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Wow! What an unbelievable elephant sized response to my “The Don Chooses Tom as His VP” April Fun article last week. Before I get to the how, what and why I sincerely apologize to those who did not get the humor in this year’s Webb Weekly April Fools’. It was not intended to be anything but fun, a break from the everyday reality of the Presidential race and all the bad news we are bombarded with each day.

Thank you to all our readers who have become more like friends. The phone calls, texts, and emails just kept coming. We at the Webb Weekly are truly blessed by our readership and yes, I took it on the chin from a few who weren’t real happy with me. I understand and am glad you feel that passionate and comfortable that you can call and give me heck. Incidentally, I parted as friends with all and not one said they’ll stop reading.

Now to the nuts and bolts of the April Fun. First and foremost no one was aware or knew anything about Mr. Trump’s big announcement or the White Deer 11 until after the paper was printed. Why you ask? Because like any good April Fools’ Day joke if you share it ahead of time the cat, or elephant in this case, would be out of the bag before it made it to your mailbox.

I informed my good friend Congressman Tom Marino only after the Webb Weekly was printed and loaded for delivery by my business partners at the Post Office. He gave his Congressional seal of approval and I was very thankful for that. I have written enough about Mr. Marino you all know how I feel. There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind he would make a great Vice President!

Mr. Marino’s phone and those at his offices in town and Washington rang off the hook. I am sure the folks answering these calls had a special place they would have liked me to put the Webb Weekly.

One thing rang true and clear from an overwhelming amount of the folks that called me and messaged me, they appreciate and believe in Mr. Marino. Many I spoke to were truly disappointed he was not “The Don’s” choice for VP. I also heard from several who were upset that I played such a joke on him and his good family.

Tom, my sincere thanks for your participation and having fun with this year’s April Fools’. And most importantly thank you for representing us in Washington and fighting for America on a daily basis.

Next up Mr. Steve Keener, Little League President and CEO. Again, a good friend who had no warning. His quotes and everyone else’s are my “quotisms” from knowing people, their personalities, mannerisms, and how they answer questions at a press type setting.

Oh and yes, I do make up words and capitalize words that shouldn’t be. My apologies to the good English and literary people I probably drive nuts. Steph Nordstrom, my editor and right-hand person, who keeps me out of trouble, does inform me and shake her head when I say leave it that way. Who knows “quotisms” may now be added to the Webster’s Dictionary.

Back to Mr. Keener and all at Little League up on “The Hill”, their phones also rang off the hook. I appreciate your understanding and not forwarding all the calls to Webb Weekly. I didn’t realize how this would take on a life of its own and put Little League right in the middle of the April Fun.

Mr. Keener is a true blessing to our area and all that play Little League baseball and softball. He gets it, the kids come first. One thing I need to make clear, he would never allow politics to cross the sacred white lines of the Lamade Stadium diamond.

My apology for any problems or questions that were thrown Steve’s and the good people at Little League’s way. Steve as always was professional, calm, cool and collected. He supported the April Fun and I promised not to put him in that position again. Thanks my friend, I hope to run into you at a baseball game somewhere.

Next up the South Williamsport Area School District. Great people and I know the band and all involved would have done a spectacular job. Especially those working for Mr. Zalonis on the stage and building the set for Mr. Trump’s big announcement.

When I dropped off a couple copies to Mr. Scott Hill, Athletic Director he smiled, laughed and I’m sure thought what’s Webbie up to now? I have known him since our days of going to school together at South Side. He was the only one at the High School that day, the rest on Easter break.

Thank you to Principal Jesse Smith and the folks at SWA High School. And no it is not true Mr. Hill took one of the elephants home. Your appreciation of the April Fun and sharing in it was awesome.

To Billy Casper Golf Inc. welcome to our area! Steve Parlante and his staff at White Deer are all too familiar with my Dad and I loving a good April Fools’ story.
Incidentally one of the nicest messages I got about the story was from my Mom, “Your dad would be so proud” as you can understand that made my day.

Dick Duffit is not VP of Billy Casper Golf; he is a character of my imagination. An overzealous golf VP looking at every way possible to make White Deer profitable. Thanks to all at White Deer and Billy Casper for sharing the April Fun.

As far as the owners of the elephants Mr. Clyde Peeling and Reptiland it was nothing but laughs and smiles. A heartfelt thanks to Clyde for all he has done in the preservation, safe keeping and sharing of God’s creatures that are not so easily shared.

Mr. Peeling is a true gentleman who has a zest for life and has made a lifetime commitment to Reptiland and our area. Also a tip of the cap to his son and his great staff.

Thanks to Rick Mason at PennDot who in real life is retired, Senator Gene Yaw who is not and continues to be one of the good guys who fights for his constituents, my son Buddy’s doctor Tom Knoebel VMD, and Scott Niklaus at Harder’s provider of baseball gear to the Webb boys and size 24s for elephants. Your unknown participation in April Fun was greatly appreciated.

One last tip of the cap to longtime friend Joe Orso. Joe and I spent many years together at Brandon Little League. He reached out to me with the idea of Mr. Marino becoming The Don’s choice for VP. I just added my imagination and pen. Oh, and for those that asked, yes I write all my own material. I do have one helper Buddy; it was he that was responsible for the White Deer Eleven.

Thank you to all for laughing and sharing and even the little bit of swearing.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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