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I’m Tired of Watching Elected Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous

I’m not going to waste my words on the Mueller Report and Russia. It needs to be put in the rearview mirror. Nor on the despicable Jussie Smollett and the Cooke County DA’s Office. That has the fingerprints of former President Barack Obama all over it. I want to try to stay positive and approach this week’s column from the position of the one thing that must change for the good of our Nation. It is a non-partisan issue. Both parties are guilty of creating the current system of government where all those inside the Washington Beltway are getting fat and happy eating at the trough of the American taxpayer. Meanwhile, common sense and Congressional productivity are at an all-time low.

No matter what side of the aisle you are on gridlock is good for business. The more attention you can bring to an issue, the greater the lobbyist interaction becomes. This provides an endless stream of revenue flowing right into the Washington political coffers. The more division you can create between Americans, the easier you can sell your poppycock.

The extreme liberal leaders of the Democratic Party are currently using a complete divide and conquer on the American people to gain the elected seats in Washington scorched-earth policy. They do not care about our Country, only the power and money associated with ruling our Nation. Their approach is like that ad running on TV — free, free, free, free, free. Tell the American people, and all those living inside our borders to elect us and everything will be paid for courtesy of the federal government. No questions asked. A vote for us is a vote for Easy Street. Explain to me how that’s not attempting to buy votes? Maybe because you have to be an idiot to believe it’s really going to happen and not an empty promise.

As far as the Republican blame for what is going on in Washington. It’s gridlock created by old elected lifetime Republican politicians. This was evident when President Trump could not gain their support on the campaign trail or when first seated in the White House. His own party was fighting him at every turn. This gave life to a wounded Democratic Party and allowed them to regain a foothold with many American people.

During my lifetime the Republican Party has done a terrible job of looking toward the future and grooming candidates. They have also never done a good job of getting their message out to younger voters. They need to put their arms around Americans from every walk of life. Our Country has changed greatly in the last decade alone. Old school Republican politics are a thing of the past, that’s why Mr. Trump was elected.

Both parties have rigged the system. The Founding Fathers were very specific that being elected was about serving our Nation. Not a lifetime job with more benefits and staff than they could have even imagined. It was intended to be an elected duty of an American citizen, to leave behind your family and job and serve America. Then return to your home state and support yourself.
Both parties have created a Washington Establishment where the salary, expense account, health insurance, and retirement plan is more in line with Royalty than service to Country. An example of this is ObamaCare. If it was the best insurance for the American people, everybody inside the Beltway should have had it as healthcare. Especially the sitting president at the time.

Most elected officials leave Washington with a lifetime of health insurance and a guaranteed pension that no other American could have created in the private sector. Both guaranteed by the American people. This is a fleecing of America by those elected to serve the taxpayer. It’s been created over decade after decade of corruption and mismanagement by both parties. It has been written in a language that most Americans can’t even understand — legalese.

Why are elected officials treated better than our military personnel after their years of service? If anyone should have the benefits an inside the Beltway elected official has, it should be somebody that put their life on the line for our freedom. Not somebody that put their signature on the line as a Democrat or a Republican to create a more powerful government, not of the People.

There is no way our Country should have the national debt we continue to run up. The Washington Way for decades has been, spend it like you have it. This is both parties signing off on uncontrolled spending. How many times have you heard President Trump talk about national debt? I have not heard it mentioned since his election. To control national debt would be to take money away from Washington. It’s never going to happen with the current system of government these shysters have created.

Yes, this is staying positive. I wish I could write what I really think. Now here’s the good news, we can change Washington. The toughest part now is it would require the unity of the American people. Something that both parties have done their best to divide into fractured segments.

So where do we start? Term limits, term limits, term limits! No more winning the lottery and getting rich for a lifetime at the cost of the American taxpayer. This also needs to apply to every position of appointment, like Supreme Court Justices. There is no way a lifetime appointment is good for justice. It only divides and creates political power plays within the judicial system. Not to mention the judges just become too old to serve competently.

We must all unite for the future of our great Nation. There is no way Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell or any of these fat cat politicians are going to give up the wealth and power they’ve created without a fight. We need to demand that candidates run for election on this platform, to take America back as a government “For the People” as it was intended.

There is absolutely no way to drain that so-called swamp without term limits. It has become an ocean that eventually encompasses all elected or appointed inside the Washington Beltway.

God Bless America.

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Jim Webb

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  • Lucinda Wagner
    April 18, 2019, 9:25 pm

    Great editorial from a thinking man.