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The Most Important Vote

Wow, the calendar reads November! Where the heck did September and October go? Or summer for that matter? It just amazes me how time truly flies by as I get older. My Father warned me about this, but you know being young at the time you think – yeah right, what’s he talking about? Mr. Webb was right on.

What a wonderful time of year in central Pennsylvania. The kiddies of all ages just enjoyed Halloween; Thanksgiving is in the sights at the end of the month. And I hope there is many a big buck for all the hunters out there. The change of the season as the leaves fall and blow in the autumn wind provides a great backdrop for everything going on. There is all the excitement of pre-holiday activities going on up and down the Susquehanna Valley.

For area football fans, District IV Playoffs kick off this Friday night. We have some outstanding high school teams to watch this season. Get out and enjoy your hometown team. There are great things ahead for area football.

I even enjoyed the first frost on the pumpkins last week. As I walked Buddy the smell of autumn and wood smoke decorated with a little early-morning frost was just perfect. I can’t say I was wild about the words Joe Snedeker spoke that day, wintery mix and snow.

With all the negativity we get caught up in on television and the electronic devices of today’s world, we cannot lose sight of how very blessed we are.

What an absolutely wonderful place we call home. Just how fortunate we are as you look around at the prosperity and way we live compared to much of the rest of the world. The United States of America is the greatest country in the world and that is why so many folks are trying to get in and no one wants to leave once they are here.

Please do not let all the naysayers and spewers of hatred drag you down. There is just so much good in the world if you stay positive and on the side of good. The most important vote we all must make is not for President, it is to put God and prayer back into everything we do. It is for “We the People” to return our Country to the Christian Judeo values it was founded on. This is not for our government to do, it is up to us as individuals to make that personal choice and pass it on.

The Presidential Election is finally upon us. Our One Nation under God is the greatest example of absolute freedom and democracy in the history of the world. Whatever happens and whoever is elected will do nothing to change that. Sure we’ve got problems, there will always be problems, but we are Americans and we can fix anything if we stand united. No matter who wins, that is what the outcome of the Election Day must be. We must stand together as “We the People”. We must insist that both Republicans and Democrats work together for what is best for America. Again, we cannot get caught up in negativity, there is too much to be done to secure our Great land for future generations. We truly are the land of the free and home of the brave. We must make sure every elected official understands this and is committed to “We the People” not self and personal agenda. It is up to us folks. We hold the power of prayer and the privilege to vote!

God Bless America.

Everyday Player

For the past 33 years Clarence Winner can be found crossing and keeping elementary students safe in the Loyalsock Township School District. He began when Donald E. Schick Elementary School with simply known as Four Mile School. His familiar face has calmed down and helped many a young student starting out their school years who may have a tear or two as they leave their parents.

To say the crossing he works at Bond Street and Four Mile Drive is a busy spot during the morning is an understatement. Mr. Winner handles it with a smile and a calming presence. He began his days at Four Mile School as a custodian in 1982. He was given the opportunity to be a crossing guard shortly after and has never left his post.

“I love seeing the little ones’ smiling faces and sometimes not so happy faces every day. It is just a joy helping the kids and cheering them up if need be. At the beginning of the year some may even have a tear but that quickly changes,” Clarence shared with me. I travel this way every day and both Jimmy and Hunter were crossed by Mr. Winner during their elementary days.

Clarence added, “I enjoy crossing the kids and helping them, safety always comes first. It has been such a great experience watching so many children grow up over the years.”

Clarence retired after 16 years as a custodian in 1996, but continues on keeping the kids smiling and safe. He has been a hard worker his whole life, prior he was employed by Curchoe’s Grocery Store, Hall’s Trucking and Trimtex.

He has been married for almost 60 years to his wife Dawn. The couple raised three daughters and are proud grandparents of six and have one great grandchild.

Tip of the florescent orange safety cap to you my friend. You are a true blessing to the community. I hope to see you in the morning for another 30 years!

Jim Webb

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