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Many Can’t Handle the Truth, Can You?

There is something for all of us to dislike in President Donald Trump. That’s just who he is, and he’s never going to change. It is probably his greatest strength as a leader but could be his kryptonite as far as winning a second term in the Oval Office.

I have written on at least eleven occasions that he needed to put the cell phone down, stop the barrage of personal attacks that alienates people, and operate from the position of power the President of the United States represents. You cannot have rabbit ears as President, and verbally attack anyone that has something negative to say or disagrees with you. Take it with a grain of salt, show respect, and attempt to educate whomever of your thoughts and policy.

This goes double for the mainstream media that, without a shadow of a doubt, has had President Trump in their sights since his election. Simply put, they want to destroy the man and get him out of office by whatever means necessary. He does not fit their agenda, but even worse, he has had the nerve to stick his middle finger up at them every chance he gets.

I understand this is the cloth that President Trump is cut from. However, I’ve written — and believe — to kill them with kindness and request an interview with CNN, MSNBC, and all the creators of fake news, might play better in the voter’s eye. Let the American people see who you are and where you stand. Do not alienate potential voters. Can you imagine if any media refused his request to address an issue, that in itself would show any person with an open mind what is truly going on?

Again, this is not who President Trump is. This was one of my greatest concerns about Donald Trump prior to his election. It is this “smash mouth” approach that contradicts my belief that the person occupying the Oval Office should be one we want our children to emulate. There’s absolutely no way I want my sons to carry and conduct themselves like President Trump. I want the President to be a gentleman, scholar, and beacon for all. Someone that every child could model themselves after, that even encourages some to say, “I want to be the President of the United States someday.”

Well, folks, here’s the problem. The vision of what so many of us have for our President has gone the way of getting an honest day’s work, compromise, and something accomplished by Congress. It just ain’t going to happen. There is no one out there that’s going to walk through the door and be the next Ronald Reagan or John F. Kennedy.

As much as I dislike President Trump’s approach, there isn’t anyone that could take the onslaught from the media and beyond liberal Democrats like he has. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I think his accusers come up with their accusations based upon past actions of Democrats, especially the Clintons — the most corrupt family in the history of American politics. The “Clinton Body Count” is a real thing. Mrs. Clinton is the example of everything alleged against President Trump when it comes to Russia. The Clintons were selling speeches at $250,000 a pop in exchange for political favors from rival countries. They brokered the sale of uranium mines to our enemies for gosh sakes. And if nothing was damning in those emails, why would you delete them?

The Democrats and liberally biased media have come up with about every ethics and criminal breach possible against President Trump. They will stop at nothing to take the man down. I am waiting for CNN to report President Trump is actually an illegal alien — as from another galaxy — who wants to take over the world for an alien race. He must be stopped.

Why are they so afraid of President Trump? Simple. He’s not one of them — and that goes for both parties. He has never gotten the support of the Republican Party he deserves.

President Trump is an anomaly. He may be the last Republican elected President unless the party changes their direction. He should have never won the election. He is a threat to both parties living at the trough of the American people and continuing to grow government. He is a threat against the “Deep State,” and how corrupt our government really is.

He was elected only because the Democrats and “Deep State” underestimated the power of the American people. He won because “We the People” were fed up with all that is Washington. He won because so many Democrats realized how crooked Hillary was and did not vote, or even more damning, voted for Mr. Trump.

The Democrats in Washington have done nothing for the good of our Nation since his election. They have lied through the media and fought Mr. Trump on things that were absolute no-brainers, including many issues of national security. They would sooner see our Country burn than President Trump succeed.

So back to where my article began. I’ve given up on my idea of how a President should conduct himself. I want a President that does whatever is necessary to preserve the very freedoms we all are blessed with. Besides, whatever he does will be fathoms above where these beyond liberal socialistic Democrats will sink.

Can you just imagine if Hillary would have won the election or one of these bumbling beyond liberal socialist wins in 2020? A pretty darn scary thought. Please don’t believe everything as seen on TV. The President is doing a good job. He just underestimated the Washington cesspool as a swamp and has his own unique way of finding the drain.

God Bless America.

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Jim Webb

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  • Marilyn Brauning
    October 10, 2019, 7:37 pm

    Mr. Webb, I completely agree with you about Pres. Trump. I admit, I voted for him because the alternative was so bad. I didn’t then, and don’t now like him personally, but he has done some great things for the country. Now, if only he would stop trying to defend himself against his enemies, stop responding to every little thing, and focus on working out his agenda for the country, he, and we, would be so much better off. The Democrats will never get over their anger at him for winning in 2016. Ignore them, do your job, and focus on winning again in 2020. I’ll vote for him again, rather than anyone the Dems throw up there as a candidate!