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We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident

Happy 246th Birthday, America! In my office hangs a sign. This metal rectangle has the American Flag draped down one side of what appears to be an old colonial-style wood background. I cannot remember where the sign came from, but as I describe it, I’m sure many of you will be familiar with it. The sign is titled “In This Place We Always.” This Is followed by these bullet points. Salute our Flag. Support our Troops. Buy American. Say Merry Christmas. Say One Nation Under God. Respect Our Law Enforcement. Then boldly stated after the list are the words “If This Offends You, There’s the Door.” With a very small, “As We are Obviously Politically Incorrect.”

Now, a couple of things before I go any further. I would never ask anybody to leave my office if they didn’t have the same beliefs as me. Some of the best conversations I have are with people that have completely different views and want to explain to me why. By listening, even if they don’t change my view, this is how I learn and try to understand. Folks in our Nation must get back to being able to discuss issues, no matter how tough, and agree to disagree. It would be nice if our elected officials in Washington would set this example. Then follow it up with compromise and actually getting things done in a timely manner that improve our Nation — not just through a money band-aid on the most serious issues. Sorry, I’m getting off track.

Now back to the list on my sign, Salute our flag. Support our troops. I see nothing that should ever be controversial there. Next up, Buy American, I always try to do that, as I hope fellow Americans do, but it’s your buck, spend it how you want. Incidentally, I checked the sign, and it is actually Made in the USA. Say Merry Christmas, say One Nation Under God. Again, pretty simple to remember the sign starts off “In This Place,” and if you want to say Merry Christmas and One Nation Under God, I think it’s covered under the 1st amendment; I wouldn’t expect anybody to say these words unless if they choose. Last on the list is, Respect Our Law Enforcement. As I’ve stated before, they are the very protectors of our individual freedoms here at home. They are called on to do currently probably the most difficult job, usually in the worst neighborhoods.

So, what I really would like to know is the when and why the words “as we are obviously politically incorrect” become necessary to put on this sign? This sign is not discriminatory in any manner and should offend no one. Unless you’re looking for a reason to be offended. It is a good representation of God, Family, and Country, all of which are part of most 4th of July celebrations.

With all that is currently going on in our Nation, as I read the signs, see the bumper stickers, listen to the rhetoric, and see the t-shirts, I do just as the individual, group, or organization intends, I pay attention. That doesn’t mean I agree or disagree, or in some cases, believe they’re done in good taste. However, I believe in the 1st amendment and understand how important it is to our Nation.

There are big problems ahead that need solving in the USA; these problems are much worse than when we celebrated with fireworks, picnics, and outdoor activities last year. Independence Day can be a wonderful time across our great Nation intended for unity and celebration. We the People, must come together and hold those accountable that have gotten our Nation to this point in so many ways, especially financially. The hard-working, tax-paying American citizen is under attack. For proof, just simply look at what you’re paying for everything. This cannot be argued or explained away.

The American People cannot allow whatever their differences or beliefs are to be used against them to cover up what’s really going on. Those elected must be held accountable by the American people. The federal government cannot continue to spend, spend, spend like it is monopoly money, and there is no consequence. Nor can they continue to look the other way and allow the corporate giants that prey upon Americans to make record profits. This will continue to weaken our Nation. The greatest threat to our Nation is from within. We the People cannot allow July 4th to become Government Dependence Day. I better stop there.

Please, as you’re celebrating Independence Day in whatever way you choose, remember who made it all possible, the American Soldier. The United States of America is truly the greatest shining light of freedom and opportunity the world has ever known. This very liberty has been and will continue to be earned by those willing to put everything on the line in the name of our grateful Nation.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb