at, his number was the lowest of the last 12 presidents at this point in office.

President Trump has stuck to his “Contract with the American Voter” and introducing his plans for the promises he made. One of the problems he has faced is his insistence he would follow through on all 28 in his first 100 days of office. The media has definitely held him accountable. The wheels of federal government turn slowly. He should have never set a 100 day deadline. He jumped on Obamacare his first days in office, but actually changing or coming up with a better idea will take time to play out. Congress must discuss and have time to address the issue and pass a better plan.

President Trump’s “drain the swamp” statement was a great sound bite and needs to be done. The problem in Washington is the swamp is more like an ocean and many of the problems are within his own party.

Which leads me to the next issue, the Republican Party. They have control of each branch of government; they need to get things done. They have no excuses. The party is divided just like when Mr. Trump was the candidate “We the People” were supporting prior to his election. The old-school establishment did not want a non-politician, outside-the-beltway guy to win the GOP’s nomination. The fractures within the party have continued during his days in the Oval Office. This must stop and unification must occur for the good of our Country. If not, the American voter will hold the GOP accountable during the next presidential election. The Republican Party needs to govern from the position of power they’re in, not like they are the minority.

The Democratic Party, which always stands strong together, has a similar problem within their ranks. The old guard of Clinton support and the younger Democratic leadership don’t see eye to eye. They are already looking for someone like President Obama. A young congressman that came out of nowhere and had new ideas. The GOP could enable this to happen if they don’t unify and do what’s best for American taxpayers.

Then we have a problem of what to believe and who to believe in the media. How the same story is reported differently on Fox and MSNBC, ABC, CNN take your pick.
The importance of this is so you and I, the American taxpayer and voter, have truthful understanding of what the heck is going on. This also fuels the division of “We the People” I see across our great land.

President Trump needs to put the cell phone down, stop tweeting, lose the rabbit ears and lead with the class and dignity exemplifying an American president. He knows the issues that need addressed, he has good people around him. Let them do their jobs. Stop micromanaging and giving the media the sound bite needed to present your presidency as a reality TV show. Execute your “Contract with the American Voter” and unify the ranks. A strong and successful leader unites and accomplishes.

God Bless America.

Everyday Player

Tip of the graduation cap to Mrs. Diane Stanzione. After 33 years she is finally graduating — or should I say retiring. She has been the guidance counselor or school counselor at Loyalsock High School since 1985. What is the difference? Nothing, like many jobs the title has just changed over the years.

During her tenure she has seen over 5,600 young people pass through the hallways. Mrs. Stanzione always made herself available to advise them during their days at Loyalsock and help them with where they were going after graduation. I was a senior in her first year, back then she was Miss Daneker. She has had both Jimmy and Hunter as students and has become like family. I can’t thank her enough for helping out our boys.

Prior to her Lancer days, she spent five years working with adjudicated delinquents. So overall she has spent 38 years helping young folks. She loves working with kids no matter the subject matter and has done an unbelievable job. “Kids are amazing, I have had a wonderful career,” stated Mrs. Stanzione.

She has been instrumental in the development of the SADD program, Youth Development Task Force, which is a countywide coming together of students and faculty to discuss the issues of today such as heroin and teen pregnancy. She has been involved in the county DUI Advisory Council, served on the board of the YWCA and Wise Options Advisory Council. She recently received a certificate of appreciation for the longest running member of the Pennsylvania SADD and DUI Association. Her list of accomplishments and involvement just go on and on.

“Years go by too fast. I am just looking forward to what God has in store for me next. I feel like I’m 25 and starting out again,” added Mrs. Stanzione.

She wanted to give a special thanks to Mr. Ken Robbins, who took her under his wing when she began her days at Loyalsock, Former Principal Mr. Thomas Little and current principal Dr. Matthew Reitz who she has had the pleasure to work with for 22 years. She also wanted to acknowledge all the faculty and school personnel that made LHS such a special place each and every day during her tenure.

Mrs. Stanzione and husband Michael have two sons Matthew and Micah. Mike, or “Rock” as he is known by so many, got the athletic programs at Penn College rolling, where he retired from a few years back. I wish them both the very best. They are two of the finest folks I’ve had the pleasure to know.

Jim Webb

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